U.S.-bound 2023 Toyota Crown: Everything we know [Update]

Update: ‘2023 Toyota Crown’ section added.

As the longest-running model in Toyota’s history, the Toyota Crown is an automotive legend in Japan. It has been in continuous production since its introduction in 1955. Toyota introduced the current, fifteenth-gen Crown in June 2018.

Citing a Toyota Crown salesperson, a report Best Car published on May 16, 2022, said that Toyota would announce the redesigned model in July 2022, during which it is expected to offer complete information. In Japan, the current Toyota Crown’s prices start at JPY 4,899,000 (USD 36,317) and touch JPY 7,393,000 (USD 54,805), including taxes.

Here’s what we know about the 2023 Toyota Crown:

2023 Toyota Crown

Patent images have revealed that the 2023 Toyota Crown will be a mix of three different body styles. Toyota is taking a bold step for its iconic car’s sixteenth generation, giving it a radical design that blends a coupe, sedan and a crossover into one. That’s one odd combination in our opinion. Japanese reports suggest this will be the only body style in the next-gen Crown series and there won’t be a regular model without the crossover/SUV styling.

At the front, the next-gen Toyota Crown features a pronounced hood with a noticeable bulge, bZ4X-inspired headlamps, and a slim closed upper grille with a horizontal garnish on the top that meets the LED DRL of the headlamps, and a huge concave grille with a honeycomb mesh pattern.

2023 Toyota Crown side profile patent
The 2023 Toyota Crown will be a cross-coupe, not a sedan like its predecessors. Image Source: J-PlatPat

On the sides, the 2023 Crown has a more athletic appearance with black fender flares, door molding, and lower body cladding, a strong shoulder area, and high ground clearance. The beltline sits higher than on the fifteenth-gen model, and it graciously rises towards the rear door, eventually dropping at the end of the angular rear quarter glass. Also note the flat rear deck, which gives the car a more aerodynamic look than the current Crown.

The rear-end of the next-gen Crown is upright and weirdly stamped, but we’ll hold our final judgments until we get a proper look. We can already tell from the patent image that the next-gen Toyota Crown has a slim full-width tail lamp and skips on exposed tailpipes.

2023 Toyota Crown rear three quarter patent
A report Best Car published on March 29, 2022, said that the next-gen Toyota Crown would be based on the GA-K platform. Image Source: J-PlatPat

Leak claims that the Toyota Crown is coming to the U.S.

According to an alleged leak, the Toyota Crown is headed to the United States. Dealer documents from an outlet in the New York Region, which outline Toyota’s events and launches for 2022, were uploaded in February 2022 (via The Drive). Under the October 2022 column, the first document says that the Crown would go on sale. The second document lists 200 units for the Crown under the ‘New York Region Sales Plan’ title.

On the Toyota Crown SUV

Several media reports have talked about an all-new Toyota Crown SUV in the pipeline. The brand and price positioning of the Toyota Crown SUV would stand above the Toyota Venza (Toyota Harrier), which is the most upscale monocoque SUV in TMC’s home country.

A report Best Car published on July 28, 2021, suggested that the company planned to launch an all-new FWD Crown sedan based on the GA-K platform and offer the SUV version as the ‘Crown Cross.’ The Toyota Crown Cross could also be a front-wheel drive model, and its birth would not lead to the discontinuation of the Crown sedan, unlike what reports suggested earlier, it was thought.

Japanese reports had said that Toyota will offer the Crown SUV in a gasoline variant with a 280 PS (276 hp) 2.5-liter Dynamic Force Engine and a hybrid variant with an electrified version of the same engine. The electric motor would assist the engine in powering the front wheels. The hybrid variant will be available with two drive motors optionally, with the second motor powering the rear wheels and changing the drivetrain layout to AWD. We already know that Toyota calls this e-AWD setup ‘E-Four.’

Toyota Crown electric SUV version

A report Reuters published on April 14, 2022, offered even better news! It claimed that a Toyota Crown electric SUV is also in the pipeline, and so is a Toyota Crown plug-in hybrid SUV. With a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric variants, the Crown can cover the main spheres of electrification and is ready for a global foray.

Release Date

Reuters expected the Crown hybrid SUV to hit the first market in Summer 2023 and said the Crown electric SUV will follow in early 2024. Toyota will manufacture the Crown SUV and the next-gen Crown sedan in Toyota City, Japan, the report said. The company reportedly planned to export the Crown hybrid SUV to North America and China, but it is yet to formulate the Crown electric SUV’s export plans.

In a report published on May 31, 2022, Best Car claimed that Toyota had frozen the development of the Crown SUV. The report mentioned that many dealers were strongly against the launch of the Crown SUV in Japan, as they thought it would be very difficult to sell such a large vehicle. A source privy to the development told the Japanese publication that customers’ prior response to the idea of a Crown SUV was not good either.

The dip of the Crown

The Crown, a legacy nameplate of Toyota, has mostly succumbed to the diminishing popularity of sedans. In January 2021, the company was able to sell only 2,146 units of the flagship sedan in Japan, as per a previous article from Best Car, filed in February 2021. Its rank among all the cars sold in Japan was 27.

In 1990, Toyota was able to sell about 205,000 units (17,000 units/month) of the Crown. Then, Japanese customers began liking minivans, and in 2000, the annual sales fell to about 101,000 units (8,400 units/month). In the next ten years, the yearly sales had halved again. In 2010, Toyota dealers sold about 41,000 units. In 2019, the annual sales had dropped to approximately 36,000 units.

Today, the Crown faces stiff competition from executive minivans that allow sort of a mobile office set up and SUVs that are more practical and suitable for adventure trips. The survival of the Crown is on the line, and with their backs against the wall, Toyota must respond strongly and quickly if it wants the nameplate to have any chance of a turnaround.

Next-gen Toyota Crown FAQs

What is the 2023 Toyota Crown release date?

The Japanese media expect the next-gen Toyota Crown to be revealed by July and enter production this year in Japan.

Is the Toyota Crown coming to the U.S.?

According to a leaked dealer document, the Crown is arriving in the U.S. in late 2022.

Featured Image Source: J-PlatPat