Mini Mercedes G-Class Electric (Mercedes GLG?): What we know

  • The Mini G-Class is finally happening; confirmed by the Mercedes Group's CEO in Munich
  • Will be tough & capable, helped by the company's next-gen pure-electric powertrain
  • Could compete with the Rivian R2 & Land Rover Defender Sport EV
  • Expected to be priced from around $65,000

Update: ‘Specifications’ and ‘Release date’ sections updated.

In addition to the Mercedes G 580, the pure-electric variant of the G-Class, Mercedes-Benz G GmbH is developing a mini G-Class. Targeted at younger customers who want a G but in smaller dimensions and perhaps with more focus on practicality than extreme off-roading, it could take on the ‘Mercedes GLG’ branding.


On September 3, 2023, during the world premiere of the Mercedes Concept CLA Class Mercedes-Benz Group CEO Ola Källenius announced the launch of the mini G-Class Electric. Presenting a teaser of the future model behind him, he said:

There will be a smaller version of one of our most iconic shapes. Yes, there will be a little G.

Ola Källenius, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Group at Mercedes-Benz Pre-Night IAA Open Space (September 3, 2023)


The mini G-Class electric would look like a downsized G 580 electric SUV, featuring a similar shape and the signature G-Class design cues. “It will be instantly recognizable,” Källenius said during its announcement on September 3, 2023. As suggested by the teaser, it’ll have a squarish, boxy body with a flattish roof, a straight but mildly sloping hood, and a slightly raked tailgate with an external spare wheel, possibly secured in a stainless steel cover.

The teaser and Källenius’ statement provide confidence that the brand intends to stay close to the original G-Wagon’s iconic design. The mini Geländewagen may also share some resemblances with the Ener-G-Force concept, which was revealed in 2012.


The interior will likely follow suit, featuring crisp digital screens and advanced infotainment technologies. The electric SUV should be a strict five-seater and feature sustainable materials and multi-color LED ambient lighting to offer an upmarket cabin experience.

Mercedes-Benz MBUX Superscreen
The rumored Mercedes GLG may feature the MBUX Superscreen that debuted in the 2024 Mercedes E-Class, but probably in a different style. Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Group

According to a Handelsblatt report dated February 16, 2023, Mercedes-Benz is considering an “XXL screen” that covers the whole width of the cockpit for the mini G-Class Electric. We expect to see a free-standing fully digital instrument cluster, along with an infotainment display and a passenger display beneath a large, gently curved glass surface in a seamless design.


According to the Handelsblatt report, the rumored Mercedes GLG should be slightly shorter but significantly lower than the G-Class. For reference, the G-Class measures 189.7 in. in length, 74.5 in. in width, and 77.5 in. in height.

The little G will be electric. It will be capable. And it will be instantly recognizable. And it will be a lot of fun to drive, both on and off the road. That’s a promise.

Ola Källenius, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Group at Mercedes-Benz Pre-Night IAA Open Space (September 3, 2023)

New mixed platform

Speaking to Autocar at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2024, Mercedes-Benz R&D boss Markus Schäfer said that the “little G” will only be available as an EV, squashing rumors of a hybrid variant. Schäfer also said that it will be based on a different platform consisting of modules from larger rear-wheel drive Mercs. Previously, it was expected to utilize the MMA platform.

800V eATS 2.0 powertrain

Mercedes-Benz is likely to equip the new mini G-Class Electric with its in-house-developed eATS 2.0, the second generation of the company’s electric drivetrain or electric drive unit (EDU) that consists of the electric motor, transmission, and power electronics. Unlike its predecessor, the eATS 1.0, eATS 2.0 will likely have a two-speed gearbox and a Silicon Carbide (SiC) inverter. Moreover, the operating voltage will likely be double – 800 V, leading to reduced current and energy losses.

Charging & Range

It goes without saying that the so-called Mercedes GLG will have an AWD drivetrain layout as standard, with one EDU on each axle. The output figures would vary as per the variant, though. The battery pack should also have an operating voltage of 800 volts and thus support ultra-fast charging speeds. A 10 to 80% fast-charging session may take just around 20 minutes. The EPA estimated range of the baby G-Class Electric could be over 300 miles.

Release date

While Källenius was careful not to offer a timeline, Autocar claims the mini Mercedes G-Class Electric will arrive in 2026. Given the G-Class’s premium pricing, we can expect a similar strategy for the G 580 and its smaller counterpart. The smallest model from Mercedes-Benz G GmbH is anticipated to start at around USD 65,000 in the U.S. market, positioning it as a competitor to the forthcoming Land Rover Defender Sport EV and, to some degree, the Rivian R2, which comes out in 2026 with a starting price of USD 45,000.

TopElectricSUV says

The mini-Mercedes G-Class EV will likely be a great choice for customers who desire the same character in a model that’s more affordable, compact, and focuses more on efficiency and everyday practicality than on extreme off-roading capability. We expect the compact electric SUV to come with an eye-catching design, a comfortable and feature-rich interior, and great all-around performance. One aspect where it certainly won’t be winning awards, however, is aerodynamic efficiency!

Mercedes GLG FAQs

What is the Mercedes GLG release date?

The rumored Mercedes GLG should be launched around 2026. Its actual name could be something else, though.

What will be the Mercedes GLG price?

The base Mercedes GLG will likely be priced at around USD 65,000.

Which models will be Mercedes GLG rivals?

The Little G will compete with the Rivian R2 & Land Rover Defender Sport EV.

Featured Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Group