Mercedes EQE SUV teased by Daimler for the first time [Update]

In the announcement about the production commencement of the EQS’s battery packs at the Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart-Hedelfingen plant, Daimler released a photograph in the deck of its EV line-up that will be ready by the end of next year.

The teaser is deliberately kept in low-resolution, and nothing is given away on the Mercedes EQE SUV, as it’s early days for the car. From left to right, are the EQA, EQB, EQS SUV, EQS sedan, Mercedes EQE SUV, EQE sedan, and EQC. While the other upcoming Mercedes EQ cars are wrapped in body camouflage, the Mercedes EQE SUV is under a full covers to guard every detail. Mercedes would want to retain the suspense as the car is about 1.5 years out, and there would not be much to talk about if it starts disclosing info today. Also, several EQ models preceding it need press coverage.

Mercedes EQE SUV – Last of the 6 in Mercedes’ EV offensive

The Mercedes-EQ offensive that will witness six new EVs entering the market began with the Mercedes EQA in January. The Mercedes EQE SUV will mark the conclusion of this wave of new-age EVs when it arrives late next year.

A recent report from JESMB said that the Mercedes EQE SUV deliveries will commence between September and December 2022. As the Mercedes EQE SUV is to come from the Tuscaloosa plant (Alabama), deliveries in the United States might commence early. The same factory will manufacture the Mercedes EQS SUV from next year, and production preparations for the dedicated EVs at the site are underway, JESMB added.

Prototypes of the Mercedes EQE SUV are in advanced stages, with their design signed off for production. The Mercedes EQE sedan is codenamed V295 and the EQE SUV is the Mercedes X294.

Later this year, the EQS luxury sedan will be unveiled and the S Class-equivalent Mercedes electric car will debut the new MEA electric platform for the brand. The same will underpin the EQE twins, thus differentiating the EQE SUV from the EQC which is based on a modified GLC platform.

800V architecture & AWD variant

Mercedes e-drive unit to be applied on Mercedes EQE SUV
The Mercedes EQE SUV would have a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with a two-speed gearbox. Image Source: Daimler

The EQE SUV and sedan will feature four-wheel drive variants with an electric motor at each axle. However, a less expensive, rear-wheel-drive-only Mercedes EQE could be on the cards. The AWD EQE variants could see power and torque at 400+ hp and 760+ Nm, with the long-range models targeting a 600+ km range.

Markus Schafer, BoM member responsible for Group Research, Daimler, and COO, Mercedes-Benz Cars, indicated at the Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update event that the motors of the Mercedes EQE SUV would be developed in-house.

They’re (electric motors are) competitive, advanced motors. So, we are going for vertically integrated technology strategy in this area. So, next generation of electrical drive units are developed in-house, have outstanding efficiency with highly efficient stators and rotors, two gears, silicon carbide investor – the highest quality, 800-volt architecture, and much more.

Markus Schafer, BoM member responsible for Group Research, Daimler, and COO, Mercedes-Benz Cars

The Mercedes EQE SUV should support high-power rapid-charging, thanks to an 800-volt architecture. Perhaps, some indication can be taken from the charging capability of the EQS, which Schafer talked about at the event mentioned above. “With the EQS, we will be able to offer highly competitive charging speeds – up to 200 kW for significant periods,” Schafer said. “This means customers will be able to add up to 250 km of range in just 15 minutes,” he added.

Triple-digit alphanumerical trademarks for EQE XXX from 250 all the way up to 600 have been applied for by the automaker suggesting a slew of variants at various price points and range options. There are trademark applications for EQE 43, EQE 53, EQE 55, and EQE 63 names as well, which it could use for the AMG offerings. The EQE SUV may get the same variants as the EQE sedan (video), featuring the 108 kWh battery of the EQS series at the top of the range.

Video courtesy: CarSpyMedia Youtube channel

No fancy digital outside mirrors

In other recent updates, we learned that the Mercedes EQE SUV will not have digital rearview mirrors. Daimler isn’t sold on the idea of digital outside rearview mirrors in cars yet. So, it is unlikely that the Mercedes EQE SUV and other Mercedes electric car models would feature virtual mirrors like the Audi e-tron or the Genesis GV60 luxury electric SUVs.

Speaking to Autocar recently, Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer, Daimler, said that digital mirrors aren’t a smart idea. Conventional mirrors give the driver a direct response, and while digital mirrors are aerodynamically efficient, they eat up a lot of power, Wagener explained. Digital mirrors don’t make sense, especially on electric cars, because of their high energy consumption, he said. Perhaps when electric car batteries evolve to get further powerful, Mercedes could revisit the decision.

Optional ‘Hyperscreen’ dashboard

EQS' MBUX Hyperscreen expected to be available in the Mercedes EQE SUV
The MBUX Hyperscreen could be available as an option in the EQE SUV. Image Source: Daimler

The Mercedes EQE SUV could reimagine car interior for executive SUVs, with a whole new level of digitalization and minimalism. The EQS should be the reference point, which is debuting the MBUX Hyperscreen. Three high-resolution screens would be clubbed seamlessly under a single real glass cover, leaving the impression of a futuristic widescreen covering most of the dashboard.

Our guess is that the MBUX Hyperscreen should be optional in the Mercedes EQE SUV. The standard dashboard should have two individual screens in the front section. Other features borrowed from the flagship electric sedan could be Burmester surround sound system, special soundscapes (interior driving sound), and HEPA filter with OFI Quality Seal ZG 250-1 certificate.

Standard EQS dashboard expected in the Mercedes EQE SUV
Like in the EQS, the standard dashboard in the Mercedes EQE SUV may not include a passenger-side screen. Image Source: Daimler

The Mercedes EQE SUV is likely to debut and go on sale in the first markets in the second half of 2022. The U.S. could be among the first markets to receive the EQE SUV.

Mercedes EQE SUV FAQs

What is the Mercedes EQE SUV electric release date?

The Mercedes EQE SUV is expected on the U.S. market by late-2022.

Which electric cars are considered Mercedes EQE SUV rivals?

The EQE will rival the Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron, and the upcoming BMW iX.

What is the estimated Mercedes EQE SUV electric price?

The EQE SUV would have a starting price in the region of USD 75,000.

Featured Image Source: Daimler