Zeekr 009 electric MPV: Everything you need to know

Update: ‘Zeekr 009 Specifications’ section revised with info on the battery.

Is Geely Auto Group’s premium EV brand Zeekr banking on China’s new three-child policy in planning new products? Here’s everything we know about the Geely electric minivan (electric MPV) that will go on sale in China shortly.


Geely confirmed during its 2022 investor presentation (Geely Auto Group results) that its Zeekr EV brand would launch a “New luxury intelligent pure electric MPV” as part of its new tech/new cars strategy. It will be called the Zeekr 009, and the vehicle should be equally spacious as the Maxus MIFA 9, Voyah/Lantu Dreamer, and the VW ID. Buzz.

Zeekr intelligent technology continues to optimize high-end intelligent EV market layout, launch of luxury intelligent pure electric MPV.

Geely 2021 Final Results presentation on 23 March 2022 (under the ‘2022 outlook’ section)


Zeekr revealed the 009’s exterior on August 9, 2022. On August 11, 2022, China’s Ministry of Industry Information and Technology (MIIT) released pictures of the new electric MPV, which provided a realistic look at its exterior, while also revealing its white color option.

At the front, the Zeekr 009 features a huge, Rolls-Royce-inspired stately grille with a thick slab of chrome at the top and vertical struts. However, less shiny grille options will be available, as seen in the pictures from China’s MIIT (above). The new electric MPV has edgy split headlamps, consisting of inverted U-shaped DRLs on the top and horizontal main lamps in the middle section of the bumper. Below the main lamps, there are vertical air inlets with a horizontal chrome strip and what looks like a sensor for ADAS on their housing.

On the sides, in addition to some typical features of minivans, such as sliding rear doors, large windows, and upright D-pillars, the 009 has 20-inch two-tone alloy wheels, C-pillar trim, and standard door handles. The thick chrome strip above the windows may look tacky or unnecessary to customers in the global market. The kick in the beltline before the C-pillar is a neat touch, though.

Zeekr 009 rear live image
The Zeekr 009 mixes a traditional MPV shape with futuristic design cues. Image Source: China’s MIIT

At the rear, the electric minivan features an upright tailgate with a huge windscreen, T-shaped combination lamps, a narrow full-width light band right above the combination lamps, and a block-lettered brand logo. The model name is printed on the right side of the tailgate.


Spy pictures have almost entirely revealed the interior of the Zeekr 009. The upcoming electric MPV features a curvy dashboard with a dark color on the top and beige below. There’s a decent amount of chrome trim, just the way Chinese customers like it, which divides the two layers of the dashboard and continues onto the door panels. The surround on the floor console, the slim and wide single central air vent, the steering wheel’s spokes, and the center pad are also finished with chrome.

The steering wheel is compact and features a flattish bottom. On the other hand, the center touchscreen is a large display with a landscape orientation and curved corners. The instrument cluster is a fully digital display, so no surprises there. According to Geely, the Zeekr electric MPV will be a ‘luxury intelligent pure electric MPV,’ meaning it should feature connected car features and autonomous driving capability with ADAS.

The second row has two individual seats with electric adjustment and an extra-wide headrest featuring side bolsters. The armrests, at least the inner ones, could include a storage compartment. There’s a third row of seats, and while it’s not clear, it seems the width is just enough to accommodate two passengers.

Zeekr 009 Specifications

Built on the open-source Geely SEA platform, the Zeekr 009 is a huge electric MPV. It measures 5,209 mm in length, 2,2024 mm in width, and 1,856 mm (with air suspension)/1,867 mm in height, with the wheelbase taking up 3,205 mm of the length. It’s a luxurious electric MPV with seats for six occupants. It uses two 200 kW (268 hp) motors and a lithium-ion battery pack. Chinese media is expecting a (CLTC) range of 700 km (435 miles).

The Zeekr 009 is the world’s first model to integrate batteries with CATL’s third-gen cell-to-pack technology. Called ‘Qilin,’ these have the potential to offer a range of over 1,000 km (621 miles), thanks to a high volume utilization efficiency of 72% and a high energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg. Fast-charging from 10 to 80% SoC takes just 10 minutes!

CATL has developed the Qilin batteries for both Li-NMC and LFP cells. The 255 Wh/kg energy density is possible with Li-NMC cells, while the highest possible energy density with LFP cells is 160 Wh/kg. Deliveries of the Zeekr 009 with Qilin batteries will start in Q1 2023.

AspectZeekr 009 Specification
Length5,209 mm
Width2,024 mm
Height1,856 mm (with air suspension)/1,867 mm
Wheelbase3,205 mm
Front Track1,701 mm
Rear Track1,713 mm
Front Overhang897 mm
Rear Overhang1,107 mm
Approach Angle13.1° (with air suspension)/13°
Departure Angle17.5° (with air suspension)/15°
Curb Weight2,830 kg
Gross Weight3,320 kg
Seating Capacity6
Drivetrain LayoutAWD
No. of MotorsTwo
Motor #1 Power200 kW (268 hp)
Motor #2 Power200 kW (268 hp)
Zeekr 009 specifications (Source: China’s MIIT)

Zeekr plans one new launch every year

When Geely Auto Group announced the brand in March 2021, Zeekr said it aimed to launch a new EV every year for the next five years. Sales began with the Zeekr 001 electric SUV in October 2021, with a small number of customers invited to the plant to take delivery of the car. Since then, more than 20,000 cars have been delivered.

In 2023, the brand’s first model will start shipping to overseas markets. In the announcement on March 23, 2021, Geely said that the market strategy in the initial stage for Zeekr is focused on the Chinese customer, but it will certainly explore export opportunities to fulfill market demand globally for premium EVs.

The Zeekr 009 could roll out of the same ‘Zeekr Intelligent Factory’ in Ningbo, China. This plant, covering around 330 acres and featuring 5G connectivity across premises, has an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles.

Geely Auto Group aims to increase annual sales to 3.65 million vehicles by 2025, and some 18% of that volume would come from Zeekr models. The company wants Zeekr models to contribute 650,000 units to the annual sales by then.

Zeekr 009 FAQs

What is the Zeekr 009 release date?

Zeekr is expected to launch the 009 in China later this year.

What is the Zeekr 009 range?

While the company is yet to announce details, the Chinese media is expecting 700 km (435 miles).

Which are the rivals to the 009?

The Maxus MIFA 9 and the Voyah Dreamer are two recent launches in the Chinese electric MPV market.

Featured Image Source: Weibo/极氪ZEEKR