Fact-checking Policy

TopElectricSUV.com’s Fact-Checking Policy

Genuine Headlines

We don’t support clickbait. TopElectricSUV.com aims to provide accurate headlines and follow a meticulous process to vet every piece that appears on the website. Research and objectivity define the editorial standards of TopElectricSUV.com.

The distinction between official and unofficial information

The website strives to identify official information (information confirmed by the manufacturer via a press conference or a press release, or otherwise) and unofficial information (auto industry buzz or rumors churning in media circles or enthusiasts forums) that interest our audience. The information provided in the articles is marked as either official (by way of using terms like ‘confirmation’ or ‘confirmed’ or ‘announced’) to differentiate facts from speculation.

Opinion content

At times, TopElectricSUV invites passionate enthusiasts and subject experts to author articles on our site. The introduction of the story would mention the name or identity of the author. The views expressed by the said authors are their own and do not reflect the opinions or views of TopElectricSUV.com.

The citation of the source

TopElectricSUV.com strives to provide the source information in every article. Usually, readers will find the image source mentioned clearly in the caption as ‘Source’ or ‘Image’ or ‘Image Source.’ 

Specifications and data collected from publicly accessible websites, such as certifying agencies or Information Ministry websites, are mentioned either in the table or within the article. We may not cite the source for information released by manufacturers, but that does not imply that all untagged information is sourced from the manufacturer. 

Reports are regularly compiled based on information from a different website. Look for ‘Source’ at the footer or an outgoing link within the text for the original article.

A citation with the name, date, and location (wherever applicable) accompanies every quote.

If a related video review or presentation is embedded within a story, the source is provided below. Viewers can also find the source of the video within the embed. The views expressed by the creators are their own and do not reflect the opinions or views of TopElectricSUV.com. The creators here are freelance professionals whose services are engaged by us recognising their credentials.

Pre-publish checks

TopElectricSUV puts articles through a word processor to check for grammatical errors. Before writing the report, the team tries to ensure that the information is fresh and accurate. We employ tools to check the authenticity of the information and reach out to manufacturers to get their view or comment, in some cases. If our research is inconclusive, we may contact specialists to get their inputs. At least two editorial experts vet every article before they appear on the front page. We also assign an expert to provide feedback and criticism once the piece goes live.

Updation of articles

TopElectricSUV believes in producing one piece of content for every topic, and in few cases, may have multiple stories on a subject thread. Our opinion is that readers would appreciate one comprehensive source for all information instead of navigating to find different pieces of information. Most of our model pages are 1,000 words or longer, with a Table of Contents, sub-headings, infographics, and captions to help assimilate the information faster. This in turn aids the query process for the reader.

We constantly update articles with new information. We update the intro of the story or the excerpt that accompanies the headline on the front page and category pages during revision. We may also use [Update] in the title when adding new information.

About the authors/creators

TopElectricSUV’s authors/creators are from varied backgrounds. A deep passion for automobiles and reporting brings us together for the automotive industry. With a combined experience of about 30 years in online reporting, we strive to provide accurate and relevant information, following the basic principles of journalism.

Changes and Updates to this document

Please revisit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to this document, which TopElectricSUV may update from time to time.

For corrections or update requests, email TopElectricSUV (at) gmail.com

Last updated: May 2, 2021