Ethics & Corrections Policy

Ethics Policy

Our website does not publish personal attacks against individuals and/or companies in the auto industry that we cover or against colleagues in our field. Objectivity is at our core when reporting sensitive topics. We consciously strive to omit editorial bias in the various topics we cover deliberately.

Providing Credit & Getting Written Permission

Whether images, media and information come from official sources, their PR agencies, or other sources, TopElectricSUV strives to provide credit wherever possible. We take it as our responsibility to contribute positively to the web publishing ecosystem with proper journalism practices.

Corrections Policy

While we aim to serve our audience error-free content, mistakes (grammatical and factual) will occur at times. Our journalistic integrity entails rectifying errors in a timely fashion. When our assigned editorial expert upon publishing identifies a mistake, we rectify it. In case you spot errors or wish to interact with us, you may write to us. Send an email to TopElectricSUV (at)

Changes and Updates to this document

Please revisit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to the document, which TopElectricSUV may update from time to time.

Last updated: May 2, 2021