Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV won’t come cheap, says CEO [Update]

Update: ‘Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV Price & Release date’ and ‘Jeep Grand Wagoneer sales’ sections revised.

While Jeep has confirmed plug-in hybrid power for the Grand Wagoneer (Grand Wagoneer 4xe), and a fully-electric Wagoneer (Wagoneer S) which are expected by 2025, one of the company’s secretive projects is the all-electric Grand Wagoneer.

It was at the Stellantis EV Day 2021 on July 8, 2021, where the company confirmed that it would have EVs in every SUV segment. had learned exclusive details about the future Jeep Grand Wagoneer model (large SUV segment), laid out later in the story.

Electric variant was confirmed in 2022

According to a report Motor Trend published on August 24, 2022, Christian Meunier, Jeep’s former CEO, confirmed during the Stellantis EV Day 2021 that the Grand Wagoneer will get the EV treatment.

Rewinding, at the Jeep APAC roundtable on July 13, 2021, TopElectricSUV asked Meunier whether the Wagoneer EV would become the most expensive Jeep and how the price would be justified. Meunier referred to the product as the Grand Wagoneer EV in his response:

“The Grand Wagoneer is obviously not a very affordable product, it’s a very premium product, very top-of-the-art, state-of-the-art, and the BEV, the electrified version..the BEV version is probably not gonna be an affordable product,” Meunier replied. He justified the premium pricing of the Grand Wagoneer EV citing the driver’s experience that awaits in this vehicle:

That thing (Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV) drives in complete silence, at a very very strong acceleration. This is magic. This is something that nobody has ever seen before!

Christian Meunier, former CEO, Jeep, replying to TopElectricSUV on July 13, 2021


Electric Jeep Grand Wagoneer rendering
As previewed in our rendering, the Electric Jeep Grand Wagoneer might not look noticeably different from the gas model.

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV may not have its own look. Given that Grand Wagoneer customers prefer the elegant and comparatively old-school styling, the design team may not apply the EV ‘starter kit’ like a smooth nose cone, blue highlights, and closed (aero-optimized) wheels. Even if the upper grille is shut, it should feature the familiar cut-outs to preserve the signature seven-slot effect. Expect the charging port to reside on the left front fender, which would allow convenient nose-in parking when plugged in.


The Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV may look close to the gas-powered model, but it will ride on the STLA Frame platform, an evolution of Stellantis’ current body-on-frame architecture, which will debut in the Ram 1500 REV. Stellantis has said that STLA Frame EVs will deliver a range of up to 500 miles. For a full-size model like the Grand Wagoneer EV, though, the range figure could probably be around 300 miles, with the SUV offering customers features like V2L, an all-weather frunk, and a dual-motor powertrain.

Think about what you’ve seen, the Grand Wagoneer, you evolve it in a few years and you put big battery packs.

Christian Meunier, former CEO, Jeep, at the APAC media roundtable on July 13, 2021

Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV Price & Release date

As per the new UAW Stellantis agreement document (Nov 2023), which is circulating on the web, Jeep will introduce the Grand Wagoneer Electric variant in 2027. The Grand Wagoneer EV will be manufactured at the Warren Truck plant, home to the current model, where the company plans to invest USD 600 million, as per the UAW document. While there is no confirmation, we expect prices to start north of USD 100,000.

Stellantis U.S. EV roadmap
The Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV will likely arrive in the second half of the decade. Image Source: Stellantis

Jeep Grand Wagoneer sales

Between January and September 2023, Jeep sold 8,135 units of the Grand Wagoneer in the U.S., a 14 percent reduction (9,454 units in 2022) over the same period last year.

Electric Jeep Grand Wagoneer FAQs

What is the Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV release date?

The Electric Grand Wagoneer is expected to arrive in the U.S. in 2027.

Which models will be Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV rivals?

The Grand Wagoneer EV will rival the Lucid Gravity, Cadillac Escalade EV, Range Rover EV, and the Mercedes EQS SUV.

What will be the Grand Wagoneer EV price?

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer EV could start north of USD 100,000.

Featured Image: TopElectricSUV’s rendition of an all-electric Jeep Grand Wagoneer.