2024 Honda HR-V range on sale in the U.S.; no Hybrid variant yet [Update]

  • Honda's popular small SUV updated for the 2024 model year
  • Continues lacking a hybrid system; only available with a gas engine
  • Priced from USD 24,600 (excl. USD 1,350 destination and handling fees)

Update: Live images added and ‘Price,’ ‘Sales,’ and ‘Honda electrification strategy (North America)’ sections updated.

The second-generation Honda HR-V was launched for the North American market on June 7, 2022. While the global model (introduced in 2021) comes fitted with an e:HEV hybrid system, the North American-spec version is quite different and does not get the hybrid powertrain. Here’s what the other markets get as the new Honda HR-V Hybrid, and the analysis of the U.S.-spec HR-V (2024 Honda HR-V)

No hybrid powertrain for the U.S. yet

The U.S.-spec all-new HR-V, launched as a 2023 model, gets a 2-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 158 hp and 138 lb.-ft. of torque. On April 28, 2023, Honda gave it the 2024 model year update, but that didn’t change this fact. Like the previous model, the 2024 HR-V is only available with the 2.0-liter gas engine developing 158 hp and 138 lb.-ft. of torque. There are three driving modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport, and power is sent to the wheels through a CVT. Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel-drive is optional.

2024 Honda HR-V front
The 2024 Honda HR-V is a gas-only model with an EPA-est. fuel economy of up to 28 MPG (combined).

Lower mpg than the previous-gen HR-V

The 2024 HR-V FWD delivers an EPA-est. fuel economy of 26 MPG (city)/32 MPG (highway)/28 MPG (combined). The 2024 HR-V AWD returns an EPA-est. fuel economy of 25 MPG (city)/30 MPG (highway)/27 MPG (combined). The maximum fuel economy figures, too, are no different from the previous model.

The 2024 HR-V, because it’s bigger and packs a larger engine, is not as efficient as the previous generation HR-V, which Honda discontinued at the end of the 2022 model year. The latter’s last EPA-est. fuel economy was 28 MPG (city)/34 MPG (highway)/30 MPG (combined) in the FWD variant and up to 27 MPG (city)/31 MPG (highway)/29 MPG (combined) in the AWD variant.

Japanese version of the HR-V (ZR-V) gets Hybrid option

In Japanese dealer showrooms, Honda sells the North American style HR-V with a different name – ZR-V. The ZR-V features an electrified variant, so technically Honda could launch the HR-V Hybrid in the United States.

The ZR-V is the first Honda SUV fitted with the company’s new Sport e:HEV powertrain that clubs the 2.0-liter direct injection engine from the Civic Hybrid (Civic e:HEV) and the advanced two-motor hybrid system. Honda claims that combination allows for acceleration comparable to a 3.0L V6 engine.

Honda ZR-V e:HEV Hybrid
The ZR-V comes with a 2.0-liter direct injection Atkinson cycle engine & a twin-motor hybrid system which gives it V6-levels of acceleration! Image: Honda Newsroom Global

The ZR-V Hybrid produces 104 kW (139 hp) and 182 Nm (134 lb.-ft.) of torque, while the traction motor generates 135 kW (181 hp) and 315 Nm (232 lb.-ft.) of torque. The latter is located along with the generator motor in an e-CVT. The electrified powertrain delivers a fuel economy of 22.1 km/l, which converts to 52 MPG. Though the test cycles are different and it’s not a fair comparison, that represents 2X the EPA-est. fuel economy rating of the U.S.-spec 2024 HR-V! For the U.S., Honda could even consider a simpler system that is tuned for economy, and one that is cheaper.

Why a hybrid is relevant for the HR-V in the United States

Electrified model share target

Honda has never offered the HR-V with a hybrid system in the U.S. and Canada, but the company is striving to increase the share of electrified models in its portfolio. “Our strategy is focused on introducing a higher percentage of hybrids in core models in the near term,” said Dave Gardner, former Executive Vice President, American Honda, on June 28, 2021.

In an announcement on March 14, 2023, Honda said that even as it accelerates EV production preparation, it plans to sustain hybrid model production. The company anticipates strong demand for hybrid models through 2030 and beyond. The sustained success of hybrid model sales will support its big investments in the EV space.

