Everything we know about the Mercedes EQS SUV in Jan 2021 [Update]

Update: Daimler has revealed the MBUX Hyperscreen, an extension of the second-gen MBUX. It will offer this feature as an option in the Mercedes EQS SUV. Individual Design section of the story updated with the new information and media.

On October 6, 2020, Daimler revealed plans to add a series of Mercedes electric SUVs to its portfolio, including a full-size Mercedes EQS SUV model. Based on spy shots and the teaser released by Mercedes, TopElectricSUV has constructed what we reckon is the closest look yet at the production electric SUV. In here is everything we know about the upcoming Mercedes electric SUV so far:

Individual Design

Mercedes EQS SUV front quarters prototype
The Mercedes EQS SUV won’t be a modified Mercedes GLS with a closed fascia, but a new model designed from the ground up. Image Source: Daimler

Different from the strategy used by the Mercedes EQA and the Mercedes EQB, the Mercedes EQS SUV won’t be a modified Mercedes GLS with a closed fascia. It will be a new model designed from the ground up, looking more dynamic and less boxy than the combustion engine product. It would have a sleeker silhouette, a more sci-fi front and rear lights likely connected via full-width light stripes, low-profile bumpers and closed-off grille. A lower ground clearance, shorter length, lower height, more sloping roofline and a more steeply angled back glass would give it a sporty stance and the complete identity of an electric vehicle.

The Mercedes EQS SUV interior would be remarkably different from the GLS or the S-Class. Daimler would replicate the Mercedes EQS sedan’s cabin with SUV-specific touches. The company may offer the full-size electric SUV in six-seat and seven-seat versions, with the former featuring electrically reclining individual seats.

The Mercedes EQS SUV will feature the MBUX Hyperscreen, an optional highly digital dashboard that will debut in the Mercedes EQS sedan this year. A large, curved Gorilla Glass surface would stretch nearly the entire width and mount three displays (driver display, central display, and passenger display) beneath it. The central and passenger displays would be OLED units.

The MBUX Hyperscreen with its full-width, curved 3D glass cover, and the three flush-mounted displays blending seamlessly brings a whole new in-car user experience. The central and passenger displays are OLED units. Almost every vehicle function, from entertainment to connectivity, navigation, massage, energy management, and more, is at the fingertips.

Mercedes EQS MBUX Hyperscreen Vera Schmidt
The Mercedes EQS SUV will have a highly digital interior, thanks to MBUX Hyperscreen. Image Source: Daimler

Introducing the MBUX Hyperscreen yesterday, Vera Schmidt (pictured above), Head of Mercedes-Benz Advanced Digital Design, said that it is a “milestone” in the combining of analog and digital design. “For me, the Hyperscreen’s clear, minimalist design, and strong anchor points make it intuitive and straightforward to use, she said.

Dedicated BEV Platform

Daimler is developing the EQS SUV on a dedicated electric skateboard architecture called Electric Vehicle Architecture or just EVA in short. This platform allows “exceptionally quiet ride”, and presumably also a clever interior packaging for more space in dimensions similar to or smaller than an equivalent combustion engine model.

Mercedes-Benz EVA platform
EVA platform will spawn at least four Mercedes EQ pure electric models. Image Source: Daimler

670 horsepower

Daimler has confirmed that EVA platform models can travel over 435 miles (700 km) on a full charge as per the WLTP test cycle and that their motors can generate up to 500 kW or 670 horsepower. Expect the EQS SUV to boast these best possible figures. The EPA-estimated range could be lower, though, between 325 and 350 miles.

Made in the USA

Daimler plans to manufacture EVA platform models in Germany, China, and the United States. The Mercedes EQS sedan’s global production will take place at the Factory 56 plant located in Sindelfingen, Germany. The contract for the Mercedes EQE sedan’s global production has also gone to that German plant. The global production of the Mercedes EQS SUV and Mercedes EQE SUV, however, will take place in the USA given the high demand forecast for electric utility vehicles from ‘legacy’ car companies and electric vehicle startups.

Mercedes EQS SUV rear quarters
Road testing of the EQS SUV has begun in the European continent. Expect the car to be shown at a motor show or a company event in mid-2022. Image Source: Daimler

In an announcement last month, Daimler said that it plans to manufacture the Mercedes EQS SUV at the Tuscaloosa plant (Alabama) in the U.S from 2022. The American plant already produces the Mercedes GLE, the Mercedes GLE Coupe, and the full-size Mercedes GLS. The company plans to make the battery packs of the US-built Mercedes EQ SUV models locally.

Daimler filed trademark applications for the names EQE 250, EQE 43, EQE 53, EQE 55, and EQE 63 in Europe last year. We expect the EQS SUV to have similar variants.

Video Source: youtube.com/Mercedes-Benz

The second half of 2022 is most likely the planned Mercedes EQS SUV release date for the USA. Prices could start between $85,000-90,000 with alternatives including the Lucid Gravity and the Hummer EV SUV.

Mercedes EQS SUV FAQ

What is the Mercedes EQS SUV release date?

The EQS SUV launch will likely happen in the second half of 2022.

What will be the Mercedes EQS SUV range?

The Mercedes EQS SUV range (EPA) will likely fall between 320-350 miles.

What are the projected Mercedes EQS SUV rivals?

The Lucid Gravity & the Electric Hummer SUV will be the EQS SUV’s rivals.