Eventually the VW ID.6 could make it to the U.S. market [Update]

Update: ‘Specifications’ section updated.

The ID.6 is developed primarily for customers in China, where three-row SUVs are popular and electric vehicle sales are growing rapidly. Still, there is a good chance of the ID.6 sailing to countries with increasing demand for large SUVs as EV adoption improves across segments.

Joe Biden’s EV push could pave the way for quick EV launches

Buoyed by U.S. President Joe Biden’s measures to promote EVs, Volkswagen is considering accelerating electrification in the U.S. Citing Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen’s BoM member for Development, a report last year from Bloomberg had said that Volkswagen plans “to realign” to the American government’s electric vehicle strategy. Bringing the ID.6 SUV to the U.S. at some point could be a part of that plan.

Here’s everything you should know about Volkswagen’s three-row electric SUV:

No immediate plan for the VW ID.6 in the United States

Though the VW ID.6 is seen as holding potential for the U.S., formally, there’s no plan for it today. In a presentation on March 17, 2021, Dr. Christian Dahlheim, Director Group Sales, Volkswagen Group, confirmed that the company is viewing the ID.6 as a China-only model at the moment.

VW ID.6 launch timeline
Dr. Dahlheim’s presentation indicates that currently there is no plan to launch the ID.6 in the United States. Image: Volkswagen Group

ID.6 was in contention for America

Ralf Brandstatter, CEO of Volkswagen, told Autocar UK in 2020 that “there is a possibility” of the ID.6 for other markets. He was likely referring to the U.S., Middle East, and maybe Canada as the electric car’s potential countries.

The ID.6 is the perfect example of how launch plans are subject to market forces. In 2019, citing Jurgen Stackmann, a report from Auto Express had stated that the ID.6 would be launched in the USA after China. Stackmann is the former Member of the Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing & After Sales, Volkswagen. Volkswagen will manufacture MEB platform models in the United States at the Chattanooga facility in Tennessee from the second half of the year, beginning with the VW ID.4. The markets of the USA and Canada may get the ID.6 from this production site if and when the model gets approved.

The VW ID.6 was unveiled in China in six- and seven-seat configurations in April 2021. The VW ID.6 range includes an ID.6 X for the SAIC-VW JV company and an ID.6 Crozz for the FAW-VW JV company. As in the ID.4, Crozz would be the ‘global’ version if and when it is ready to ditch its China-only tag.

VW offers the ID.6 in two different versions – Crozz and X

VW ID.6 Crozz

The VW ID.6 Crozz differs from the ID.6 X with simpler fascias. Similarly, it has an understated design, which should suit tastes better globally, if it ever goes global. The boxy headlamps provide a cooler styling to what could turn out to be the global ID.6. The upper grille is slimmer for a cleaner look, and unlike in the VW ID.6 X, merges into the headlamps. That said, the front bumper motif looks just weird and out of place.


While the ID.6 Crozz has a ‘simpler’ styling, the VW ID.6 X exudes aggression. It has odd-looking taller headlamps but slightly better-looking fake grilles, along with heavy patterns in the lower portion. At the rear, there’s gloss black plating on the tailgate to mimic the styling of the VW ID.4 X, and the reflectors are horizontal units. It goes without saying that the bumpers are different from the donor model. The design recipe is modified to suit the taste of Chinese customers.

The two ID.6 models adopt excellent aerodynamic design to achieve improved endurance and energy efficiency performance. The smooth roofline extends all the way to the rear and is connected to the spoiler on the upper part of the rear window, presenting an elegant, streamlined shape. This design can not only further reduce air resistance but also reduce wind noise. At the same time, the waistline design is simple and powerful and outlines a solid and wide side profile, highlighting the recognizable new body proportions of the ID. family models.

Volkswagen Group commenting on the design of the VW ID.6


The interior design of both ID.6 models is the same. The production version of the VW ID.Roomzz concept from Auto Shanghai 2019 is internally called ‘VW Lounge SUVe,’ which connotes the space levels on offer. The flagship ID series’s interior is focused on comfort, leisure, and practicality. The cabin space in the zero-emissions family SUV is better than that of the Tiguan Allspace.


The VW ID.6 measures 4,876 mm (192.0 in.) in length, 1,848 mm (72.8 in.) in width, and 1,680 mm (66.1 in.) in height. The wheelbase is 2,965 mm (116.8 in.). Here’s how it compares to its ICE-engined counterpart, the VW Tiguan AllSpace, and the VW ID.4:

VW ID.6 vs. VW Tiguan LWB (VW Tiguan Allspace/VW Tiguan L)

ParameterVW ID.6 X SpecsVW Tiguan LWB (Allspace/L) SpecsDifference
Length192.0 in.186.1 in.+5.9 in.
Width72.8 in.72.4 in.+0.4 in.
Height66.1 in.66.4 in.-0.3 in.
Wheelbase116.8 in.109.9 in.+6.9 in.

