22 Exciting Future Electric Truck launches (2023-2026) [Update]

Update: ‘Tesla Cybertruck’ updated.

By mid-decade, more than a dozen fully-electrified models of America’s favorite body style, the pickup truck, would be available in the market. Here’s the list of known upcoming electric truck models that their manufacturers have confirmed or are considering launching.

The list contains electric trucks from brands with a proven track record, having built millions of vehicles or pouring billions of dollars into EVs.

Ram 1500 REV

The 2025 Ram 1500 REV is claimed to deliver the industry’s best combination of range, payload, towing, and charging time to customers.

2025 Ram 1500 REV front three quarter
Stellantis stresses that the production Ram 1500 REV will boast class-leading range, towing & payload capacity, and charge time. Pictured is TopElectricSUV’s render.

The Ram 1500 REV is Stellantis’ first model based on the STLA Frame platform. However, the dimensions and design strongly indicate that it’s a conversion of the ICE Ram 1500, not a bespoke electric pickup like the Rivian R1T. The basic formula is a dual-cab configuration (seen as a high-volume configuration and, therefore, a safe bet).

Ram 1500 REV customers will be able to specify it with a 168 kWh battery that delivers a range (manufacturer-est.) of up to 350 miles or a 229 kWh battery pack that delivers a significantly higher range (manufacturer-est.) of up to 500 miles. Both battery packs support ultra-fast DC charging at up to 350 kW and can add up to 110 miles of range in just about 10 minutes. Bi-directional charging for V2V, V2H, and V2G functions is possible at up to 7.2 kW.

At launch, every 1500 REV configuration will have two motors providing all-wheel drive capability. The front motor will automatically disengage when not needed in certain conditions, lowering energy consumption and increasing driving range. An electronic-locking rear differential will be optional. Other specifications worth noting are up to 2,700 lbs. of payload capacity, up to 14,000 lbs. of towing capacity, up to 654 horsepower, up to 620 lb.-ft. of torque, and a 0-60 mph acceleration time of as low as 4.4 seconds.

The Ram 1500 REV is available to reserve, with a fully refundable deposit of USD 100. Customers who want to reserve the Ram 1500 REV need to join a ‘Rev Insider+’ paid membership program with a one-time USD 100 refundable fee. In addition to a spot in the line for pre-order, the program gives members exclusive access to events, news, and information about the new electric pickup.

Release Date: The Ram 1500 REV will begin arriving at U.S. dealerships in Q4 2024.

Price: The base Ram 1500 REV should be priced around USD 40,000.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck side profile
The Tesla Cybertruck can deliver a range of up to 470 miles. Image Source: Tesla

Unarguably the most anticipated electric pickup truck to date, the Tesla Cybertruck finally started reaching customers on November 30, 2023. However, the availability is limited at the moment. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had said during the Q4 and full year 2022 earnings conference call that the company won’t build it in high volumes before 2024.

The Tesla Cybertruck is a dual-cab pickup truck with a bed that measures 6 ft. in length and 4 ft. in width. It packs up to 845 horsepower, which is enough to hit 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds, and it has a top speed of 130 mph, which we think is electronically limited. The Cybertruck can carry a payload of up to 2,500 lbs. and tow up to 11,000 lbs.

The Cybertruck can add a range of up to 136 miles with 15 minutes of charging using a Tesla Supercharger. On a full charge, it can deliver up to 340 miles of range, which is far from the Chevrolet Silverado EV’s industry-leading 450-mile range. However, Tesla offers an option to install a range-extender battery pack on the bed and the additional batteries can boost the maximum range to up to 470 miles.

Armor glass, air suspension, steer-by-wire, four-wheel steer, all-glass roof, ambient lighting system, 18.5-inch front touchscreen, 9.4-inch rear touchscreen, 15-speaker sound system, etc. are some of the main features of the production Cybertruck.

Release Date: Deliveries underway

Price: Tesla Cybertruck prices start at USD 60,990 for the base Rear-Wheel Drive variant and go up to USD 99,990 for the top-end Cyberbeast variant.

Chevy Silverado Electric truck

2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST front three quarter
As of October 3, 2022, GM had received 170,000 reservations for the Chevrolet Silverado EV. Image Source: GM

Like in the Ford F-150 Lightning, a dual-motor powertrain is likely to be standard in the Chevrolet Silverado EV RST. GM has confirmed that one of the configurations will have up to 664 horsepower and more than 780 lb-ft of torque. This performance-oriented configuration will hit 0-60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds, although that’s an unverified GM estimate. Another configuration, targeted at fleet customers, will provide 20,000 pounds of towing capacity with an optional Max Tow package.