Corolla Cross Hybrid says hello!

Honda declined to comment when asked about the HR-V Hybrid for the U.S., but Green Car Reports is convinced that it is “a Hybrid system away from greatness.” The website feels that better fuel economy would make the HR-V a complete package and is the only serious aspect that Honda needs to work on. Increasing the EPA-est. fuel economy to 40 mpg with electrification could work wonders for the compact SUV, even if that means charging a premium of a couple of thousand dollars over the gasoline variant.

An HR-V Hybrid in the U.S. could help Honda mount strong competition to the 42-mpg (EPA-est.) Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, which has just been launched in the U.S. market. Toyota has discontinued the C-HR, which leaves the Corolla Cross with more room to operate, and with the addition of the hybrid, things are looking up for this nameplate.

In the next section, we’ll look at the gas-powered HR-V’s interior, features, and other aspects, which should apply to future versions as well.


Distinct styling for all variants

There are three variants of the 2024 Honda HR-V in the United States: LX, Sport, and EX-L, and they have dedicated styling elements. Customers can choose from seven paint options:

  1. Nordic Forest Pearl
  2. Urban Gray Pearl
  3. Crystal Black Pearl
  4. Lunar Silver Metallic
  5. Milano Red
  6. Modern Steel Metallic
  7. Platinum White Pearl

The HR-V LX gets a matte-finish honeycomb grille and 17-inch alloys with silver paint. The HR-V Sport gets a horizontal-themed grille mesh, a gloss-black rear spoiler, and a chrome exhaust tip. The lower rear bumper is painted in gun-metallic, and the Sport also gets exclusive 18-inch five-spoke gloss black wheels.

The EX-L gets generous black treatment to the exterior. It gets a gloss black honeycomb grille, gloss black door pillars, and gloss black inserts on the front and rear bumper. The EX-L rides on 17-inch alloy wheels painted in Shark Gray with an exclusive machine-cut finish.

Aggressive front-end

All 2024 Honda HR-V variants get wide-set LED headlamps with an L-shaped DRL, an extended hood with two sharp lines, and a grille flanked by air curtains that channel the air through the bumper around the front wheels for aerodynamic benefits.

Compared to the global Honda HR-V model, the North American HR-V’s headlamps are more prominent yet less ‘meaner,’ but the straighter hood and the bumper’s powerful outer ends give it a more dominating character. The front windshield wipers remain hidden under the hood when not in use. Honda has used ‘laser brazing technology’ for precise roof casting to eliminate uneven moldings.

Bigger windows

The North American Honda HR-V looks different from the side profile. It seems more practical than its predecessor and European cousin, with larger rear windows. Another significant change is the traditional rear door handles instead of concealed units of the global spec, which may result from cost-saving measures.

Rear elements that emphasize the width

The all-new North American HR-V has a familiar hunched rear-end for a sporty stance. Newly designed beak-shaped LED tail lamps look contemporary, while the sharper edges on the tailgate, and an inverted license plate section, make it immediately recognizable. It also gets a subtle roof-mounted spoiler, a shark fin antenna, and a black rear bumper.


2024 Honda HR-V interior dashboard
The 2024 Honda HR-V has a modern but practical interior focused on simplicity and space.

Honda has focused on making the HR-V’s interior ergonomic and minimalist. There’s equal attention paid to form and function. The interior builds on Honda’s ‘simplicity and something’ design language that debuted on the Civic. Moreover, the Japanese brand says that close attention was paid to the operation of all switch gear, including the click and heft of the knobs, stalks, and switches.

The ‘Body Stabilizing Seats’ feature French stitching, while the rear seat bench is wider to make room for three passengers. Usually, accommodating three passengers at the rear can be a squeeze, but that might not be the case with the Honda HR-V. It has 24.4 cu.-ft. of cargo space and a lift height of only 27 inches, making loading and unloading items easy. By folding the 60:40 split seats, the cargo area can be expanded to 55.1 cu.-ft.

Tech-laden cabin

The HR-V gets an all-digital instrument cluster. The unit is a standard 7-inch LCD, while the infotainment is a 7-inch touchscreen. The EX-L grade features a larger 9-inch touchscreen supporting wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The HR-V also features wireless charging, 8-speaker premium audio, and physical controls for simple functions like volume and home and back touchscreen navigation. An active noise cancellation feature isolates the cabin from the engine and exterior noises.


