VW ID. Buzz GTX: A sporty minivan/MPV that tries something new [Update]

  • VW ID. Buzz GTX expected with features like sports seats, red accents & all-black interior
  • Handling & performance will get a boost with the AWD system and tuned chassis
  • No plans for GTX models in the U.S. market
  • Expected to be revealed in Europe in the second half of 2023

‘Release Date & Price’ section updated.

When you think of a performance-oriented GTX or GTI model, a van is not what immediately comes to mind. Not if you are Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles! With a unique take on the category, the VW ID. Buzz GTX, with all-wheel drive, promises extra features and excitement.


Silke Bagschik, Head of Sales and Marketing for the ID. family, Volkswagen Group, confirmed on June 15, 2022, that a VW ID. Buzz GTX is in the pipeline. Below is what she said:

We will continuously expand this brand and offer a GTX variant for every ID. model in future – from the ID.3 to the ID. Buzz.

Silke Bagschik, Head of Sales and Marketing for the ID. family, Volkswagen Group, on June 15, 2022, via Volkswagen Newsroom.

Compared to the standard ID. Buzz, the GTX variant will gain extra features and a high-output powertrain, an Autocar report published on January 12, 2023, says, citing Kai Grünitz, Brand Board Member for Technical Development at Volkswagen Passenger Cars, who was speaking at a 2023 Car of the Year event.


2023 VW ID. Buzz GTX rendering
The VW ID. Buzz GTX (rendered) will have changes that underscore its sporty character. The recipe will include new colors, lights, bumpers and wheels.

We’ve rendered the sporty variant of the ID. Buzz in an eye-catching metallic red/gloss black dual-tone color scheme. Meanwhile, it’s emerging that the GTX variant will get bespoke exterior color options to highlight its performance aspect, as outlined in the Autocar report. Our render shows the ID. Buzz GTX sitting on grippy 20-inch wheels, but we are expecting an option for larger, 21-inch wheels for customers who focus more on style than comfort. Featuring a newly designed bumper and grille, additional vertically stacked daytime running lights in the form of honeycomb elements, red brake calipers, and a gloss black GTX logo, this van will turn heads!


Grünitz stated that the interior of the VW ID. Buzz GTX will also be unlike what’s offered to the rest of the ID. Buzz range. It could be an all-black theme, highlighted by red seams to accentuate its sportiness. An official teaser, which appeared in an official presentation in September 2022, revealed that the steering wheel clip features a GTX logo, which may appear on the backrests of the sports seats for the driver and passenger, and the front sill panel trims as well.

VW ID. Buzz GTX interior teaser
The VW ID. Buzz GTX has been confirmed to feature a distinctive steering wheel with GTX branding. Image Source: Volkswagen Group (PDF file)


Grünitz mentioned that the ID. Buzz GTX’s high-performance electric powertrain will produce 250 kW (335 hp). For reference, the standard model makes 150 kW (201 hp). The system will feature two motors, one on each axle, perhaps with a combined torque output of 460 Nm (339 lb.-ft.) – like in the ID.5 GTX. The ID. Buzz GTX should dispatch the 0-62 mph sprint in much less than the 10.2 seconds of the standard van, while the top speed could also be higher than the latter’s electronically-limited 90 mph.

Progressive steering and a lowered suspension with adaptive chassis control (Dynamic Chassis Control or DCC) could be standard in the ID. Buzz GTX, which should make it more fun to drive than the standard electric van.

We feel that Volkswagen will repurpose the standard battery pack options (77 kWh unit or upcoming 111 kWh unit) for the GTX model. DC fast-charging from 5-80% SoC should take just around 30 minutes, thanks to a decent charging rate of 170 kW.

Release Date & Price

The VW ID. Buzz GTX could debut and go on sale in Europe this year. In the UK, we estimate that the price could start at around GBP 67,800, based on the 9.5 percent price difference between the ID.4 and ID.4 GTX. A VW spokesperson told MotorTrend that the company doesn’t plan to launch GTX variants of its ID. models in the U.S., the American publication reported on January 12, 2023. As for the regular VW ID. Buzz, it’s due in the States in 2024.

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TopElectricSUV says

A proper go-fast van, and an all-electric one at that, makes little sense for most customers. That said, with 335 horsepower, the VW ID Buzz GTX is sure to get the driver’s heart racing when it launches off the line, leaving an impression on anyone taking it for a spin. We believe that the GTX’s appeal will lie primarily in its sporty styling rather than its handling or acceleration, with the AWD system adding practicality to the van in harsh winter conditions.

Featured image: TopElectricSUV’s rendering of the ID. Buzz GTX