The Work Truck trim (EV 4WT) of the Silverado EV delivers an EPA-est. range of up to 450 miles. A battery pack with a massive, 200 kWh energy storage capacity, could be how it achieves such an impressive range. With 350 kW of peak charging power support, GM expects just 10 minutes of DC charging to be enough to cover a distance of approx. 100 miles.

There’s plenty more to look forward to, including bidirectional charging, a 17-inch touchscreen infotainment system, an 11-inch virtual instrument cluster, a 14-inch head-up display, and more.

GM builds the Chevrolet Silverado EV at the Factory Zero assembly plant in Detroit and Hamtramck (Michigan), USA. The company will make it at the Orion Assembly plant in Lake Orion (Michigan) as well. It initially planned to start production at the second factory in 2024, but it recently decided to postpone that to 2025.

Price & Release Date: The cadence starts with the Work Truck models. The Silverado EV 4WT, which is priced at USD 79,800, is already in production. It is to be followed by the Silverado EV 3WT (USD 74,800), which will be available soon, and finally, the Silverado RST (USD 106,895) expected shortly after.

SAIC Maxus Interstellar pickup truck

SAIC Maxus GST concept front three quarter
The first SAIC Maxus Interstellar pickup truck will reportedly be the production version of the Maxus GST concept. Image Source: SAIC Maxus

At Auto Shanghai 2023, SAIC Maxus, a company owned by the same Chinese conglomerate that owns MG – SAIC, introduced a large pure-electric performance pickup truck concept called ‘GST.’ Reports say that the company intends to launch the production iteration of the concept under a new pickup truck brand called ‘Interstellar.’

The first Maxus Interstellar pickup truck will have semi-solid-state batteries that help it achieve a range of 1,000 km (621 miles) and it will be powered by a Rivian R1T-like quad-motor powertrain that generates 1,000 hp. It will be an electric-first model that’s bigger than the Maxus T60 EV and it will have a 4WD drivetrain layout, as per a report WhichCar published on September 13, 2023.

The production version of GST will begin reaching Australian dealerships in 2024, as per the WhichCar report. Further details are expected during an official reveal in Q2 2024. Maxus currently sells an all-electric pickup truck (Maxus T90 EV) in Europe, which is a conversion BEV.

Fisker Alaska

Fisker Alaska front three quarter
The production-spec Fisker Alaska will is slightly smaller than the Ford Ranger. Image Source: Fisker

The Fisker Alaska is an electric pickup truck based on the FM31 platform, which is a modified, stretched version underpinning the Ocean SUV. Fisker developed the Alaska to be as much of a daily urban commuter as a recreational/utility vehicle.

Fisker says the Alaska is between a compact and a mid-size pickup truck. It has a 4.5 ft. bed, and the partition between the passenger cell and the bed can be rolled down electrically. With the gate down, customers can transport objects as long as 7.5 ft. If they go all the way to the edge of the tailgate, it’s possible to haul articles up to 9.2 ft.

Fisker plans to offer the new EV with 75 kWh and 113 kWh battery pack options, with the former estimated to deliver a range of 230 miles and the latter 340 miles. Its 0-60 mph acceleration time will range from 3.9 to 7.2 seconds.

The Alaska will start at USD 45,400, and since it will be eligible for the maximum federal incentive, customers will be able to reduce that figure to USD 37,900. Prospective customers can reserve their Alaska with a USD 250 deposit. Production is scheduled to commence in Q1 2025.

Release Date: Production of the Alaska begins in Q1 2025

Price: USD 45,400

GMC Sierra EV

The GMC Sierra EV is the brand’s second electric pickup after the Hummer EV Pickup.


GMC plans to sell the Sierra EV in multiple configurations, with different powertrains and battery packs. It has yet to reveal all the details, only confirming that it targets a maximum range of 400 miles. As for performance, the powertrain of the range-topping, first edition trim (Denali Edition 1) produces 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque in a Max Power mode.

GMC electric truck
The GMC Sierra EV is the brand’s second electric truck following the GMC Hummer EV pickup. Image Source: GM

The GMC electric truck offers up to 9,500 lbs. of max towing capacity and up to 1,300 lbs. of payload capacity. It has up to 10 feet, 10 inches of load floor length. MultiPro Midgate (foldable midgate), eTrunk (frunk), adjustable regen, one-pedal driving, rear-wheel steering system, CrabWalk (diagonal driving), panoramic fixed glass roof, 24-inch wheels with 35-inch tires, flat floor, 16.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 11-inch fully digital instrument cluster, and SuperCruise are some of the other highlights of the new electric pickup truck.

