Volvo XC20 electric SUV has the Tesla Model 2 in its sight

A Volvo electric SUV smaller than the U.S.-bound Volvo XC40 Recharge is in the works, says a new report from It could be named Volvo XC20 Recharge, or perhaps just Volvo XC20 as it could be a pure EV.

At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show last month, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group unveiled the Lynk & Co Zero Concept. The electric SUV concept is underpinned by a new platform called ‘Sustainable Experience Architecture’. The Chinese conglomerate owns the Volvo Car Group which controls the Volvo and Polestar brands.

Geely Volvo SEA2 platform
Sustainable Experience Architecture is the world’s first open-source EV architecture.

Hakan Samuelsson, President and CEO, Volvo Cars Group, spoke to the British auto publication about leveraging the parent company’s new architecture. “We’ll also use SEA,” Samuelsson said. Further, he revealed that the Volvo Cars Group plans to launch a model smaller than the Volvo XC40.

During the discussion, Samuelsson revealed that the Volvo SUV smaller than the XC40 could be an all-electric model. He indicated that what we’re referring to as the Volvo XC20 would sit lower to the ground and off-road capability might not be a focal point.

Explaining why Volvo Cars Group is looking at SEA instead of CMA for the potential Volvo XC20, Samuelsson said it’s difficult to manufacture a smaller product, which would need to be cheaper, on the CMA. He didn’t say it explicitly, but indicated that it is a cost issue, and so, it isn’t like CMA can’t technically allow a smaller Volvo EV.

Lynk & Co Zero Concept
Lynk & Co Zero Concept is the first model based on the Sustainable Experience Architecture.

Where the CMA’s development took place in Sweden, the SEA’s was developed in China. Thus, there’s significant cost savings involved in the new platform, with the Volvo Car Group boss saying Chinese suppliers allow “a very good cost structure”.

Volvo Cars Group aims to convert half its global annual sales to fully electric cars by 2025. Samuelsson confirmed that the SEA-based Volvo would arrive before that year and making a contribution to the BEV’s share. The list of competitors may include the $25,000 Tesla EV, (what we call the Tesla Model 2) though we are not sure at this point if it would be crossover design.