Volkswagen reveals ID.5 & ID.5 GTX range figures [Update]

The upcoming VW ID.5 carline includes the ID.5 GTX with an all-wheel drive layout and a sporty styling. The coupe-SUV versions of the ID.4 debut in a few months and have been listed online in some markets.

In Germany, Volkswagen mentions 540 km (335.5 mi) as the maximum range (WLTP) of the rear-wheel-driven ID.5. The VW ID.5 GTX with the twin-motor all-wheel drive setup in the company’s home market will achieve a range (WLTP) of up to 497 km (308.8 mi).

Volkswagen held the first Way to Zero Convention on April 29, presenting its roadmap for net carbon-neutral mobility. “The ID.5 will be launched at the end of 2021, initially in Europe and in China,” Ralf Brandstatter, CEO, Volkswagen, said at the event, revealing that the ID.5 is not an EU-only model. The word “initially” is considered a sign of plans to offer the SUV-coupe in new markets, and one of them could be the United States, which is taking to EVs in a big way.

Volkswagen teased the ID.5 for the first time at the unveiling of the ID.4 GTX on April 28. The official reveal could take place in a couple of months.

The ID family will continue to grow with more to come towards the end of the year. Our next ID is all about the elegance of flowing coupe lines. And naturally, this car will also come with a GTX version. Today you get an exclusive preview of our ID.5. Enjoy!

Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Executive Officer of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, at the unveiling of the ID.4 GTX.

In February 2021, Volkswagen confirmed plans to launch the ID.5 in the second half of 2021. In March 2021, it revealed the fourth quarter (October-December) as the specific release date. On March 16, Dr. Christian Dahlheim, Director Group Sales, Volkswagen Group, briefed analysts and investors about the company’s upcoming EV launches. In his presentation, he revealed that the ID.5 would arrive in the first markets in the fourth quarter of the year (October-December 2021).

VW ID.5 release Q3 2021
The VW ID.5 was initially not planned for a rollout in markets outside Europe. Image: Volkswagen Group

On February 11, the official Twitter page of Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH confirmed that the VW ID.5 would be launched in the second half of the year. The German tweet, posted on February 11, relayed that the first batch of cars (in pilot production) were coming off the line in early February.

On March 5, Volkswagen gave out the launch cadence of its electric car line. “The all-wheel-drive ID.4 GTX will kick things off in the first half of 2021, followed by the sporty ID.5 in the second half of the year,” Volkswagen said when it announced the ‘Accelerate’ strategy.

“The fully electric models ID.4, ID.4 GTX, and ID.5 will gradually be launched in international markets,” the company had said in January when it announced that it over-fulfilled European CO2 fleet targets for 2020.

VW ID.5 Accelerate strategy
Image: Volkswagen

Every year, we are launching at least one new e-vehicle. We’re picking up speed, going into large volumes and covering all segments. We are thus well on our way to becoming the global market leader for e-mobility.

Ralf Brandstatter, CEO, Volkswagen announcing Volkswagen Accelerate strategy
VW ID.5 rear spy shot
The coupe-style roofline will provide the VW ID.5 with better aerodynamics than the VW ID.4 that has a drag coefficient of 0.28 Cd. Image:Florian Molau (Instagram)

The VW ID.5 will differ from the ID.4 from behind the B-pillars with a lower roofline and a dramatically angled rear hatch that give it an aggressive stance and improved aerodynamics. Thanks to a curvier glasshouse and a flatter rear deck, the VW ID.5 will have a strong coupe-like appearance. The spy shot above, courtesy of Florian Molau, shows the ID.5 equipped with a decklid spoiler.

ID.4 the priority for VW’s U.S. market operations

The priority for the American market is localizing the ID.4. Volkswagen has confirmed that it will start manufacturing the ID.4 at the Chattanooga plant in 2022, which needs to go smoothly before new models are included. The ID.6 or ID.5 may enter series production at the American Volkswagen factory once production of the ID.4 streamlines.

The VW ID.4 reached U.S. showrooms in March 2021, with a base price of $39,995. Throughout 2021, the new electric SUV will arrive from the Zwickau plant located in Germany.


What is the VW ID.5 release date?

The VW ID.5 will be launched in Q4 2021, Dr. Christian Dahlheim of Volkswagen has confirmed.

What are the ID.5 rivals?

The VW ID.5 will compete with the Tesla Model Y and the Nissan Ariya.

What will be the VW ID.5 price?

With Volkswagen introducing a €37,000-base ID.4, expect the basic VW ID.5 to cost around €40,000.

Featured Image Source: Screenshot, courtesy VW Newsroom