Release Date: The GMC Sierra electric truck will have its market launch in early 2024. GM has confirmed that it will build the Sierra EV at Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly and Lake Orion Assembly (2025).

Price: Prices (excl. USD 1,795 DFC) of the GMC Sierra EV start at around USD 50,000 and go up to USD 107,000.

Next-gen Ford electric truck (Ford T3)

When Ford started serial production of the F-150 Lightning in April 2022, it hinted at what would come over the next few years. The company CEO Jim Farley let slip that a new type of F-Series pickup would be manufactured (alongside the next-gen F-150 Lightning) in the company’s upcoming BlueOval City in Memphis, Tennessee, in a few years.

TE1 Platform

Farley offered no additional details, but we know from reports that it would ride on Ford’s new TE1 platform. The TE1 platform will be exclusive to electric trucks and SUVs (with another GE2 platform earmarked for electric cars and crossovers), and as per a report from Reuters, Ford targets 160,000 units annually of the TE1-based Electric truck, which goes by the codename ‘Ford T3.’


The 2025 Ford electric pickup truck would feature an offbeat design, Farley told Laycee Schmidtke of YouTube channel Miss GoElectric in April 2022. Another interesting fact he revealed was that Ford would equip this model with active and deployable aero similar to a semi-truck for more energy efficiency.

A big, practical highlight of the new Ford electric truck will be a built-in North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector. This connector will allow customers to charge it at Tesla Superchargers across the U.S. At present, the Tesla Supercharger network comprises 12,000+ chargers.


For the F-150 Lightning, Ford has to initially source batteries from LG Chem and SK Innovation. The expected high sales volumes (in addition to other TE1 and GE2 products) would justify Ford to build batteries in-house with a plant in North America.

The next-gen Ford electric truck could get the ‘IonBoost+’ lithium-ion batteries Ford plans to develop for large vehicles. The batteries will consist of unique pouch cells with NMC chemistry, featuring Ford’s proprietary battery control algorithm. The Nickel content in the cells will be high – 88%. The company claims that IonBoost+ will deliver the highest energy density for any cell of its type.

Release Date: 2025

Price: Around USD 40,000

Ford Ranger Electric

Ford Ranger electric rendering
The new Ranger has moved to a design identity inherited from the Ford F-150. Pictured here is our rendering of the Ford Ranger EV.

The new generation Ford Ranger revealed in late 2021 sports a design inspired by the F-150. Ford plans to have all commercial vehicles in Europe zero-emissions capable by 2024. Given that the Ranger is Europe’s best-selling pickup truck, plug-in hybrid and electric variants on the Ranger should be a no-brainer by mid-decade.

Autohome has reported that Ford could be planning the Ranger Electric in China in collaboration with JMC, its local manufacturing partner. Other markets will probably get the Ranger Electric from Thailand, which is the regular truck’s production base.

Release Date: The Ford Ranger EV should be launched by the end of 2025, given Ford’s commitment to have its commercial vehicles electrified by that time.

Toyota Tacoma EV

Toyota Pickup EV (Toyota electric truck) concept front three quarter
The Toyota Electric truck will likely compete with the Ford Ranger EV. Image Source: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has confirmed that it plans to launch an electric truck this decade. The company unveiled 17 Toyota and Lexus EV models in a mega-surprise EV strategy event in December 2021, and one of them was an electric pickup. Called ‘Toyota Pickup EV,’ the concept vehicle looks close to the new Tacoma. We assume that the Toyota Tacoma Electric is a part of eight or more lifestyle EV models TMC plans to release this decade.

TNGA-F, the platform underpinning the recently unveiled fourth-gen Tacoma can be used for EVs. Lexus GX Chief Engineer Koji Tsukasaki confirmed this development while discussing the third-gen model of the mid-size off-road SUV, which utilizes the same platform as the all-new mid-size pickup truck, with MotorTrend. Thus, whenever the Tacoma EV arrives, it will continue the tradition of being a rugged body-on-frame truck.

Release Date: By 2026 (expected)

Price: USD 40,000 (expected)

Hyundai electric truck

Seeing the rising popularity of electric truck models like the Cybertruck and the F-150 Lightning, and motivated by the positive response to its first pickup, the Santa Cruz, Hyundai is reportedly planning to launch a fully-electric model.

