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Thank you for visiting TopElectricSUV.com. We picked out a domain name that doubles up as our intro; clearly, we are obsessed with electric vehicles, while we also feel that the safe, comfortable, and trusty SUV & pickup is here to stay!

The web portal TopElectricSUV.com was founded with one idea – to be the best source of information for electric SUVs, electric pickups & electric crossovers – three segments that are to boom this decade. Today, every auto manufacturer has an electric SUV or electric crossover in the development cycle. We intend to bring timely updates on these vehicles as consumers worldwide gradually shift to a safe and comfortable zero-emissions solution in the bodystyle that is getting increasingly popular.

When we use the word ‘electric,’ we are not talking only about pure electric cars like the Teslas. We refer to hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars, and fuel cell models.

Our website is designed to load fairly quickly and the design is deliberately simple so that the focus is on the information.

The core editorial team responsible for TopElectricSUV.com has a combined experience of around 30 years in automotive reporting and tracking the global auto market. The same combination had successfully built the largest regional website for auto content. Here’s a bit more on our journey:

Sagar Parikh – Co-founder & Editor

Sagar Parikh of TopElectricSUV
Even the Mercedes G-Class isn’t missing out on an EV, and you can view the report and official teaser here!

Having started my career as an analyst and reporter of the North American auto market, I say confidently that the last 6 years has been one helluva of a ride! This decade is changing the ‘car’ as we’ve known it entirely thanks to strides made in autonomous tech, electrification and connectivity. As I unlearn and relearn about the car in this new era, I strive to provide top quality content to electric car buyers, electric vehicle enthusiasts, analysts, EV market investors and auto sector employees.

Anjan Ravi – Freelance Editor

Anjan Ravi of TopElectricSUV

I’m Anjan, and when I’m not flying an Airbus A320, I like to spend my time planning a cross country, East Coast to West Coast road-trip. I can’t wait to drive down from New York to LA on a single charge! Electric is the future, and you can count on TopElectricSUV.com for your daily fix!

Shrawan Raja – Co-Founder & CEO

Shrawan Raja

I’m a 34-year old automobile engineer and having founded and edited successful websites for ten years serving 100s of million of pageviews, traveling the globe, driving new vehicles and talking to the people that run the car industry, I’m convinced that the next generation automobile does not use a combustion engine. I’m passionate about electric cars and working in a team, and it is my ambition to make TopElectricSUV the world’s best source of information for electric vehicles.

You can reach us via email on topelectricSUV (at) gmail.com.