VW ID.6 vs. VW ID.4

ParameterVW ID.6 Crozz Specs (China)VW ID.4 Specs (USA)Difference
Length192.6 in.180.5 in.+12.1 in.
Width72.8 in.72.9 in.-0.1 in.
Height66.1 in.64.4 in.+1.7 in.
Wheelbase116.8 in.108.9 in.+7.9 in.

Volkswagen sells the ID.6 in multiple configurations with 58 kWh standard-range and 77 kWh extended-range battery pack options. The 58 kWh unit can deliver a range of up to 436 km (271 miles), while the 77 kWh unit allows a maximum range of 588 km (365 miles). Both range figures are as per China’s NEDC rating method. The VW ID.6 can be configured in single-motor rear-wheel drive and 4MOTION two-motor all-wheel drive configurations. 132 kW, 150 kW, and 225 kW are the power levels, and 220 Nm and 310 Nm are the torque levels.

VW ID.6 rear
The VW ID.6’s curb weight is 2,280 kg (5,027 pounds). Its maximum laden weight (GVW) is 2,840 kg (6,261 pounds). Image Source: Volkswagen Group

The most performance-focused ID.6 variant with 4MOTION twin-motor all-wheel drive and 225 kW power packs a punch. It can accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.6 seconds and attain a top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph). The ID.6 with the 150 kW motor, presumably an RWD configuration, takes 9.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph. The VW ID.6 with the 132 kW motor is a little slower, taking 9.3 seconds to accomplish the same.


On the outside, the VW ID.6 features IQ.Light matrix LED headlights with a connecting light strip, 21-inch alloy wheels, panoramic roof, and LED tail lights with X-shape graphics and a connecting light strip. Interior highlights include a 5.3-inch digital instrument cluster, 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR HUD), 12-way adjustable seats with massage function, and 30-color ambient lighting.

The official presentation of the VW ID.6 follows:

Source: Youtube/VW News

Price & Release Date

SAIC-Volkswagen launched the VW ID.6 X in June 2021 in the Chinese market, with prices ranging from CNY 239,888 (USD 37,747) to CNY 335,888 (USD 52,853). In July 2021, FAW-Volkswagen launched the VW ID.6 Crozz, with prices starting at CNY 239,800 (USD 37,733) and going up to CNY 334,800 (USD 52,682).

FAW-Volkswagen held a delivery ceremony in Chengdu to hand over the first units of the ID.6 Crozz to customers on July 18, 2021, according to a post on its Weibo account. A report from autohome.com.cn then said that the company offers free charging for a year and free lifetime maintenance and roadside assistance services to the early ID.6 Crozz customers. These perks make the ID.6 Crozz a tempting purchase for SUV customers and should give the three-row model a better chance at early success in China’s highly competitive market where VW experienced a rocky start with EVs.

ID.6 TrimVW ID.6 X PriceVW ID.6 Crozz Price
PureCNY 239,888CNY 239,800
Pure+CNY 264,888CNY 266,800
1st EditionCNY 278,888CNY 278,800
ProCNY 278,888CNY 279,800
PrimeCNY 335,888CNY 334,800
VW ID.6 prices in China, including subsidy.

On January 2, 2022, a report from d1ev.com said that the ID.6 Crozz Pro is now available in a six-seat version, for a price of CNY 279,800 (USD 44,028).

VW ID.6 launch in Europe

It is interesting to note that Volkswagen was ruling out the ID.6 for Europe, with Stackmann saying that “Europeans like compact car shape, they don’t like extra-large,” as per the Auto Express report mentioned earlier in this story. However, now the company might reverse the decision.

Business Insider (via MSN) said in a report late last year that it had learned that Volkswagen was secretly discussing plans to launch the ID.6 in Europe and could make the decision in a few weeks. If the ID.4’s big brother gets a go-ahead, it would arrive from China. Our bet is on the simpler-looking ID.6 Crozz from the FAW-Volkswagen plant in Foshan.

Volkswagen currently does not import China-made models to Europe. If it launches the MIC ID.6 there, that’d open doors for many future EVs. If launched, the ID.6 would be a low-volume import, with a yearly target of around 15,000 units and a lifecycle target of around 80,000 units, as per the report. That is a boon for the Chinese factory, as reports suggest that ID. EV demand in China is taking longer to reach the targeted level.


What is the VW ID.6 release date?

The VW ID.6 is now on sale in China, but there’s no plan to sell it in the United States.

What are the VW ID.6 competitors?

The BYD Tang EV, Honda large SUV and the Hyundai Ioniq 7 are current and future competitors of the ID.6.

Is the VW ID.6 destined for Europe?

Volkswagen states that the ID.6 is made for China. However, media reports sound confident about the European launch in the immediate future.

Featured Image Source: Volkswagen Group