20 Exciting Future Electric Truck launches (2023-2026)

Update: ‘Ram 1500 electric truck,’ ‘Ford Ranger Electric,’ and ‘Tesla Cybertruck’ updated and ‘Rivian R2T,’ ‘Mini Hummer Electric truck,’ ‘Chevy Colorado Electric,’ and ‘GMC Canyon Electric’ added.

By mid-decade, there are at least a dozen fully electrified models of America’s favorite body style, the pickup truck, that are ready to launch. Here’s the list of known upcoming electric truck models, which their manufacturers have confirmed or are considering launching.

The list contains electric trucks from brands with a proven track record, having built millions of vehicles, or are pouring billions of dollars into EVs.

Ram 1500 electric truck

Stellantis brand Ram says it will “redefine” the full-size BEV pickup by 2024 with the RAM 1500 electric. Teasers and initial information released by the company during the Stellantis EV Day 2021 (which took place on July 8, 2021) show a promising electric pickup in the making.

2024 Ram electric truck (RAM 1500 Electric) rendering
The basic Ram 1500 EV should have an EPA-certified range in the whereabouts of 300 miles. Pictured is TopElectricSUV’s rendering of the future electric truck.

The basic formula is a dual-cab configuration (which is seen as a high-volume configuration and therefore a safe bet) riding on the STLA Frame platform. It would make the 1500 Electric Truck the first model to use the new ladder frame. Additionally, it should be available with a range extender system, offering a similar range with the same payload/cargo volume as a traditional powertrain.

OTA capability

The 1500 EV will likely be the most technologically advanced Ram ever made. It will keep improving and gain features with periodic software updates. Stellantis will roll out software updates for its EVs every quarter, CEO Carlos Tavares said at the Stellantis Software Day 2021 event. Ram 1500 EV customers will likely get an option to upgrade the pickup’s performance even after taking its delivery, Mamatha Chamarthi, SVP – Software Business & Product, Stellantis, suggested at the same event.

For our Ram pickup owners, customers can increase the capability of their truck to handle greater loads.

Mamatha Chamarthi, SVP – Software Business & Product, Stellantis (Stellantis Software Day 2021 on December 7, 2021)

The RAM 1500 EV will use locally manufactured batteries since Stellantis has signed a deal with LG Energy Solution for a joint venture lithium-ion battery production plant in North America. We also know that the 1500 EV will offer various drive modes, dynamic range mapping, and a charge station locator.

Class-leading attributes

In July 2021, Stellantis had said that the 1500 EV’s maximum charging power will be 150 kW, which experts believed may put it at a disadvantage in 2024, considering electric car makers have breezed past that charging speed today. On March 1, 2022, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares suggested that the company has decided to increase the supported charging input to make the electric truck more competitive. Tavares didn’t reveal a new figure, but from what he said, we expect class-leading attributes from the truck:

Our Ram 1500 (EV) will outperform all competitors on the attributes customers care most about: range, towing, payload, (and) charge time.

Carlos Tavares, CEO, Stellantis (Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 on March 1, 2022)

Release Date: The Ram Electric truck will debut in concept form on January 5, 2023. The production version should break cover by early 2024 and arrive at Ram U.S. dealers by mid-2024.

Price: The RAM 1500 EV should be priced from the region of USD 40,000.

Tesla Cybertruck

Video: Cybertruck Owners Club/Youtube

Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO, Tesla, has confirmed that the company has pushed the Tesla Cybertruck launch to 2023. Musk said that launching new models in 2022 would not make sense because the company expects to continue being “parts constrained” this year. The company has “locked” the final design, Musk said in an interview with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley and The Kilowatts (via YouTube) in June 2022.

Quad-motor variant

Musk has confirmed that at least one big change is coming to the Cybertruck as it evolves into a series production model, and that’s the addition of a quad-motor variant. The Cybertruck quad-motor will sport four individual motors capable of delivering “ultra-fast response” and allows controlling the torque going to each wheel. It could be quicker in the 0-60 mph sprint than the tri-motor variant (2.9 seconds), and its towing capacity could be better, too (tri-motor variant: 14,000+ lbs).


