Cadillac Escalade Electric (Escalade IQ) heading to U.S. dealers in late 2024 [Update]

  • A full-size electric SUV designed keeping American consumers in mind
  • Packs up to 750 hp and up to 785 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Accommodates up to seven occupants
  • Priced from USD 130,000 and scheduled for release in late 2024

Update: Live images added to the story and ‘Future Escalade IQL could be the top-spec version’ and ‘Gas-powered Escalade enjoys robust demand’ sections updated.

The highly anticipated Cadillac Escalade IQ, a pure-electric Escalade, is finally here. Following the GMC Hummer EV Pickup and SUV models, the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV pickup trucks, and the Cadillac Celestiq sedan, it is GM’s sixth full-size electric vehicle.

The ultimate Cadillac SUV going electric is another testament to the fact that EVs are here, and they’ll penetrate the toughest of tough vehicle segments sooner than most people would think. Here’s everything we know about the pure electric Escalade:


The Cadillac Escalade IQ lives up to the Escalade name by embodying the quintessential American luxury barge traits: big, boxy, and dramatic. Comparatively smaller than its gas-powered counterpart, the Escalade IQ boasts enhanced aerodynamics and a more audacious appearance.

The smaller and sleeker body makes the Cadillac Escalade IQ less resistant to the wind, reducing energy consumption and increasing driving range. The smaller dimensions can make the electric model more easily maneuverable on urban roads and a tad quicker to park. Young customers should find the slippery shape of the Escalade IQ more appealing than the properly boxy gas-powered Escalade, which has had the same proportions since The Sopranos years!

GM estimates the Escalade IQ is its most aerodynamic full-size SUV ever, with an approximately 15% lower coefficient of drag than previous generations. Active grille shutters that close when airflow is not needed, a special shape and profile of the wheels, a more fluidic roofline, a smooth underbody, and a sharp trailing edge of the tail lights have contributed to this improvement. The roofline is more fluidic than that of the gas-powered model, while the lift glass is noticeably more raked.

The Escalade IQ has a futuristic design, conveyed by elements like a Black Crystal Shield that houses an illuminated crest brand emblem, vertical headlamps that light up in a “digital rain” effect, high-tech 24-inch wheels (wrapped in 35-inch, LT275/50R24 tires), and split vertical tail lamps with trickle-down animation. A long, dynamic hood, a fast-sloping roofline at the rear, flush door handles and side glass, a large glass roof, and beautifully sculpted surfaces give the SUV a classy appearance.

The Escalade IQ features fixed running boards. GM Authority found out from Chenxing Yu, the model’s aerodynamics engineer, that the fixed units of the Escalade IQ contribute to its aerodynamic efficiency. Moreover, electrically retractable units would not have been as large or as practical.


The Cadillac Escalade IQ boasts a highly digital and sumptuous interior with minimalist and elegant vibes. A sleek dashboard houses two squarish speakers at each end and two screens in the upper section, with both elements curved for a wraparound effect. Ultra-slim air conditioning vents lie below them, integrated fashionably but without making too much noise. The steering wheel is a typical exotic car-style two-spoke unit, and it has several touch-control buttons.

A floating center console houses a tablet-like touchscreen that visually forms a bridge to the dashboard, used to control various functions of the EV. There’s a fancy dial-type controller also in the center console to operate that touchscreen. Right below this area is a storage section with enough space to keep a small grocery bag or a handbag.

Executive second-row seats with a massage function and headrest speakers are available, along with a dedicated center console between them, housing a touchscreen. The first-row seatbacks integrate 12.6-inch entertainment screens for the occupants of these second-row seats. The Escalade IQ can accommodate up to seven passengers, and for those additional two occupants, there’s one more row of seats, which can be (electrically) folded flat for more storage.

A panoramic fixed-glass roof, tinted and treated with UV-filtering film, lets in plenty of natural light in the large cabin. When it’s dark, a 126-color ambient lighting system highlights the various core elements of the interior and creates a warm, inviting glow.


HD Surround Vision, Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist, Intersection Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Zone Steering Assist, and Front Pedestrian and Bicyclist Braking are some of the noteworthy active safety and driver assistance features of the Escalade IQ. While the Celestiq features Ultra Cruise, the Escalade IQ settles for Super Cruise. However, it does have LiDAR sensors, so it could switch to the more advanced hands-free autonomous driving technology with a software update in the future. Super Cruise works on 400,000+ miles of American and Canadian roads.