Longer and wider

Honda says the new HR-V shares its platform with the 11th-generation Civic. The SUV has grown by 9.4 inches in length and 2.6 inches in width. The SUV is 179.8 inches long, 72.4 inches wide, and 63.4 inches tall. It has a wheelbase of 104.5 inches. That said, unladen ground clearance is 7.3 inches for the Sport and 7 inches for the other variants.

2024 Honda HR-V side profile
The 2024 Honda HR-V shares its platform with the 11th-generation Civic. It is 9.4 inches longer and 2.6 inches wider than before.


The gas-powered 2024 Honda HR-V is available in FWD and AWD drivetrain layouts and three variants: LX, Sport, and EX-L. Its prices range from USD 24,600 to USD 29,650, excluding USD 1,350 in destination and handling fees.

2024 Honda HR-V variantPrice (MSRP)
LX (FWD)USD 24,600
LX (AWD)USD 26,100
Sport (FWD)USD 26,150
Sport (AWD)USD 27,650
EX-L (FWD)USD 28,150
EX-L (AWD)USD 29,650
U.S.-spec 2024 Honda HR-V prices (excl. USD 1,350 destination and handling fees)


The HR-V is one of Honda’s important contributors in the U.S. It was the fourth most popular vehicle in the brand’s American line-up in 2023, with sales of 122,206 units, a growth of 5.9% percent YoY (2022: 115,416 units). In January 2024, Honda sold 11,956 units of the HR-V, 49.2% more than in January 2023 (8,013 units).

Honda electrification strategy (North America)

Honda has announced that by 2040, it plans to convert 100% of its North American sales to electric and fuel-cell vehicles. In the meantime, it will work to convert 40% of sales to these types of cars by 2030 and increase that count to 80% by 2035. Initially, the company will borrow GM’s third-gen global EV architecture and Ultium batteries to realize an electric car. Leveraging its partnership with General Motors, it has launched the Honda Prologue electric SUV and the first Acura electric SUV (ZDX). A mid- to large-size Honda electric SUV based on an in-house dedicated EV platform will follow in 2025.

Before EVs, Honda will improve its hybrid portfolio in the U.S. market. The company has launched the all-new CR-V Hybrid and all-new Accord Hybrid. It expects the Hybrid variants to account for about 50% of the CR-V and Accord’s sales. The company has also confirmed that it will launch the Civic Hybrid as a replacement for the Insight, which went out of production in June 2022, in Summer 2024.

Announcing its 2023 sales on January 3, 2024, Honda stated that its electrified models created a new record in 2023. The CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid, with a combined sales of 293,640 units, accounted for over a quarter of the company’s sales in 2023 (1,162,531 vehicles). Globally, Honda aims for electrified vehicles to form two-thirds of its auto sales by 2030, so it should electrify almost all its models in a few years.

TopElectricSUV says

While having grown and upgraded to a more powerful engine, the HR-V has declined in the efficiency aspect and clearly needs a fuel-sipping hybrid system. With gas prices on the rise, many HR-V buyers would be seeking out a hybrid model.

Honda expects about 50% of the sales volume of popular cars like the CR-V and Accord to come from hybrid variants. As HEV sales pick up, its main competitor Toyota has already responded in a timely fashion, announcing the Corolla Cross Hybrid. Meanwhile, Honda has confirmed it will expand its U.S. HEV line-up with a Civic Hybrid in Summer 2024, which follows electrified variants of the CR-V and Accord, and perhaps a HR-V Hybrid can be expected in the second wave of launches.

2024 Honda HR-V FAQs

What is the 2024 Honda HR-V Hybrid release date?

The gasoline-powered 2024 Honda HR-V is on sale in the U.S. The Hybrid version could follow in a couple of years.

What is the 2024 Honda HR-V price?

The 2024 HR-V starts at USD 24,600. A Hybrid model, if introduced in the short-term, should start at just over USD 27,000.

Which SUVs are rivals to the new HR-V?

The 2024 Honda HR-V competes with the Toyota Corolla Cross and the VW Taos.