Yoke steering, rear-axle steering system, swiveling touchscreen infotainment system, touch-operated door locks, digital instrument cluster, air suspension, etc. will be some of the key features of the production Cybertruck. Tesla says that the Cybertruck can do 0-60 mph as quickly as in 2.9 seconds and travel up to 500 miles on a single charge.

Release Date: Cybertruck deliveries are expected to begin in mid-2023. According to a Reuters report dated November 1, 2022, mass production will begin at the end of 2023, which means initial availability (in mid-2023) will stay limited.

Price: While the Tesla Cybertruck was announced to start at USD 39,900, Tesla has recently removed the pricing details from its website.

Chevy Silverado electric truck

2024 Chevrolet Silverado Electric Truck
The Silverado EV, initially referred to as Chevrolet BET Truck, is the brand’s first electric pickup. It will compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning, which has just gone on sale in the U.S. Image Source: GM


The Chevy Silverado EV will be available with at least two different Ultium battery pack options. One of them will be a 24-module unit, probably related to the GMC Hummer EV Pickup’s largest battery pack. It should have an energy storage capacity of 200 kWh, which would be sufficient to offer GM’s estimated range – 400+ miles. With 350 kW of peak charging power support, the company expects just 10 minutes of DC charging to be enough to cover a distance of approx. 100 miles.


Like in Ford’s electric truck, a dual-motor powertrain is likely to be standard in the Silverado EV. GM has confirmed that one of the configurations will have up to 664 horsepower and more than 780 lb-ft of torque. This performance-oriented configuration will hit 0-60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds, although that’s an unverified, GM estimate at this point. Another configuration, targeted at fleet customers, will provide 20,000 pounds of towing capacity, with an optional Max Tow package. There’s plenty more to look forward to, including bidirectional charging, a 17-inch touchscreen infotainment system, an 11-inch virtual instrument cluster, a 14-inch head-up display, and more.

Release Date: As of October 3, 2022, GM has received 170,000 reservations for the Chevrolet Silverado EV. Deliveries of the Silverado EV Work Truck will start in early 2023, followed by the Silverado EV RST model in late 2023. Initially, the production will take place at the GM Factory Zero assembly plant in Detroit and Hamtramck (Michigan), USA. From 2024, the GM Orion Assembly plant (Michigan), USA, will also manufacture the electric truck.

ConfigurationChevrolet Silverado EV PriceChevrolet Silverado EV Release Date
Silverado EV WT (Work Truck) Crew CabUSD 39,900Spring 2023
Silverado EV RST Crew CabTo Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced
Silverado EV RST First Edition Crew CabUSD 105,000Fall 2023
Silverado Trail BossTo Be AnnouncedTo Be Announced
Chevrolet Silverado EV prices in the U.S. (Excluding destination freight charge of USD 1,695)

Fisker electric truck

Fisker Alaska rear teaser
While we await confirmation, Fisker could use ‘Alaska’ for its electric truck. A pickup with a similar name (Alaskan) was sold by Renault until recently. Image Source: Fisker

A Fisker electric truck will be a part of the startup company’s electric vehicle line-up this decade. Fisker has evinced interest in launching an electric truck with different teasers since 2020. Early teasers indicated the name of this model will be Fisker Alaska.

Fisker’s immediate priority is starting sales of the Ocean in the coming months. Past that, it plans to launch an entry-level model called Fisker Pear and a halo model derived from Fisker Project Ronin in 2024. The Fisker Alaska, or whatever the Fisker electric truck ends up being called, may go on sale around 2025. In all likeliness, the electric truck would be a model produced in the U.S. from day one.

Release Date: Around 2026

Price: We expect Fisker to launch the truck between USD 50,000-65,000.

GMC Sierra EV

The GMC Sierra EV is the brand’s second electric pickup after the Hummer EV Pickup.


GMC plans to sell the Sierra EV in multiple configurations, with different powertrains and battery packs. It hasn’t revealed all the details yet, only confirming that it is targeting a maximum range of 400 miles. As for performance, the powertrain of the range-topping, first edition trim (Denali Edition 1) produces 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque in a Max Power mode.