At the 2023 CEO Investor Day, Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) President and CEO Jaehoon Chang confirmed that the next-gen dedicated EV platform will be used for new types of vehicles, including pickup trucks. He said:

The new dedicated EV platform will significantly expand coverage, from small to super large SUVs, pickup trucks, and the Genesis brand.

Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor Company (2023 CEO Investor Day on June 20, 2023)

Chang had already hinted at a Hyundai electric truck at the 2022 CEO Investor Day. Here is what he said while talking about the upcoming Hyundai electric vehicles:

By segment, we plan to launch 3 sedans, 6 SUVs, 1 small-sized commercial vehicle, and 1 other new vehicle type in the future.

Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO, Hyundai Motor Company (2022 CEO Investor Day on March 2, 2022)

The “other new type vehicle type” is probably the electric pickup truck. Further, while talking about standardizing software architecture in the HMC’s EVs, Chang showed an outline of the pickup in a presentation slide. Normally, one would use the graphic to represent the variety of applications, but that might not be the case here.

Hyundai EV software architecture
Hyundai teased an electric truck at the 2022 CEO Investor Day when it showed silhouettes of segments. Image Source: YouTube/HyundaiWorldWide

The slide shows Hyundai’s current types of EVs with a high number of controllers in the “AS-IS” box and the company’s future EVs with fewer controllers in the “TO-BE” box. Apparently, the Hyundai EV family with the current EV technology that requires a high number of controllers will include hatchback, SUV, and pickup models, and with the new EV technology that reduces the number of controllers, grow to include electric sports car and crossover models in the future.

The next-gen dedicated EV platform that succeeds E-GMP will maximize interior space and convenience. Unlike E-GMP-based EVs, models based on the new platform will be available with LFP battery packs as well. Moreover, the key features of some of the future EVs will include Level 3+ autonomous driving, Remote Smart Parking Assist 3 (RSPA 3), and a pop-up display.

Bespoke Kia electric truck

Kia truck or Kia electric truck confirmed
At the CEO Investor Day in March 2022, Kia confirmed the launch of 2 models in the electric pickup truck segment by 2026. Image: Kia

At Kia’s 2022 CEO Investor Day, Ho Sung Song, its President and CEO, didn’t pull any punches. He announced that Kia would launch a bespoke electric pickup truck. The company wants to build a line-up of 14 electric vehicles, as against the previously announced 11, and the dedicated Kia electric pickup is one of the three newly confirmed models.

The dedicated Kia electric pickup truck will likely be based on Hyundai Motor Group (HMG)’s next-gen dedicated EV platform. Chang revealed at HMC’s 2023 CEO Investor Day that it will underpin 14 passenger EVs in total – 4 Hyundai models, 4 Kia models, and 5 Genesis models.

Release Date: 2026

Strategic Kia electric truck

The dedicated electric truck could serve the U.S., Canada, and even European countries, while a low-cost and less-advanced pickup could suit the customers’ requirements for emerging markets. One of the three additional Kia EVs confirmed in 2022 is an “emerging market EV pickup,” Kia’s President and CEO Ho Sung Song added in his 2022 CEO Investor Day speech.

South Korean reports suggest the emerging market EV pickup will be a conversion of an ICE model codenamed ‘Kia TK,’ which will enter production in December 2024. The donor model will be manufactured at Kia’s AutoLand Hwaseong production facility in South Korea.

A trademark filing from Kia in South Korea suggests that the truck’s commercial name could be Kia Tasman. Based on the nomenclature of conversion ICE or partially electrified Kia models, (eg. Kia Niro EV), we think the electric variant could be marketed as the ‘Kia Tasman EV.’

Release Date: 2026

Audi electric truck

Audi activesphere rear three quarter
Audi activesphere concept used for representation. Image Source: Audi

Audi could enter uncharted waters after CEO Markus Duesmann told Autocar on March 17, 2022, that the brand is looking into the possibility of an electric pickup. He confirmed that Audi would present ‘something’ shortly, possibly a concept to gauge customer reaction. It seems he was referring to the Audi activesphere, a four-door crossover coupe that can transform into a pickup with a compact cargo bed (called “active back”) usable to transport sports gear or, for example, two e-bikes.

