8 things you should know about the Lucid Gravity electric SUV

Although deliveries of its first launch, the Lucid Air sedan won’t take place until later this year, the Peter Rawlinson-led Californian startup has already confirmed its second offering, the Lucid Gravity electric SUV. Here’s the downlow on the GMC Hummer EV SUV rival.

1. What is the Lucid Gravity based on?

Lucid Project Gravity side
The Lucid Gravity could be the most spacious electric SUV in the world competing with the VW ID.6 and the Ioniq 7 in this aspect.

The Gravity, or Project Gravity as it is currently, will be based on the platform of the Lucid Air, the company announced in September 2020. This would put the Gravity on the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP). Combined with the Lucid Space Concept which minimizes the in-house developed EV drivetrain to optimize cabin space, the second Lucid car is expected with class-leading interior space and comfort.

The Lucid Gravity would incorporate the posh design language set by the Lucid Air, but with a taste of typical SUV traits like upright front and rear fascias, straight body lines, squarish fenders large greenhouse, etc. Derek Jenkins, VP – Design, Lucid Motors, has told hotcars.com that the Lucid Air’s design DNA is very suitable for a utility product like the Lucid Gravity. He also said that the company is working on “a range of products” with the same design philosophy.

2. The World’s Fastest Charging Electric SUV?

Lucid Project Gravity design
The Lucid Gravity will be gunning for customers who are convinced about the GMC Hummer EV and Mercedes EQS SUV as their next car.

The Lucid Air is billed as the fastest charging electric vehicle, with a peak charging rate of 20 miles per minute when connected to a DC fast charging network. This, according to Lucid Motors, will give the electric car 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes. The same charging speed would trickle down to the Lucid Gravity too, making it the world’s fastest charging electric SUV.

However, rival Tesla has already started rolling out 250 kW charging capability which is expected to offer nearly 1000 miles of range in an hour. Only time and a real world test can put the claim to rest!

3. World’s most powerful electric SUV

Lucid Project Gravity rear design
With the same electric motors of the Air sedan, the Lucid Gravity could hit the quarter mile in a sub-12 second time.

With the Lucid Air getting bragging rights as the world’s most powerful electric sedan, it is only reasonable to expect the Lucid Gravity to be the world’s most powerful electric SUV. Expect nearly 1080 hp from a dual motor, all wheel drive architecture, and quarter mile times that put sportscars to shame.

The Air is able to achieve consistent quarter mile times of 9.9 seconds, and we expect the Gravity SUV keep it tidy under the 12 second mark, despite its SUV body shape and relatively higher drag. Where the Air has an estimated EPA range of 517 miles, we expect the Gravity to offer in the high 400s, maybe touching the 500 mile mark, when it is launched 2 years from now.

4. Race proven, compact battery pack and largest ‘frunk’

Lucid Project Gravity front quarter
The Lucid Gravity, thanks to its clever packaging, is expected with the largest frunk in an electric vehicle.

Lucid says it has developed a 113 kWh battery through the course of electric racing with 20 million miles of real world testing promising ‘world class’ energy density. The large capacity battery will be small in terms of dimensional aspects, to liberate more interior space, the manufacturer said. We expect further details of this battery when deliveries of the Air commence.

The size of this battery has also led to the Air featuring the largest frunk (trunk space at the front due to the absence of an engine) of any electric car till date. With the larger dimensions of the Lucid Gravity SUV, we expect the frunk to be much larger than that of the Air (280+ liters or 9.9 cu.ft).

5. Level 3 autonomous capability

Lucid Air interior
The Lucid Gravity should see the ADAS and DMS, including LIDAR which will be included on the Air (pictured).

The Lucid Gravity is sure to inherit the Air’s advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS), dubbed Lucid DreamDrive, which the carmaker says features a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) with 32 sensors, covering vision, radar and ultrasonics, plus the world’s first standard high-resolution LIDAR in an EV. With geo-fenced HD mapping in addition, the Lucid electric car will provide Level 2 and Level 3 driver assistance technologies.

6. Micro Lens lighting system

Lucid has developed a new Micro Lens lighting system, which it says is the brightest lighting system ever made. The user can also digitally steer the light to different directions to light up dark spots on the road. The system will be available on the Air sedan too.

7. What will be the price of the Lucid Gravity?

Lucid Air rear seat
With its clever packaging, the Lucid Air electric sedan (pictured) hopes to offer class leading comfort, which could take a step further on the Lucid Gravity thanks to its SUV body shape.

Prices for the Lucid Air start at USD 80,000 (USD 72,500 after federal EV tax credits) and extend up to USD 169,000 (USD 161,500 after EV tax credit). The Lucid Gravity can be expected with a price premium of USD 8,000-10,000 over its sedan sibling, putting the entry variants in the ballpark of the Tesla Model X.

8. What is the Lucid Gravity release date?

The Lucid Gravity is scheduled to enter production and go on sale in 2023. Claimed to “redefine” sport and luxury for SUVs, the seven-seater will be launched as a 2023 model. It will roll out of the same American factory that is located in Casa Grande, Arizona, as the Lucid Air that goes on sale in the second half of this year.

In addition to the GMC Hummer EV SUV and the Tesla Model X, the Mercedes EQS SUV due next year, and the rumored Range Rover Electric and the Cadillac Escalade Electric will compete with the Lucid Gravity.

Lucid has announced that it is going public in merger with Churchill Capital Corp IV (NYSE: CCIV) at a transaction equity value of $11.75 billion. With this deal, Lucid is being valued at $24 billion in pro-forma equity.

Images in the story are courtesy of Lucid Motors