Upgraded Xpeng G3 likely to reach Norway in early 2022

Xpeng Motors has revealed that the Xpeng G3 facelift will arrive in the late third quarter of the year (July-September 2021). With the Chinese customer deliveries likely to begin in second half of September, the Xpeng Norge unit can expect to receive the first batch of the restyled EV in early 2022.

“We plan to begin delivering the mid-cycle facelift version of the G3 in the late third quarter of 2021,” He Xiaopeng, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Xpeng Motors, said during the company’s Q4 2020 earnings conference call last month.

Xpeng G3 red
The Xpeng G3 facelift, which Xpeng Norge could start receiving in Q1 2022, has XPILOT 3.0 that allows autonomous driving on highways. Image Source: Xpeng Motors

Yesterday, autohome.com.cn reported that the Xpeng G3 has received an OTA upgrade for the Xmart OS (v1.9.2). A safety test function is added for the XPILOT 2.5 autonomous driving assistant with the latest OTA upgrade. Driving comfort mode, user habit setting group function, and third-party app permission management function are added to the system as improvements. Lastly, navigation, seat ventilation/heating, and shortcut panel functions, Bluetooth music playback, and AI voice assistant are optimized.

In December 2020, 100 Xpeng G3 electric SUVs were delivered to customers in Norway, marking the beginning of export sales for the long-range Chinese EV. In February, more than 200 units of the Xpeng G3 were shipped to the nation that is embracing EVs unlike no other in this world.

In announcing the export of the second batch of the G3 to China, Xpeng Motors revealed that the G3s in Norway receive their first Smart OS upgrade. Below are some of the new or improved functions downloaded by the electric SUV:

  • Optimized active safety assistance experience for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Centering Control (LCC)
  • New voice commands to support the map/location function
  • Optimized voice assistance experience for vehicle control and navigation
  • Optimized adaptive brightness for the control panel
Xpeng G3 second batch export Norway
The Xpeng G3 in Norway received the first software update in February. Image Source: Xpeng Motors

Similar to the first units of the Xpeng G3, the 200+ units of the electric SUV in the second consignment were destined for the Drammen port. More than 4,000 people in the Nordic nation have shown interest in the brand, but there’s no word on the number of firm orders yet. The Chinese electric SUV costs NOK 358,000 (approx. $42,000) in the base ‘Smart’ trim and NOK 379,000 (approx. $45,000) in the top-end ‘Premium’ trim.

Video Source: youtube.com/BjørnNyland

The Xpeng G3 is smaller than the VW ID.4 ($39,995 onwards). It has a single electric motor that draws energy from a CATL-made 57.5 kWh (net) Lithium-ion battery pack. The maximum power is 145 kW (194 hp) and the maximum torque is 300 Nm (221 Lb.-Ft.). The layout is front-wheel drive, and there’s no AWD. In this configuration, the maximum range achieved on a full charge is 451 km (WLTP), which converts to 280 miles.

Xpeng G3 vs. VW ID.4

AspectXpeng G3 SpecificationVW ID.4 Specification
Length x Width x Height4450 mm (175.2 in.) X 1820 mm (71.7 in.) X 1600 mm (63.0 in.)180.5 in. x 72.9 in. x 64.4 in.
Wheelbase2,625 mm (103.3 in.)108.9 in.
Drivetrain LayoutFWDRWD
Motor Power145 kW (194 hp)201 hp
Motor Torque300 Nm (221 Lb.-Ft.)228 Lb.-Ft.
Battery Pack Capacity57.5 kWh (net)77 kWh (net)
Range (WLTP)451 km (280 miles)522 km (324 miles)
Range (EPA)Not Available250 miles
Peak Charging PowerNot Available125 kW
DC Fast Charging Time≥ 43min (30-80% SoC)~38 minutes (5-80% SoC)

Autonomous parking, 15.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 12.3-inch HD fully digital instrument cluster, LED headlights and tail lights and 17-inch alloy wheels are some of the key features of the Xpeng G3.

In its announcement of delivering the first 100 G3 units in Norway at the end of last year, the company revealed that it plans to launch the P7 electric sports sedan in Europe by December this year. Xpeng Motors is listed on the New York Stock Exchange since August, but it doesn’t have a plan to enter the U.S. market right now.

Featured Image Source: Xpeng Motors