VW ID. Ruggdzz (Ruggedzz) put on hold following full-scale design replica

Volkswagen has revised its EV roadmap after priorities for planned models changed. The company has put the VW ID. Ruggdzz (VW ID. Ruggeddzz) project on hold, it has emerged.

Citing Ralf Brandstatter, CEO, Volkswagen, a new report from autocar.co.uk suggests that the VW ID. Ruggdzz is more than just an idea in Volkswagen. The company had not only conceived a compact tough off-roader like the Land Rover Defender with an electric powertrain but also created a full-scale design model of the same, as per the report.

The VW ID. Ruggdzz concept design study remains secretly hidden in Germany as the company rethinks its priorities. Below is what Brandstatter said about its development:

We’ve put it (VW ID. Ruggdzz) in the drawer. That is not to say it won’t be built, but I don’t think you’ll see it soon. We have more important projects on the run.

Ralf Brandstatter, CEO, Volkswagen
Volkswagen ID. electric car pipeline
Volkswagen has planned a slew of EV launches by 2025, and the VW ID. Ruggdzz should be among them.

Volkswagen is still missing all-electric models in mainstream and high-volume segments below the VW ID.3 and VW ID.4. The company could have advanced the launch of the VW ID.1 and VW ID.2, which would be all-electric alternatives to the VW Polo and VW T-Cross respectively. Unlike the VW ID. Ruggdzz, the VW ID.1 and VW ID.2 would have siblings and higher volume opportunities from the largely Euro-focused brands Skoda and Seat. That’s one more reason for Volkswagen to accelerate the development of the budget models, even if it means postponing the electric off-road SUV.

Meanwhile in America, the VW ID.4 is all set to go on sale as the first Volkswagen electric car in the country in early 2021. Volkswagen has disclosed 250 miles as the EPA-estimated range of the ID.4 1st Edition (sold-out) and ID.4 Pro, which cost $39,995 and $43,995 respectively. The next move after the launch will be localizing the electric SUV by starting its production at the Chattanooga plant in 2022.

Image Source: static.onleihe.de