Next-gen 2023 Toyota C-HR to get 1.8L Hybrid variant: Report

  • Expected to debut in summer 2023; to co-exist with the Corolla Cross
  • To be visibly bigger than the current model, offering better road presence & more space
  • Reportedly will be available with two hybrid powertrains, including a Hybrid AWD
  • C-HR is not a big seller in the U.S., but local division should be tracking developments keenly

With less than 500 units to its name this year, the Toyota C-HR isn’t popular in the U.S., as most customers prefer larger conventional SUVs like the RAV4 and Corolla Cross. However, Toyota’s coupe-styled SUV will soon come under the spotlight, as Toyota has reportedly scheduled its lifecycle makeover in 2023. Here’s everything we know about the next-gen 2023 Toyota C-HR.


The C-HR grabbed the world’s attention from both media and the public when it premiered in 2016. A blend of a sports coupe, hatchback, and compact crossover, the ‘Coupe High-Rider R’ stood out with its design, making it one of the most appealing models in its segment globally, especially for young customers who liked sporty designs.

The 2023 Toyota C-HR will likely feature an evolutionary design, with cues borrowed from the Toyota bZ Compact SUV concept that debuted on December 14, 2021. Expect it to be more spacious and feature premium equipment, perhaps including the all-new Toyota Audio Multimedia system developed in the U.S., by Texas-based Toyota Connected North America.


Based on the familiar TNGA platform (GA-C version), the 2023 Toyota C-HR is reportedly longer than the current car. It is said to be 4,500 mm (177.2 in.) long, 1,800 mm (70.9 in.) wide, and 1,570 mm (61.8 in.) tall and have a 2,700 mm (106.3 in.) wheelbase. For reference, the current model measures 172.6 in. in length, 70.7 in. in width, and 61.6 in. (with roof rails) in height and has a 103.9 in. wheelbase.

Toyota Small SUEV concept front three quarter
Toyota’s ‘Small SU EV’ concept presented in Japan in December 2021, could be another influencer in the design and styling of the next-gen C-HR. Image: Noriaki Mitsuhashi/N-RAK PHOTO AGENCY and Toyota

The 2023 C-HR, like the current model, will reportedly launch with 1.8- and 2.0-liter hybrid powertrains. Moreover, it is reported that the next-gen model will arrive with an AWD drivetrain layout option even in the Hybrid variant.

Toyota doesn’t offer the C-HR Hybrid variant in the U.S., but given the increased demand for electrified vehicles in the country, it may be tempted to consider next year’s vehicle. According to a report Best Car Web published on September 27, 2022, the 2023 C-HR Hybrid AWD will have a 100 PS (99 hp) 1.8-liter gas engine, a 100 PS (99 hp) front motor, and a 45 PS (44 hp) rear motor. It will deliver a fuel economy of 23.0 km/l (54 mpg), presumably in the Japanese test cycle.

Aspect2023 Toyota C-HR Hybrid 1.8 Specification2023 Toyota C-HR Hybrid 2.0 Specification
Length4,500 mm (177.2 in.)4,500 mm (177.2 in.)
Width1,800 mm (70.9 in.)1,800 mm (70.9 in.)
Height1,570 mm (61.8 in.)1,570 mm (61.8 in.)
Wheelbase2,700 mm (106.3 in.)2,700 mm (106.3 in.)
Engine100 PS (99 hp) 1.8L gasoline2.0L gasoline
Electric Motor(s)100 PS (99 hp) front and 45 PS (44 hp) rear (optional)TBD
Fuel Economy23 km/l (54 mpg)TBD
2023 Toyota C-HR Hybrid specifications (Source: Best Car Web)

Release Date

The 2023 Toyota C-HR will debut in summer 2023, as per the Best Car Web report. If Toyota Motor North America plans to keep it in shelves, it could arrive at U.S. dealers as an MY2024 model towards the end of next year.

TopElectricSUV says

The 2023 Toyota C-HR, like the current model, would be a compact crossover positioned above the Corolla Cross. Expect bolder styling, a more spacious interior, new features that make it more suitable for American customers, and new powertrain options in the future.

Featured image: Toyota