Ultra Cruise is said to be better than Super Cruise and will be able to identify situations where the older system needs upgrading. It will use cameras, radars, and LiDAR and develop a precise, 360-degree, 3D statistical representation of the surrounding environment. Ultra Cruise-equipped models will have a LiDAR behind the windshield and new autonomous driving capabilities in addition to those of Super Cruise for the following purposes:

  • Maintaining headway, following speed limits
  • Supporting automatic and on-demand lane change
  • Supporting left and right-hand turns
  • Supporting close object avoidance
  • Supporting parking in residential driveways
  • Following internal navigation routes
  • Reacting to permanent traffic control devices
  • Providing users with information through Ultra Cruise Dynamic Display, a freeform display directly in the driver’s line of sight


The Cadillac Escalade IQ is years ahead of the gas-powered model in terms of technology, and the chief reason behind the advancements is the underpinning platform. Reports say GM has built it on the BT1 platform that’s currently the base of all its full-size truck EVs. GM’s press announcement states the Ultium platform underpins the new Cadillac electric SUV.

Cadillac Escalade IQ cargo area
The Cadillac Escalade offers up to 119.2 cu. ft. of cargo space in the cabin.

Dimensions & storage

Size-wise, the Escalade IQ slots between the gas-powered Escalade and Escalade ESV. It measures 224.3 in. in length, 85.3 in. in width, and 76.1 in. in height and has a 136.2 in. wheelbase. The electric SUV offers 6.9 in. of ground clearance.

The Escalade IQ does have a frunk, or eTrunk, as GM calls that feature. The storage compartment under the hood is quite large, offering 12 cu. ft. of storage space, which is enough to fit two golf bags. There’s 23.7 cu. ft. of cargo volume behind the third-row seats, expandable to up to 119.2 cu. ft.

AspectCadillac Escalade IQ Dimension/Capacity
Length224.3 in.
Width85.3 in.
Height76.1 in.
Wheelbase136.2 in.
Ground Clearance6.9 in.
Frunk Volume12.2 cu. ft.
Cargo Volume119.2 cu. ft. (second and third rows folded)
69.1 cu. ft. (third row folded)
23.7 cu. ft. (behind third row)
HeadroomFirst row: 43.5 in.
Second row: 39.9 in.
Third row: 37.2 in.
LegroomFirst row: 45.2 in.
Second row: 41.3 in.
Third row: 30.1 in.
Shoulder RoomFirst row: 65.4 in.
Second row: 63.6 in.
Third row: 56.5 in.
Hip RoomFirst row: 61.1 in.
Second row: 60.3 in.
Third row: 49.4 in.
Towing Weight8,000 lbs.
Cadillac Escalade IQ dimensions and capacities (Source: GM)

Battery & Motor

A 24-module, 200+ kWh lithium-ion NCMA battery pack powers two permanent magnet synchronous motors, one at the front and one at the rear. Normally, the dual-motor powertrain produces 680 hp and 615 lb.-ft. of torque. With an available boost mode, the driver can temporarily increase combined power and total torque to 750 hp and 785 lb.-ft., respectively. With the boost mode engaged, a 0-60 mph sprint takes less than five seconds. The Escalade EV does have typical EV features like one-pedal driving, adjustable regenerative braking, and a heat pump.


GM expects the Escalade IQ’s EPA-est. range to be 450 miles, so customers should be able to drive across states without anxiety. The Escalade IQ can take advantage of 800-volt DC chargers, which is why it can add up to 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes.


The Escalade IQ has bidirectional charging capability, and GM will equip it with Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) support. The company plans to enable this capability via an OTA software update for the 2025 model year. A Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) function will allow customers to power external devices using the energy stored in the battery pack, but that is an optional feature.

Cadillac Escalade IQ front
The Cadillac Escalade IQ should deliver an EPA-est. range of up to 450 miles (certification pending).

Steering & Suspension

The Escalade IQ features Magnetic Ride Control 4.0 and adaptive air suspension for ironing out bumps and other undesirable road surfaces and offering customers supreme ride comfort. The adaptive air suspension allows lowering it up to 2 inches and raising it 1 inch.

A four-wheel steering system is also one of the noteworthy advanced chassis systems, and it’s part of the standard equipment. It reduces the turning diameter to 39.4 ft. at lower speeds. At higher speeds, it improves handling and stability, especially when trailering. The pure electric Escalade can tow up to 8,000 lbs.

