Hot VW ID.4 GTX, Volkswagen’s first performance EV, now official

Volkswagen plans to sell the performance variant of its electric cars with a ‘GTX’ suffix instead of the traditional ‘GTI’ which is synonymous with the Golf. The VW ID.4 GTX will be the first performance car in the VW ID. range, and we understand that it will be available in the U.S. market, though the company has not confirmed the variant.

In a recent announcement about its impressive average CO2 emissions reduction, Volkswagen confirmed the ID.4 GTX. “The fully electric models ID.4, ID.4 GTX and ID.5 will gradually be launched in international markets,” Ralf Brandstatter, CEO, Volkswagen, said as part of his media statement on the development.

The ID.5 name has already been confirmed during media interactions, but this was its first mention in a press release. The VW ID.5 is an SUV-coupe version of the ID.4 and should break cover in mid-2021.

The VW ID.4 GTX would have more aggression than the standard car, though to what extent and how exactly so remains a mystery. The soft design of the VW ID.4 could make embedding aggressive styling a wee bit challenging than say on conventional, gas-powered GTI variants. However, the basic recipe for the GTX would be the same: sportier bumpers, special contrasting accents, unique wheels options and new badges.

The VW ID.4 GTX’s interior should flaunt sports seats, GTX branding, sporty two-tone upholstery, flashy color accents, etc. The most interesting aspect of the ID.4 GTX will be its powertrain. Volkswagen doesn’t offer the ID.4 in all-wheel drive drivetrain layout, as it has saved it for the ID.4 GTX.

The VW ID.4 GTX will have an additional electric motor, fitted on the front axle. Together, the motors will deliver 302 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque. This would allow a quicker 0-62 mph acceleration in 6.2 seconds compared to the VW ID.4’s 8.5 seconds. Also, while the ID.4 tops out at just 99 mph, the ID.4 GTX can stretch to hit 112 mph. Also, expect a more dynamic driving experience, thanks to a stiffer suspension setup and gripper tires.

The battery pack of the VW ID.4 GTX will be the same 77 kWh (net)/82 kWh (gross) Lithium-ion unit. The EPA-estimated range of the performance variant could be 10-15% lower than that of the standard variant, which is 250 miles. As for the price, expect an enticing no-options MSRP of around $45,000.


Will U.S. get the VW ID.4 GTX?

We understand that Volkswagen plans to launch the ID.4 GTX in the United States.

What will be the VW ID.4 GTX top speed?

The VW ID.4 GTX’s top speed would be 112 mph.

What is the VW ID.4 GTX release date?

Expect the ID.4 GTX to be revealed by mid-2021 & reach dealers in the first markets in H2 2021.