GMC electric truck
The GMC Sierra EV is the brand’s second electric truck following the GMC Hummer EV pickup. Image Source: GM

The GMC electric truck offers up to 9,500 lbs. of max towing capacity and up to 1,300 lbs. of payload capacity. It has up to 10 feet, 10 inches of load floor length. MultiPro Midgate (foldable midgate), eTrunk (frunk), adjustable regen, one-pedal driving, rear-wheel steering system, CrabWalk (diagonal driving), panoramic fixed glass roof, 24-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, flat floor, 16.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 11-inch fully digital instrument cluster, and SuperCruise are some of the other highlights of the new electric pickup truck.

Release Date: The GMC Sierra electric truck will have its market launch in early 2024. GM has confirmed that it will build the Sierra EV at Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly and Lake Orion Assembly.

Price: Prices (excl. USD 1,795 DFC) of the GMC Sierra EV start at around USD 50,000 and go up to USD 107,000.

2025 Ford electric truck

When Ford started serial production of the F-150 Lightning in April 2022, it hinted at what’s to come over the next few years. The company CEO Jim Farley let slip that a new type of F-Series pickup would be manufactured (alongside the next-gen F-150 Lightning) in the company’s upcoming BlueOval City in Memphis, Tennessee facility in a few years.

TE1 Platform

Farley offered no additional details, but we know from reports that it would ride on Ford’s new TE1 platform. The TE1 platform will be exclusive to electric trucks and SUVs (with another GE2 platform earmarked for electric cars and crossovers), and as per a report from Reuters, Ford will target 160,000 units/annum of the TE1 based Electric truck.


The 2025 Ford electric pickup truck would feature an offbeat design, Farley told Laycee Schmidtke of YouTube channel Miss GoElectric in April 2022. Another interesting thing he revealed was that Ford would equip this model with active and deployable aero similar to a semi-truck for more energy efficiency.


For the F-150 Lightning, Ford has to initially source batteries from LG Chem and SK Innovation. The expected high sales volumes (in addition to other TE1 and GE2 products) would justify Ford to build batteries in-house with a plant in North America.

The next-gen Ford electric truck could get the ‘IonBoost+’ lithium-ion batteries Ford plans to develop for large vehicles. The batteries will consist of unique pouch cells with NMC chemistry, featuring Ford’s proprietary battery control algorithm. The Nickel content in the cells will be high – 88%. The company claims that IonBoost+ will deliver the highest energy density for any cell of its type.

Release Date: 2025

Price: Around USD 40,000

Ford Ranger Electric

Ford Ranger electric rendering
The new Ranger has moved to a design identity inherited from the Ford F-150. Pictured here is our rendering of the Ford Ranger EV.

The next-generation Ford Ranger revealed in late 2021 sports a design inspired by the F-150. Ford plans to have all commercial vehicles in Europe zero-emissions capable by 2024. Given that the Ranger is Europe’s best-selling pickup truck, plug-in hybrid and electric variants on the Ranger should be a no-brainer by mid-decade.

Autohome has reported that Ford could be planning the Ranger Electric in China in collaboration with JMC, its local manufacturing partner. Other markets will probably get the Ranger Electric from Thailand, which is the regular truck’s production base.

Release Date: The Ford Ranger EV should be launched by the end of 2025, given Ford’s commitment to have its commercial vehicles electrified by that time.

Price: The Ranger Electric truck should be priced below the F-150 Lightning, which starts at USD 40,000. Expect a circa-USD 32,000 starting price for the Ranger EV.

Foxconn Model V

Hon Hai Technology Group Foxconn Model V front three quarter
The Model V will slot in a segment below the F-150 Lightning/Silverado EV. Image Source: Hon Hai Technology Group

Taiwan’s Hon Hai Technology Group, a.k.a. Foxconn, unveiled an electric pickup at its third annual Tech Day event. Called Model V, this future electric truck is probably based on the MIH open-source platform, as the company says it’s a result of Hon Hai and MIH alliance partners’ vertical integration.

