Daimler picks Hungary to build Mercedes EQB from Q4 2021 [Update]

While the BMW iX1 is about two years away, the Mercedes EQB is closer to showrooms. Later this year, the Mercedes EQB arrives at global dealer forecourts, and the Volvo XC40 Recharge that has begun rolling out in the global market has company. TopElectricSUV.com reader Sabri Bajrami has spotted the Mercedes EQB in Europe and shared images that help us get a good look at the car’s unique styling.

Here’s everything we know on the EQB:

Production & Release

In December last year, Daimler announced that the Mercedes EQB’s production has gone to the Mercedes-Benz Kecskemet plant, Hungary, making it the first pure EV assembled at the site. The Hungarian plant of Mercedes-Benz will manufacture the EQB for all the markets except China, which will get its supply from the BBAC joint venture plant in Beijing.

In its own announcement, the Mercedes-Benz Kecskemet plant states that it will start mass-production of the EQB in the fourth quarter of 2021 (October-December 2021). It is already manufacturing first prototypes “on a special, separate production line” called “Pilot Line”.

The Mercedes EQB should premiere in the second quarter of this year (April-June 2021) and given the significance in the Chinese market, Auto Shanghai 2021 (that starts on Apr 21) could host the premiere. As for the USA, Mercedes-Benz is deploying a top-down strategy for EQ products. Prices may start at around $50,000 when the EQB eventually reaches the United States in the next couple of years.

Design & Interior

Mercedes EQB front quarters spy shot TES
Last year, TopElectricSUV.com reader Sabri Bajrami had spotted the Mercedes EQB in Europe and his images helped get a good look at the car’s unique styling.

The Mercedes EQB doesn’t look all that different from the Mercedes GLB from the sides, which is the donor car. However the unique grille, split headlamp, ‘softer’ bumpers and wheels enhance aerodynamics and Daimler could employ extra LED lighting, set over or around the grille, and blue accents in the headlamps for the customary distinction at the front. At the rear the registration plate enclosure is relocated from the tailgate to a lower position for a cleaner appearance.

The interior of the Mercedes EQB would have fewer differences, mostly related to the colour-coding and EQ branding. Daimler offers the GLB in a seven-seat version, but may sell the Mercedes EQB with five seats only.

Range & Performance

The Mercedes EQB will likely pack the 66.5 kWh battery pack of the smaller EQA. Three different power electric configurations have been confirmed for the EQA. Initially, there’s an EQA 250 2WD with a single 140 kW/188 hp motor and 426 km/265 miles WLTP range available to order. A four-wheel drive configuration with two motors generating 200 kW/268 hp or more and a range-focused configuration capable of 500 km/311 miles on a full charge are to follow. The Mercedes EQB lineup may list the basic 2WD configuration and the performance-focused AWD variant.

Mercedes EQB rear quarters spy shot TES
Like the EQA, the Mercedes EQB should be chargeable with a maximum output of up to 100 kW, taking less than 30 minutes to be charged from 10 – 80 per cent SoC at a DC fast charging station. Wallbox charging should be via an 11 kW charger.

The EQB’s on-board charger will likely allow charging with up to 11 kW (AC). 100 kW could be the peak charging output supported at DC fast-charging stations. Using a 100 kW DC fast-charger, in optimum conditions, topping up from 10-80% SoC may take just around 30 minutes. Expect the Euro-and US-spec units to have a CCS connector in the right-hand side wall.

The Mercedes EQB will rival the Tesla Model Y Performance and Long Range AWD variants. Both have a 72.5 kWh (usable) battery pack, but where the Performance variant travels 291 miles (EPA est.), the Long Range variant offers 316 miles (EPA est.). An e-AWD drivetrain layout with two motors is common, but the Performance variant offers 340 kW (462 PS/456 hp) and 639 Nm (471 lb.-ft.), while the Long Range AWD variant settles for 258 kW (351 PS/346 hp) and 527 Nm (389 lb.-ft.).

Video Source: youtube.com/WalkoART

Mercedes AMG-EQB

The Mercedes EQB debuting this year will be followed by a Mercedes-AMG EQB likely in 2022. As it is with the GLB, the Mercedes EQB will have a performance variant engineered by Mercedes-AMG. Daimler hasn’t revealed details, but the launch stands confirmed.

COO & R&D chief of Mercedes-Benz, Markus Schafer, interacted with journalists about Mercedes-AMG EVs during the unveil of the EQA. “An electrical platform in the direction of AMG is coming,” he said, reports autocar.co.uk. “There will be performance variants of the EQA, B, S, E,” he added.

Mercedes EQB FAQs

What will be the Mercedes EQB range?

The Mercedes EQB range is expected around 300 miles in the WLTP cycle.

What will be the Mercedes EQB price & competitors?

Mercedes EQB prices may start at around $50,000 in the USA. Likes of the BMW iX1, Audi Q4 e-tron & Volvo XC40 Recharge are competitors.

When will be the Mercedes EQB launched?

The Mercedes EQB is unconfirmed for the U.S., but could launch in the region sometime in 2022 or 2023.