Xpeng confirms SUV slotting above G3; could sail to Norway [Update]

Xpeng Motors plans to expand its product line-up with the launch of a new Smart EV in 2022. The fourth model will be an Xpeng SUV bigger and more advanced than the Xpeng G3i. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming Tesla Model Y rival.

Design & Interior

The new Xpeng SUV is shaping up to look like an SUV version of the Xpeng P7. The front-end will have many similarities with the flagship electric sedan, spy shots have revealed. Expect an elegantly designed bonnet, curvaceous split headlamps with ultra-slim upper lights, and shark-nose-inspired front profile. The rendering above, courtesy of Instagram user Sugarchow (@sugardesign_1), is a fine preview of the new Xpeng SUV based on these speculations.

A spy shot Weibo user 电动星球小新 posted reveals that Xpeng Motors is testing the future SUV with two different headlamp designs. Both have a two-part layout in which the daytime running lights and main lights are located separately, but the housing of the main lights varies. As Xpeng Motors plans to begin sales in 2022, it is safe to assume that the design is finalized. Perhaps this is a trick to confuse car spotters and keep the media guessing during testing. The same picture revealed two paint options as well: red and white.

Xpeng G7 interior spy shot
The rumoured Xpeng G7 will have noticeable similarities to the P7 on the inside, too. Image Source: Weibo/大包子狸 (via CnEVPost)

Another spy shot floating on the web, courtesy of Weibo user 大包子狸, has partially exposed the interior of the rumoured Xpeng G7 SUV. The dashboard layout looks similar to the P7, but its design is slightly different. The two-spoke steering wheel with a flat bottom looks the same as that of the current flagship Xpeng, though.


Xpeng Motors wants to amplify its presence in China’s mid- to high-segment EV market. The Xpeng G3 is a compact SUV, while the new Xpeng SUV arriving in 2022 will likely be midsize. The company’s ‘David’ platform allows generating EVs with wheelbases of 2,600 mm to 2,800 mm. The ‘Edward’ platform is for spacious cars with wheelbases ranging from 2,800 mm to 3,100 mm. The Xpeng G3 and Xpeng P5 sit on the David platform, while the Xpeng P7 rides on the Edward platform.

Xpeng Motors has confirmed that it is developing the upcoming SUV on the Edward platform. This means that it will measure anywhere between 2,800 and 3,100 mm between the axles.

To be called the Xpeng G7 SUV?

All available information so far suggests that the new Xpeng SUV will belong to the same segment as the Xpeng P7. That leads to the possibility of Xpeng Motors branding its upcoming SUV the Xpeng G7, and the speculation in the Chinese media is similar.

Performance & Range

The top-end configuration of the new Xpeng SUV, possibly the Xpeng G7, could have a twin-motor AWD powertrain generating at least 316 kW (430 PS/424 bhp) of power and 655 Nm of torque and be capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under five seconds. An 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack should be one of the options, offering a WLTP range of more than 500 km or 311 miles.


The Xpeng G7 SUV will likely feature XPILOT 4.0 and double-prism LiDAR for an advanced autonomous driving system, an intelligent chassis, an air suspension system, rapid charging capability, and enhanced OTA capability. It will probably pack everything the Xpeng P7 does and then some. The spy shot mentioned above did show the new SUV featuring LiDAR below the headlamps like the P5.

For the Xpeng P5, Xpeng Motors sources the LiDAR from Da Jiang Innovations, a Chinese company globally acclaimed for drones and widely known simply as DJI. He Xiaopeng, co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, Xpeng Motors, suggested during the Q1 2021 earnings conference call that the LiDAR for the new Xpeng SUV may come from another company.

The LIDAR we use on P5 is actually DJI, Da-Jiang, and we what — we are very open to other options, so by 2022 to 2023 the new models that we are launching may adopt different brands that make — that produce LiDARs.

He Xiaopeng, co-founder, Chairman, and CEO, Xpeng Motors (Q1 2021 earnings conference call)


Prices of the Xpeng G7 will fall between the P7 and the P7 Wing Limited Edition. The Xpeng P7’s prices in China start at CNY 229,900 (EUR 29,982) and go up to CNY 349,900 (EUR 45,632). The Xpeng P7 Wing Edition costs CNY 366,900 (EUR 47,849) in the base (RWD) variant and CNY 409,900 (EUR 53,457) in the top-end (AWD) variant.

We expect that the European launch of the Xpeng G7 SUV will take place (in markets such as Norway) a few months after the Chinese launch.

Featured Image Source: Instagram/sugardesign_1/Sugarchow