Voyah Free SUV customer deliveries commence in Norway [Update]

  • Large electric SUV delivers a WLTP range of 500 km
  • Priced at NOK 839,000 (USD 80,576)
  • 100s of units delivered to customers across Oslo, Trondheim, Hamar, and Sarpsborg
  • Uses a 489 hp twin-motor powertrain and a 100 kWh battery pack

Update: ‘Introduction’ and ‘Price & Release Date’ sections updated.

Chinese carmakers are taking every opportunity to experiment with their fortunes overseas. After Hongqi, Nio and Xpeng’s recent foray, another Chinese EV is trying to tap the Old Continent’s rising demand for zero-emission vehicles. Dongfeng Motor Corporation’s premium brand Voyah has entered Europe, with Norway as its first European market. The brand’s first model is the Voyah Free SUV, which has reached its first customers.

Voyah Free Design

Some elements on the Voyah Free’s front fascia are reminiscent of the Maserati Levante, especially the vertical chrome embellished slats on the grille, chrome grille surround, and how the Voyah logo is positioned centrally. It has flush door handles, 19-inch alloys, and smooth surfacing, bereft of any creases.

We can’t help but compare the rear of the Voyah Free to the Porsche Cayenne, primarily because of the near-identical positioning of the full-width light bar. Although, the overall design appears premium. It looks like it could easily suit European tastes, given its safe and clean design.

Interiors & Features

The cabin of the Voyah Free looks neat. The dashboard houses three digital screens, one for the driver’s display, one for the infotainment, and another in the co-driver’s view. Visibly expensive materials are used for the upholstery and the door trims. Steering controls, panels on the central console, and the door trim have a matt aluminum finish.

Dongfeng Voyah Free interior
The Voyah Free interior looks relatively plush and modern. The pricing and the dealer network would decide its fate in Europe. Image: Dongfeng Motor

The Voyah Free SUV is well-equipped. It’s 5G enabled and has Face ID recognition. Multiple driver profiles can be saved into the system. When the vehicle is unlocked, door handles automatically pop out, and the chassis gets lowered for easier ingress and egress. The system can also diffuse fragrances in the cabin.

The system supports voice recognition and helps customers locate nearby EV charging stations. There’s an attention assist for the driver well. What’s more, there’s a massive panoramic sunroof.

Voyah Free Electric specifications

The Voyah Free is 4,905 mm (193.1 inches) long, 1,950 mm (75.0 inches) wide, and 1,660 (64.8 inches) mm tall. It has a relatively long wheelbase of 2,960 mm (116.5 inches). Norway gets the Free in a standard configuration with a 360 kW twin-motor powertrain and a 100 kWh battery pack. A 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint takes just 4.4 seconds and the top speed is 200 km/h (124 mph). The Free delivers a WLTP range of 500 km (311 miles).

Length4,905 mm (193.1 in.)
Width1,905 mm (75.0 in.)
Height1,645 mm (64.8 in.)
Wheelbase2,960 mm (116.5 in.)
Ground Clearance113-213 mm (4.4-8.4 in.)
Weight2,330 kg
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume (rear seats up/rear seats folded-down)560/1,320 liters (19.8/46.6 cu. ft.)
Frunk Space72 liters (2.5 cu. ft.)
Drivetrain LayoutAWD
System Power489 hp
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) Acceleration Time4.4 seconds
Top Speed200 km/h (124 mph)
Battery Pack Capacity (net)100 kWh
Energy Consumption17-18 kWh/100 km (17-18 kWh/62 miles)
WLTP Range500 km (311 miles)
Max. Charging Power125 kW
20-80% DC Charging Time~40 minutes
20-80% AC Charging Time8.5 hours
Voyah Free specifications for Norway (Source: voyah.no and voyah.no)

Price & Release date

The first batch of Voyah Free SUVs, consisting of 200 units, arrived in Norway at the end of November 2022, with customer deliveries having started in December 2022. Reports also state that Voyah has successfully delivered 136 vehicles to customers, most of them residing in the cities of Oslo, Trondheim, Hamar, and Sarpsborg, where there are Voyah outlets.

Voyah Free export commencement
Voyah has shipped the first batch of the Free to Norway in late-September, and it had 200 units. Image Source: Voyah

Currently, the Voyah Free retails at NOK 839,000 (USD 80,576) in Norway, as per the local website. Voyah, along with its Norwegian distributor Electric Way, inaugurated a dealer showroom in Oslo on June 11, 2022. Located at Klingenberggt. 7 in the center of the city, the Voyah showroom in the national capital is the brand’s first overseas flagship store. Pre-orders for the Free in the country opened the same day. Prospective customers can also visit Voyah’s agents in Drammen, Hamar, Gjøvik, Sarpsborg, and Trondheim for a test drive.

Voyah Oslo Norway showroom
The Voyah Oslo showroom is the Chinese brand’s first overseas flagship store. Image Source: Dongfeng Motor

Voyah also plans to launch a luxury MPV christened the Dreamer to take on the Toyota Alphard and the Mercedes V-Class. The MPV has been revealed, and it will be available in multiple seating configurations.

TopElectricSUV says

As Chinese brands continue flooding the Norwegian market with EVs, Voyah is the latest entrant launching a large electric SUV. The Free suits customers who want an EV that’s larger and more advanced than the BYD Tang EV and can afford a significant premium for the same.

Featured image source: Dongfeng Motor