2022 Mercedes GLC could use only four-cylinder electrified powertrains

The Mercedes GLC mid-size SUV that replaced the Mercedes GLK in June 2015 is due for a full model change this year. The next-gen Mercedes GLC is likely to debut towards the end of this year, and may come with only four-cylinder electrified powertrains.

Daimler has started discontinuing six- and eight-cylinder engines in its mid-size models as it prepares for an all-electric future. Customers seeking higher performance will need to opt for hybrid powertrains from here on, until the time when pure electric powertrains become mainstream. The next-gen Mercedes C-Class (W206/S206), including the next-gen Mercedes-AMG C-Class, is coming exclusively with four-cylinder engines. Instead of using bigger engines, the company is using electrification with mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid technologies for achieving higher performance and meeting emission targets.

Next-gen Mercedes GLC 2022 X254 rear spy shot
Expect no great strides on the design aspect of the 2022 Mercedes GLC (code: Mercedes X254). Image Source: youtube.com/walkoARTvideos

The next-gen Mercedes GLC (codename: Mercedes X254) should be offered with exclusively 2.0-liter gasoline and diesel engines. Basic and mid-tier configurations could feature mild-hybrid technology with an ISG that provides as much as 20 hp using energy stored inside an additional battery pack. The higher-end configurations will likely have a plug-in hybrid system with a much bigger battery pack having an energy storage capacity of around 25 kWh.

The all-electric range of the Mercedes GLC PHEV could be around 50 miles (WLTP). Even the next-gen Mercedes-AMG GLC could be a PHEV, although the 2.0-liter engine of its powertrain could sport an electric turbocharger.

On the design front, while the original Mercedes GLC is drastically different from the GLK, the next-gen Mercedes GLC is expected to be more of an evolutionary departure. The 2022 Mercedes GLC could become the brand’s first SUV to feature the second-gen MBUX with the 12.8-inch OLED central display that debuted in the 2021 Mercedes S-Class last year.

The next-gen Mercedes GLC could debut in late 2021 and hit the first markets in the first half of 2022.

Featured Image Source: youtube.com/walkoARTvideos