Xpeng X9: A glimpse into China’s future Electric Minivan/MPV

  • Xpeng X9 to debut in the last quarter of this year in the Chinese market
  • Is expected in 2WD and powerful AWD variants, with a minimum output of 315 hp
  • Style and performance appear to be the zero-emission Chinese minivan's selling points
  • Prices speculated to start from over CNY 400,000 (USD 55,818).

In most global markets, SUVs have overshadowed MPVs (Minivans) in terms of popularity and sales. However, China is a different story. The nation’s recent three-child policy has reignited interest in MPVs, offering a renewed purpose and a new hope for the receding body style. Amidst this backdrop, Xpeng Motors is preparing to introduce the Xpeng X9 this year, a premium model that seeks not only to cater to the growing demand for family movers but also to change the perception of Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) in the electric era.


On May 24, 2023, during Xpeng Motors’ Q1 2023 earnings conference call, He Xiaopeng, the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of the company, announced the impending launch of the Xpeng X9. This 7-seat electric MPV is set to make its debut in China between October and December 2023.


Xpeng Motors continues to evolve its design language, and has sustained interest with the future addition. Contrary to the usual belief that MPVs lack in the design department, the Xpeng X9 takes on a look that’s both sleek and future-forward. This new addition promises to break away from the mold, presenting a design sharper than its siblings, the G6 and G9 SUVs.

A notable feature of the X9’s design is the narrow daytime running light band, which stretches across its width just below the hood shut line. This design element has become a hallmark of Xpeng vehicles. Accompanying this are the split headlamps, with the primary lights sporting a wedge shape positioned beneath the DRL. A rectangular housing at the corners of the lower bumper houses a LiDAR sensor.

The X9’s unique body shape, while stylish and certainly attention-grabbing, especially when viewed from the sides, raises questions about the space in the third row. However, it’s this very design that ensures the X9 isn’t just a humdrum MPV lost in the crowd.

Xpeng X9 Specifications

When it comes to performance, the Xpeng X9 appears to have all the bases covered. Buyers will have the option to choose between a 2WD variant powered by a 235 kW (315 hp) front motor and an AWD variant that combines the potent 235 kW (315 hp) front motor with a 135 kW (181 hp) rear motor. Impressively, both these variants can reach a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph), which is sufficient for any global highway. For those who prioritize luxury, there are rumors about a more opulent X9 6-seat version for a future date.

AspectXpeng G9 Specification
Length5,293 mm (208.4 in.)
Width1,988 mm (78.4 in.)
Height1,785 mm (70.3 in.)
Wheelbase3,160 mm (124.4 in.)
Track (Front/Rear)1,679 mm (66.1 in./1,683 mm (66.3 in.)
Overhang (Front/Rear)968 mm/1,165 mm (38.1 in./45.9 in.)
Approach Angle/Departure Angle14º/15º
Tire Size235/55R19 or 235/50R20
Drivetrain LayoutFWD/AWD
PowerFWD: 235 kW (315 hp)
AWD: 235 kW (315 hp) + 135 kW (181 hp)
Top Speed200 km/h (124 mph)
Occupant Capacity7
Curb WeightFWD: 2,555 kg (5,633 lbs.)/2,560 kg (5,644 lbs.)
AWD: 2,630 kg (5,798 lbs.)
Gross WeightFWD: 3,135 kg (6,911 lbs.)/3,125 kg (6,889 lbs.)
AWD: 3,210 kg (7,077 lbs.)
Xpeng X9 Specifications (Source: China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)


Brian Gu, Xpeng Motors’ Vice Chairman and President, hinted at the launch of a C-class model (as classified by Chinese standards) during the Q1 2022 earnings conference call. Poised to be a flagship, the model is believed to be the Xpeng X9. It is expected to bear a premium tag, with pricing speculated to start from over CNY 400,000 (USD 55,818). The Xpeng X9 will likely rival the Maxus MIFA 9 and Voyah Dreamer in China.

Xpeng X9 LiDAR sensor wheels bumper
LiDAR sensors will be an optional feature on the Xpeng X9. Image Source: China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

TopElectricSUV says

Though MPVs or Minivans have seen a decline in popularity in most countries, a unique confluence of EV adoption and China’s government policies has breathed new life into this segment, at least domestically. While the Xpeng X9 might primarily cater to the home market, we think that its introduction offers Xpeng Motors an opportunity to gauge the demand for all-electric MPVs in regions that have historically preferred this body style as well.

Featured Image Source: China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)