Design and developed in Taiwan, the Model V is a dual-cab electric pickup with five seats. From its exterior dimensions, the Model V looks like a potential Ford Ranger Electric rival. It has a 3,200 mm wheelbase. Some of the dimensions of the cargo box area also indicate that. The Model V’s load floor measures 1.5 meter in length, 1.45 meters in width, and 0.5 meters in height. The compact electric pickup does have a frunk, but it’s quite small.

The Model V offers a payload capacity of up to 1 ton (2,201 lbs.) and a towing capacity of 3 tons (6,614 lbs.). We also know that it has a water fording depth of 80 cm. On a full charge, it can cover a distance of 420 km (261 miles). Fast-charging from 20 to 80% SoC on direct current takes 30 minutes. A power outlet built into the right side of the bed allows using bidirectional charging functions.

Release Date: The Model V is reportedly planned to be manufactured in the U.S., Thailand, and Taiwan. Production in the U.S. will start in 2024, as per a report Taipei Times released on October 19, 2022.

Toyota Tacoma EV

Toyota Pickup EV (Toyota electric truck) concept front three quarter
The Toyota Electric truck will likely compete with the Ford Ranger EV. Image Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has confirmed that it plans to launch an electric truck this decade, and there’s a good chance that would happen within the first half. The company unveiled 17 Toyota and Lexus EV models in a mega-surprise EV strategy event in December 2021, and one of them was an electric pickup. Simply called ‘Toyota Pickup EV,’ the concept vehicle looked very close to a Tacoma. We assume that the Toyota Tacoma Electric is a part of eight or more lifestyle EV models TMC plans to release this decade.

The Tacoma EV should be more advanced than the ICE Tacoma with better tech features. Woven Planet Holdings, a TMC subsidiary, is developing a vehicle software platform called Arene. TMC may use this newly developed software on the Tacoma EV. The company says that Arene will allow delivering new ideas to customers as quickly as possible. If not, expect the Tacoma EV to come with the U.S.-developed Toyota Audio Multimedia System.

Release Date: By 2025 (expected)

Price: USD 30,000-35,000 (expected)

Hyundai electric truck

Seeing the popularity of electric truck models like the Cybertruck and the F-150 Lightning, and motivated by the success of its first pickup, the Santa Cruz, Hyundai is reportedly planning to launch a fully-electric model. This could be a Hyundai Santa Cruz EV, as several media reports have claimed since 2021.

Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) President and CEO Jaehoon Chang may have hinted at a Hyundai electric truck at the company’s 2022 CEO Investor Day. Below is what he said while talking about the upcoming Hyundai electric vehicles:

By segment, we plan to launch 3 sedans, 6 SUVs, 1 small-sized commercial vehicle, and 1 other new vehicle type in the future.

Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor Company (2022 CEO Investor Day on March 2, 2022)

The “other new type vehicle type” Chang spoke of was probably the electric pickup truck. Further, while talking about standardizing software architecture in the HMC’s EVs, Chang showed an outline of the pickup in a presentation slide. Normally, one would use the graphic to represent the variety of applications, but that might not be the case here.

Hyundai EV software architecture
Hyundai teased an electric truck at the 2022 CEO Investor Day when it showed silhouettes of segments. Image Source: YouTube/HyundaiWorldWide

The slide shows Hyundai’s current types of EVs with a high number of controllers in the “AS-IS” box and the company’s future EVs with fewer controllers in the “TO-BE” box. Apparently, the Hyundai EV family with the current EV technology that requires a high number of controllers will include hatchback, SUV, and pickup models, and with the new EV technology that reduces the number of controllers, grow to include electric sports car and crossover models in the future.

Release Date: By 2030

Bespoke Kia electric truck

Kia truck or Kia electric truck confirmed
At the CEO Investor day in March 2022, Kia confirmed the launch of 2 models in the electric pickup truck segment by 2026. Image: Kia

At Kia’s 2022 CEO Investor Day, Ho Sung Song, its President and CEO, didn’t pull any punches. He announced that Kia will launch a bespoke electric pickup truck. The company wants to build a line-up of 14 electric vehicles, as against the previously announced 11, and the dedicated Kia electric pickup is one of the three newly confirmed models.