AspectCadillac Escalade IQ Specification
Drivetrain LayoutAWD
SystemTwo drive units with one PMSM each (one front & one rear)
Power680 hp (Normal Mode)/750 hp (Velocity Max)
Torque615 lb.-ft. (Normal Mode)/785 lb.-ft. (Velocity Max)
0-60 mph Acceleration Time<5 seconds
Battery Pack ChemistryLithium-ion NCMA cathode, blended graphite anode
Battery Pack Energy Storage Capacity200+ kWh
GM-est. Range450 miles
Charging Rate240V (7.7 kW Including Dual-Level Charge Cord) – 14.8 miles/hour
240V (19.2 kW AC) – 37 miles/hour
800V – 100 miles/10 minutes
Cadillac Escalade IQ Specification (Source: GM)

On the future Cadillac Escalade IQL

A ‘Cadillac Escalade IQL’ could arrive as the long-wheelbase model and potentially the most expensive SUV in GM’s house of brands. In 2023, when The Drive asked Cadillac marketing spokesperson Lizzy Dinnella whether an ESV version will be launched, she said that we won’t have to wait for too long for an announcement about that. There is a plan to cater to “people who are carrying more passengers more often,” she added.

The Escalade IQL could be one of the biggest vehicles available in the U.S. According to The Drive’s estimates the long-wheelbase Escalade EV could measure nearly 240 in. in length and its wheelbase could measure almost 150 in.

At the 2023 Chicago Auto Show that took place in February, a Cadillac spokesperson told Car & Driver a long version of the Escalade IQ is in the pipeline. On February 12, 2024, Automotive News published a report saying a Cadillac spokesperson had confirmed that the Escalade IQL’s details would be announced later in 2024.

The Escalade IQL and IQ’s relationship could be slightly different from the Escalade and Escalade ESV. The long-wheelbase electric model may have substantial equipment changes so that customers choose it not only for more space but also for the features. It could also come with further personalization options.

At GM’s 2022 Investor Day on November 17, 2022, Mark Reuss indicated that the company will differentiate the pure-electric Escalade and its long-wheelbase version “in a much more innovative way” and even that they will have “technology-wise” differences.

Price & Release date

GM will manufacture the Cadillac Escalade IQ at the Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center in Michigan starting in Summer 2024. This production site is home to the Hummer EV Pickup, Hummer EV SUV, and Sierra EV from the GMC brand and the Silverado EV from the Chevrolet brand. The Sierra EV’s mass production is yet to start, though.

GM has launched the Cadillac Escalade IQ in Luxury 1, Luxury 2, Sport 1, and Sport 2 trims, with prices starting at USD 130,000 (incl. destination charges). The company plans to begin deliveries in late 2024. The pure-electric Escalade will rival the Range Rover Electric and Mercedes EQS SUV.

The Cadillac Escalade IQ will come in seven colors, and customers will be able to specify it with a black roof in six of those paints. All seven single-tone and six dual-tone colors will be available across trims.

  1. Flare Metallic
  2. Flare Metallic with Black Roof
  3. Black Raven
  4. Black Cherry Tintcoat
  5. Black Cherry Tintcoat with Black Roof
  6. Deep Space Metallic
  7. Deep Space Metallic with Black Roof
  8. Summit White
  9. Summit White with Black Roof
  10. Midnight Steel Frost
  11. Midnight Steel Frost with Black Roof
  12. Luna Metallic
  13. Luna Metallic with Black Roof

Gas-powered Escalade enjoys robust demand

Interestingly, and more so logically, the Escalade EV will co-exist with the combustion variant, which features a 6.2-liter V8 with 420 hp on tap. GM expects a chunk of its audience to prefer the convenience and dependability of the established V8 and would not want to displease this buyer who shells out 100,000+ USD by not offering the gas-powered variant as an option. In 2023, GM sold 41,689 units of the Escalade in the U.S., 3.6% more than in 2022 (40,247 units).

TopElectricSUV says

The Escalade IQ is poised to become America’s most luxurious electric SUV, one that’s classier and more innovative than the Mercedes EQS SUV. It’s one of the few legacy models that have transitioned to the electric future, significantly improving in every aspect without compromising the character.

Cadillac Escalade Electric FAQs

What is the release date of the Cadillac Escalade Electric?

The Escalade IQ’s customer deliveries will begin in late 2024.

What are the rivals to the Cadillac Escalade Electric?

Rivals to the Escalade IQ include the 2024 Mercedes EQG, Jeep Wagoneer S, and the 2024 electric Range Rover.

What is the Cadillac Escalade Electric price?

The Escalade IQ’s prices start at USD 130,000 (incl. destination charges).