Audi’s intention with the pickup isn’t to offer a traditional workhorse to carry logs of wood—the failure of the Mercedes X-Class is a lesson learned about a product category not to wander in for even the management in Ingolstadt—but to offer customers who like outdoor adventures a more practical vehicle than a station wagon or an SUV. The configuration and outputs of the concept’s powertrain suggest we shouldn’t expect a Rivian R1T challenger either.

Scout Motors‘ upcoming electric truck platform, which will be ready for commercial production by 2026, could underpin the Audi electric pickup. Developed specifically for pickups and SUVs, it could have all the attributes that fit an Audi electric pickup.

Release Date: 2026 or 2027

VW Amarok EV

2023 VW Amarok side profile teaser
A pure electric alternative to the VW Amarok could arrive as early as 2026. Image Source: Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) is considering a VW Amarok Electric version for the future. As the market for electric pickups heats up, VWN wants a piece of the pie and is looking at strengthening its collaboration with Ford for the truck. “We’re looking at a pure electric version,” Lars Krause, BoM member responsible for sales and marketing, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said during the next-gen Amarok presentation in Wolfsburg, Germany. The company is considering releasing an Amarok EV even within the next generation, Krause added.

Flexible platform

VWN could technically offer the next-gen Amarok as a PHEV, but the company is “looking more towards a full electric version,” Krause told Drive. An Amarok EV is “seriously” under consideration, Krause is quoted saying to the Australian publication. The marketing chief said that the company would need to modify certain elements, but technically, a battery-powered 100% electric variant is also possible. The all-new Ranger’s global chief engineer, Ian Foston, has also confirmed to Drive that the platform can accept a pure electric powertrain.

Release Date: By 2026

Scout electric truck (VW Group brand)

Volkswagen Group will launch a new electric truck and a new electric SUV, both designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S., under a new electrified brand – Scout. The first two Scout Motors models will enter production in 2026. According to a report TechCrunch published on March 3, 2023, they will premiere in early 2024, but it’s safe to assume the models breaking cover next year will be concepts.

2026 Scout electric truck (pickup) VW Group model
Scout Motors will become a new brand of electrified vehicles in the U.S. market. The vehicles will be made in Blythewood (South Carolina), USA. Pictured is TopElectricSUV’s render of the future Scout truck.

The report claims the Scout EVs will be body-on-frame models, which would ensure they are quite robust and capable. We rarely hear of a body-on-frame pickup or SUV conceived as an EV, so they should be durable and able to handle wear and tear. Speaking about the pickup’s driving manners, Scout Motors President and CEO Scott Keogh told TechCrunch that it will “lean a little bit more on-road.” Keogh also revealed that the pickup will start “a bit north” of the USD 40,000 region.

The Scout electric truck would have a longer wheelbase than the electric SUV, but the core design elements would be shared. The teaser of the pickup conveys that the proposal is an off-road-ready vehicle, sporting an upright front, an extremely short front overhang, a high, flat hood, and a sleek and angular greenhouse. Vertical tail lamps, clean and smooth surfacing on the sides, circular wheel arches, and aero wheels complete the look. We’re probably seeing the concept version in the teaser, but the production electric truck should not be far behind.

Release Date: 2026

Price: USD 45,000 (expected)

KG Mobility electric pickup truck

In 2021, SsangYong Motor (now KG Mobility) launched the SsangYong Korando e-Motion, a compact electric SUV, marking its entry into the EV segment. Its third EV launch is set to release in 2024, which is a pickup truck. The company, in an announcement on November 3, 2023, confirmed that the new BEV pickup is scheduled for mass production during the second half of next year, and would use BYD’s battery technology. The company’s UK website (ssangyonggb.co.uk) says that the BEV pick-up is due for launch in December 2024.

At the 2023 Seoul Mobility Show, KG Mobility, the new owner of SsangYong Motor, unveiled an electric pickup truck concept called ‘O100,’ which previews its plans for the segment. The O100 has been derived from the Torres EVX electric SUV, which the company expects to deliver a WLTP range of about 500 km (311 miles). The company should further develop the O100 to introduce it as a competitive production vehicle.

Release Date: 2024

Rivian R2T

Rivian R2T electric truck rendering
TopElectricSUV’s rendering of the R2T presents the signature Rivian styling in a smaller truck.

A Rivian R2 series of smaller models is in the works and the range is expected to include a pickup truck. Possibly called Rivian R2T, this model would sit on the R2 platform, which Rivian has confirmed to commercialize in 2026. “The R2 platform will unlock a massive global market expansion opportunity,” Rivian CFO Claire McDonough said during the company’s Q3 2022 earnings conference call on November 9, 2022.