Release Date: 2026

Strategic Kia electric truck

Where the dedicated electric truck could serve the U.S. and Canada, and maybe even European countries, while for emerging markets, a low-cost and less-advanced pickup could suit the requirements of customers. One of the three additional Kia EVs confirmed in 2022 is an “emerging market EV pickup,” Kia’s President and CEO Ho Sung Song added in his 2022 CEO Investor Day speech.

Release Date: 2026

Audi electric truck

Audi AI Trail Quattro concept
Audi’s electric off-roader concept, the Audi AI:Trail quattro at IAA 2019. Image used for representative purpose only. Image Source: Audi

Audi may enter uncharted waters after CEO Markus Duesmann told Autocar on March 17, 2022, that the brand is looking into the possibility of an electric pickup. The German confirmed that Audi would present ‘something’ shortly, possibly a concept to gauge customer reaction.

Don’t expect the Audi pickup to be a workhorse. Not to say that it won’t be capable, but it’s likely to be a Rivian R1T rival, something that’s luxurious and lifestyle-oriented. Scout Motors‘ upcoming electric truck platform, which will be ready for commercial production by 2026, may be a logical choice for Audi engineers. Developed specifically for pickups and SUVs, it could have all the attributes that fit an Audi electric pickup.

VW Amarok EV

2023 VW Amarok side profile teaser
A pure electric alternative to the VW Amarok could arrive as early as 2026. Image Source: Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) is considering a VW Amarok Electric version for the future. As the market for electric pickups heats up, VWN wants a piece of the pie and is looking at strengthening its collaboration with Ford for the truck. “We’re looking at a pure electric version,” Lars Krause, BoM member responsible for sales and marketing, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said during the next-gen Amarok presentation in Wolfsburg, Germany. The company is considering releasing an Amarok EV even within the next generation, Krause added.

Flexible platform

VWN could technically offer the next-gen Amarok as a PHEV, but the company is “looking more towards a full electric version,” Krause told Drive. An Amarok EV is “seriously” under consideration, Krause is quoted saying to the Australian publication. The marketing chief said that the company would need to modify certain elements, but technically, a battery-powered 100% electric variant is also possible. The all-new Ranger’s global chief engineer, Ian Foston, has also confirmed to Drive that the platform can accept a pure electric powertrain.

Release Date: By 2026

Scout electric truck (VW Group brand)

Scout electric truck SUV teaser
Scout Motors will become a new brand of electrified vehicles in the U.S. market. Image Source: Volkswagen Group

On May 11, 2022, Volkswagen Group announced a new electric truck and a new electric SUV (‘RUV’ in Volkswagen Group speak) for the U.S. under a new electrified brand called ‘Scout.’ The company says Scout models will be designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S. Scout Motors, a new separate, independent company (Scout Motors) will handle the Scout brand. Scott Keogh is the President and CEO of the independently established Scout company. The first two Scout models will debut in prototype (concept) form in 2023 and enter production in 2026.

America is big and the same counts for trucks. Digitalization and electrification are conquering the core territories now, Scout is remembered for inventing timeless icons like the Scout II. To bring a true icon back and its design to life is a challenging task and a great honor. The journey of Scout is about to start.

Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design on LinkedIn (On May 11, 2022)
2026 Scout electric truck (pickup) VW Group model
The VW Scout electric truck (rendered) will likely roll out from a new plant in the United States. Expect to see it at U.S. dealers by early 2026.

The VW Scout electric truck would have a longer wheelbase than the electric SUV, but the core design elements would be the same. The teaser of the pickup conveys that the proposal is an off-road-ready vehicle, sporting an upright front, an extremely short front overhang, a high, flat hood, and a sleek and angular greenhouse. Vertical tail lamps, clean and smooth surfacing on the sides, circular wheel arches, and aero wheels complete the look. There’s a good chance that we’re seeing the concept version, but the production electric truck probably might not be far off.

