VW ID.6 teased, confirmed to debut in two versions on April 17 [Update]

The VW ID.6 was unveiled today in China in six- and seven-seat configurations. Volkswagen Group would launch two versions of the ID.6 in the country – ID.6 X and ID.6 CROZZ – through its two joint ventures.

Two batteries offer 58 kWh and 77 kWh (net capacity), presenting a range of 436 km and 588 km (NEDC). The AWD version produces 225 kW (305 PS) and can take the ID.6 to 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standstill in 6.6 sec and onwards to a max speed of 160 kmph (99 mph).

Here are the features of the ID.6 that Volkswagen has discussed in its press release –

  • 4.88m long, with 30 cm additional length compared to the ID.4 for the extra row of seats
  • 19-21 inch rims
  • A large panoramic glass roof and an optional panoramic sunroof
  • No physical buttons or switches, the operating concept uses a 12-inch touchscreen and “Hello ID.” voice command
  • ID. Light below the windscreen for intuitive support
  • Augmented reality head-up display
  • IQ.Drive assistance system with Travel Assist feature
VW ID.6 specifications
Specifications of the VW ID.6, courtesy Volkswagen.

The official presentation of the VW ID.6 follows:

Source: Youtube/VW News

April 13, 2021 –

Volkswagen Group has announced that it will unveil the VW ID.6 on April 17. It will introduce the two versions on the day, a VW ID.6 X for the SAIC-VW JV company and a VW ID.6 Crozz for the FAW-VW JV company. The models should then go up for public display at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show that opens on April 19.

VW ID.6 X VW ID.6 Crozz teaser
The car on the left is the SAIC-Volkswagen VW ID.6 X, and next to it is the FAW-Volkswagen VW ID.6 Crozz with different grille, wheels and bumpers. Image Source: Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group says that it has equipped the ID.6 with the Volkswagen IQ.Light matrix LED headlights and three rows of seats. Leaked images have revealed the VW ID.6 X and VW ID.6 Crozz’s exterior from every angle. However, here’s the company’s brief explanation of the exterior (translated):

The two ID.6 models adopt excellent aerodynamic design to achieve improved endurance and energy efficiency performance. The smooth roofline extends all the way to the rear and is connected to the spoiler on the upper part of the rear window, presenting an elegant, streamlined shape. This design can not only further reduce air resistance but also reduce wind noise. At the same time, the waistline design is simple and powerful and outlines a solid and wide side profile, highlighting the recognizable new body proportions of the ID. family models.

Volkswagen Group on the design of the VW ID.6

Though the VW ID.6 is seen as holding potential for the U.S., formally, there’s no plan for it today. In a presentation on March 17, 2021, Dr. Christian Dahlheim, Director Group Sales, Volkswagen Group, confirmed that the company is viewing the ID.6 as a China-only model at the moment.

VW ID.6 launch timeline
The ID.6 is a China-only model but that could change in a few years. Image: Volkswagen Group

Dr. Dahlheim’s presentation also revealed that the ID.6 launch is in the third quarter of the year. As in the case of the ID.4, Crozz would be the ‘global’ version that eventually makes it to the world market when it is ready to ditch its China-only tag.

VW ID.6 Crozz (Global VW ID.6)

As expected, the VW ID.6 Crozz differs from the ID.6 X with simpler fascias. Similarly, it has a more understated design, which should suit tastes better globally.

The boxy headlamps give a cooler styling to what could turn out to be the global ID.6. The upper grille is slimmer for a cleaner look, and unlike in the China-only version, merges into the headlamps. That said, the front bumper motif looks just weird and out of place.

Powering the all-electric three-row SUV the same rear-mounted 150 kW (201 hp) motor as the VW ID.4 Crozz (global VW ID.4). As per a report from AutoHome.com.cn, the all-wheel drive (dual motor) variant of the VW ID.6 will feature two 150 kW electric motors, one at each axle. However, the range and acceleration specifics of the VW ID.6 AWD is still under wraps.

VW ID.6 Crozz vs. VW ID.4

ParameterVW ID.6 Crozz Specs (China)VW ID.4 Specs (USA)Difference
Length192.6 in.180.5 in.+12.1 in.
Width72.8 in.72.9 in.-0.1 in.
Height66.1 in.64.4 in.+1.7 in.
Wheelbase116.8 in.108.9 in.+7.9 in.

The ID.6 is developed primarily for customers in China, where three-row SUVs are popular and electric vehicle sales are booming. Still, there is a good chance of it sailing to countries with demand for large SUVs in the next couple of years when EV adoption increases. “The ID.6 X / CROZZ, a seven-seater electric SUV for the Chinese market, will be launched in autumn,” Volkswagen said, announcing the new ‘Accelerate’ strategy on March 5, 2021. The VW ID.6 Crozz would be a model made and sold by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture, and the ID.6 X would come from the SAIC-Volkswagen combine.