According to a report MotorTrend published on June 7, 2022, Rivian R2 EVs will come in dual-motor and tri-motor variants. The compact dimensions will make them suitable for markets outside North America, including Europe. While the R1T costs USD 73,000 onwards, the R2T could be much more accessible, priced from around USD 55,000.

Rivian CFO Claire McDonough has confirmed that the first R2 platform model will debut in early 2024. However, that EV is likely to be a mid-size SUV, expected to be called Rivian R2S.

Release Date: 2026

Mini Hummer Electric truck

Mini GMC Hummer EV Pickup rendering
TopElectricSUV’s rendition of a baby Hummer Electric pickup.

A smaller GMC Hummer EV Pickup model is under consideration, Bloomberg reported on October 20, 2022. A mid-size model, the second Hummer EV Pickup would be a logical extension, given the Hummer nameplate’s strong following, people familiar with the development said. It exists as a concept at GM’s North Hollywood Design Center and has a good likelihood of becoming a production vehicle, as per these sources.

The Hummer H3 was more popular than the H2 because it was smaller and more affordable. Similarly, the second Hummer EV Pickup could have a wider appeal than the currently available bigger and more expensive electric model. It could cost around USD 50,000 onwards and compete with the Scout electric pickup and Rivian R2T.

Release Date: 2026

Chevy Colorado Electric

GM’s second wave of electric pickup trucks may include Ford Ranger Electric rivals as well. According to a report Automotive News published on July 25, 2022, the company could launch two mid-size electric pickup trucks, including a Chevrolet Colorado Electric, in 2026, built at the upgraded Orion Assembly which makes the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV. If GM manages to price it at USD 40,000 or lower, with a 300-mile range, it could be a bigger hit than the Silverado EV in accelerating EV adoption.

Release Date: 2026 (Expected)

GMC Canyon Electric

The GMC Canyon Electric would be the second mid-size electric pickup truck, as per the report mentioned above. It could have the same components and nearly the same specifications as the Chevy. They differences could lay in the more upscale design, higher quality materials, more advanced comfort and connectivity features, etc.

Release Date: 2026 (Expected)

Toyota Hilux Electric truck

Toyota Hilux Electric concept front three quarter right side
The Toyota Hilux Revo BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) concept hasn’t been confirmed for mass production, but it’s just a matter of time before we see it on the road.

On December 14, 2022, former Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda unveiled the Hilux Revo BEV concept vehicle at a company anniversary event in Thailand. It is based on the eighth-generation model currently on sale in many countries (not in the U.S.), with the same general design and styling. A closer look reveals a closed front grille, along with some slightly different badges and a charging port (CCS2) on the front-left fender.

During Toyota Motor Corporation’s New Management Policy & Direction announcement on April 7, 2023, Yoichi Miyazaki, the company’s Executive Vice President, suggested that the road-ready Hilux Electric will likely debut in late 2023. “In Asia and other emerging markets, we will make sure to respond to the growing demand for battery EVs,” Miyazaki said. “To be more specific, by the end of the year, we will start local production of battery EV pickup trucks,” he added.

Later in 2023, Toyota shipped the Hilux Revo BEV to Australia to be evaluated by its engineers and industry partners there and sent it back to Thailand. The next step was the assembly of a demonstration fleet of Hilux-based electric share taxis for Thailand. If a Hilux-based EV does go into series production, Toyota is interested in releasing it in Australia.

BYD electric pickup truck

Chinese automaker BYD Auto is developing a new pickup truck that will reportedly be available in plug-in hybrid and pure electric variants. This model is said to be launched under the company’s new Fang Cheng Bao sub-brand, so it may not wear the well-recognized BYD badge.

Spy pictures (via CarNewsChina.com) have shown the BYD Fang Cheng Bao electric pickup truck featuring a fascia reminiscent of the previous gen F-150. There’s a fair chance that the F-150-like front-end is a disguise and the actual design intended for production is different.

Inside, the BYD Fang Cheng Bao electric pickup truck has two floating displays in the cockpit – a compact unit serving as the instrument cluster and a big unit for the infotainment system, both in landscape orientation. There’s no word on the specifications, but it’s safe to assume that ‘Blade’ LFP batteries will power the upcoming electric pickup.

A U.S. launch is out of the question, but reports indicate Australia and similar export markets may get the upcoming BYD electric pickup truck. The domestic launch is expected in 2024.

Featured image: Ford