SsangYong electric pickup truck

In 2021, SsangYong Motor launched the Korando e-Motion, a compact electric SUV, marking its entry into the EV segment. Chung Yong-won, the company’s court-appointed manager, has said that it will launch a mid-size electric SUV in the second half of 2023 and an electric pickup truck in the second half of 2024, as per a report The Investor published on July 6, 2022. The SsangYong electric pickup truck could compete with the strategic (low-cost) Kia electric pickup truck and the rumored Hyundai Santa Cruz EV. If launched in Europe, it could be a budget alternative to the Ford Ranger EV.

Rivian R2T

Reports say a Rivian R2 series of smaller models is in the works and it will include a pickup truck. Possibly called Rivian R2T, this model would sit on the R2 platform, which Rivian has confirmed to commercialize in 2026. “The R2 platform will unlock a massive global market expansion opportunity,” Rivian CFO Claire McDonough said during the company’s Q3 2022 earnings conference call on November 9, 2022.

According to a report MotorTrend published on June 7, 2022, Rivian R2 EVs will come in dual-motor and tri-motor variants. The compact dimensions will make them suitable for markets outside North America, including Europe. While the R1T costs USD 73,000 onwards, the R2T could be much more accessible, priced from around USD 55,000.

Release Date: 2026

Mini Hummer Electric truck

A smaller GMC Hummer EV Pickup model is under consideration, Bloomberg reported on October 20, 2022. A mid-size model, the second Hummer EV Pickup would be a logical extension, given the Hummer nameplate’s strong following, people familiar with the development said. It exists as a concept at GM’s North Hollywood Design Center and has a good likelihood of becoming a production vehicle, as per these sources.

The Hummer H3 was more popular than the H2 from its smaller and more affordable. Similarly, the second Hummer EV Pickup could have a wider appeal than the currently available bigger and more expensive electric model. It could cost around USD 50,000 onwards and compete with the Scout electric pickup and Rivian R2T.

Release Date: 2026

Chevy Colorado Electric

GM’s second wave of electric pickup trucks may include Ford Ranger Electric rivals as well. According to a report Automotive News published on July 25, 2022, the company could launch two mid-size electric pickup trucks, including a Chevrolet Colorado Electric, in 2026, built at the upgraded Orion Assembly which makes the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. If GM manages to price it at USD 35,000 or lower, with a 300-mile range, it could be a bigger hit than the Silverado EV in accelerating EV adoption.

Release Date: 2026

GMC Canyon Electric

The GMC Canyon Electric would be the second mid-size electric pickup truck, as per the report mentioned above. It could have the same components and nearly the same specifications as the Chevy. They differences could lay in the more upscale design, higher quality materials, more advanced comfort and connectivity features, etc.

Release Date: 2026

Study shows 43% interested in owning electric pickups

A research project conducted by CarGurus (pdf file), an automotive research firm based out of Massachusetts, Boston, has concluded that 43% of pickup truck owners wish to own an electric pickup truck within the next ten years. The firm studied 1,026 pickup truck owners for its Pick Up Truck Sentiment Q4 2021 survey, where owners spoke about brands, prices, electric pickups, and the Covid-19 impact.

Ford dealership kiosk
The CarGurus report advises dealerships to “educate staff on how to talk about electric trucks.” Image: Ford

In the Favorite Tech Truck category, 45% of owners voted for the Tesla Cybertruck, and only 19% vouched for the Rivian R1T. Interest in electric trucks has sharply risen. 34% were interested in buying an electric truck in 2020, but now 43% are hoping to own one before 2031. Half of these owners were millennials between 25-39 years of age. The study also says that demand has remained high for electric and ICE-powered pickups despite tricky economic conditions.

The report also sheds light on brand perceptions. It says, “Rivian has a long way to go with consumer awareness and perceptions,” while Tesla is known to be the “industry tech leader.” Other brands also have plenty of growth potential, according to CarGurus, as buyers showed flexibility towards electric trucks like the Ford F-150 Lightning or Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Featured image: Ford