Daimler teases the Mercedes G Class Electric for the first time

Daimler teased the Mercedes G Class Electric for the first time this month. The first-ever official Mercedes G-Class Electric is preparing to see daylight after years of media speculation and unofficial conversions.

At the Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update 2020 event on 6 October, Daimler gave a comprehensive presentation of its electrification strategy. The company plans to electrify every Mercedes-Benz Cars sub-brand, not only Mercedes-Benz but also AMG, Maybach and G. The company showed an image of the Mercedes G Class thinly veiled in a golden sheet parked inside a palatial building with a matching beige theme. This wasn’t a Middle East or Maharaja special edition Mercedes G Class though!

While showing the teaser, the following statement was narrated, which all but confirmed that we were looking at the Mercedes G Class Electric:

G is (an) important profit driver for Mercedes, and there are more chapters to come, including G going electric.

During his presentation at the event, Mercedes-Benz Cars COO and Daimler R&D head Markus Schafer, suggested that the Mercedes G Class shown is indeed the EV. Below is what he said:

We are working on something special. We are not going to fully open our books today, but there were some clues in the earlier film of AMG.

Mercedes-Benz Cars COO and Daimler R&D head Markus Schafer

Nearly a year ago (8 November 2019), at the Automobilewoche Kongress, Ola Kallenius, the Chairman of both Mercedes-Benz and Daimler, revealed that a Mercedes G Class Electric is in the pipeline. It was during his presentation this month that the first teaser was released.

No details about the Mercedes G Wagon Electric are available at the moment, but we do know that it’s not coming on the EVA platform or the Mercedes MMA platform. It is safe to assume that Daimler will modify the ICE platform to package an electric powertrain. While we expect no futuristic, solid-state batteries in this one, a WLTP range of 400+ km is a given and so is the availability in the US market.

Mercedes-Benz sub-brands
Daimler will electrify every Mercedes-Benz sub-brand, and the G Wagon is no exception. The company will launch a Mercedes G Class Electric perhaps after it is done checking the list of mainstream models.

Daimler is highly unlikely to name the Mercedes G Class Electric ‘Mercedes EQG’ because the Mercedes EQ sub-brand is a different model family, one focused on “Progressive Luxury”. The above picture shows how Daimler plans to keep the G family separate from the EQ range.

The release date isn’t out for now but we assume that the Mercedes G Wagon EV is one of the three-pointed star brand’s 10 EV launches confirmed by 2025. At the Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update 2020, Daimler revealed that it plans to launch a Mercedes EQE SUV and a Mercedes EQS SUV which would be high priorities considering the volumes and what is at stake.

What is the Mercedes G Class Electric release date?

Daimler hasn’t revealed the Mercedes G Class Electric release date but we expect it to be here before 2025.