The ID.6, the production version of the VW ID.Roomzz concept from Auto Shanghai 2019 is internally called ‘VW Lounge SUVe,’ which connotes the space levels. The flagship ID series’s interior would have a premium experience compared to the ID.4, with a great focus on comfort, leisure, and practicality. Expect cabin space better than the VW Tiguan LWB (VW Tiguan Allspace/VW Tiguan L) in the zero-emissions family SUV.

VW ID.6 dashboard & interior
The ID.6 interior would be a familiar place for ID.4 fans. The angle of the image doesn’t give away much, but expect both screens (instrument & AVN) to be slightly bigger than the ID.4’s. Spy shot via Cheshi.com & cochespias.net

VW ID.6 Crozz vs. VW Tiguan LWB (VW Tiguan Allspace/VW Tiguan L/VW Tiguan XL)

ParameterVW ID.6 Crozz SpecsVW Tiguan (LWB/Allspace/XL/L) SpecsDifference
Length4,891 mm (192.6 in.)185.1 in.+7.5 in.
Width1,848 mm (72.8 in.)72.4 in.+0.4 in.
Height1,679 mm (66.1 in.)66.3 in.-0.2 in.
Wheelbase2,965 mm (116.8 in.)109.8 in.+7.0 in.

VW ID.6 – Why the United States could eventually get the car

Citing Ralf Brandstatter, CEO, Volkswagen, autocar.co.uk reported in January that Volkswagen likely plans to launch it in the U.S. market within a few years. Brandstatter said that “there is a possibility” of this model for other markets. He was likely referring to the U.S., Middle East, and maybe Canada as the electric car’s potential markets.

In 2019, citing Jurgen Stackmann, a report from autoexpress.co.uk had stated that the ID.6 would be launched in USA after China. Stackmann is the former Member of the Board of Management responsible for Sales, Marketing & After Sales, Volkswagen. European countries won’t be on the radar, as the ID.6 is simply too big for their needs. “Europeans like compact car shape, they don’t like extra-large,” Stackmann had explained in 2019.

Volkswagen has confirmed that it will manufacture MEB platform models in the United States at the Chattanooga facility in the State of Tennessee from 2022. The markets of USA and Canada will get the ID.6 from this production site when the model gets approved.

VW ID.6 X (China-only VW ID.6)

While the ID.6 Crozz has a ‘simpler’ styling, the ID.6 X exudes aggression.

The X has odd-looking taller headlamps but slightly better-looking fake grilles, along with heavy patterns in the lower portion. At the rear, there’s gloss black plating on the tailgate to mimic the styling of the VW ID.4 X, and the reflectors are horizontal units. It goes without saying that the bumpers are different from the donor model.

VW ID.6 X Specs

The Chinese VW ID.6 (codename: VW 316/7 CN_B) measures 4,876 mm (192.0 in.) in length, 1,848 mm (72.8 in.) in width and 1,680 mm (66.1 in.) in height. The wheelbase is 2,965 mm (116.8 in.). Here’s how it compares to the Crozz and its ICE-engined counterpart, the VW Tiguan AllSpace.

VW ID.6 X vs. VW ID.6 Crozz

ParameterVW ID.6 X Specs (China)VW ID.6 Crozz Specs
Length4,876 mm (192.0 in.)4,891 mm (192.6 in.)
Width1,848 mm (72.8 in.)1,848 mm (72.8 in.)
Height1,680 mm (66.1 in.)1,679 mm (66.1 in.)
Wheelbase2,965 mm (116.8 in.)2,965 mm (116.8 in.)

VW ID.6 X vs. VW Tiguan LWB (VW Tiguan Allspace/VW Tiguan L/VW Tiguan XL)

ParameterVW ID.6 X SpecsVW Tiguan (LWB/Allspace/XL/L) SpecsDifference
Length192.0 in.185.1 in.+6.9 in.
Width72.8 in.72.4 in.+0.4 in.
Height66.1 in.66.3 in.-0.2 in.
Wheelbase116.8 in.109.8 in.+7.0 in.

The ID.6 is powered by a 150 kW (201 hp) electric motor and has a top speed of 160 km/h (99 mph). More configurations are expected to follow, which we’ll learn about during the premiere. There is no word on the battery specifications or range yet, but they should be similar to the ID.4’s numbers – 77 kWh (net) and 250 miles (EPA).

We’ll update this page as more information surfaces in the lead up to the world premiere.


What is the VW ID.6 release date?

Volkswagen will unveil the ID.6 on April 17, 2021 and launch it in Q3 2021 (July-September 2021) in China.

What are the VW ID.6 competitors?

The Nissan Ariya ‘Plus’ variant, and the Hyundai Ioniq 7 are future competitors of the ID.6.

Featured Image Source: Volkswagen Group