Amidst Toyota Crown SUV rumours, Toyota Crown Kluger leaks

There’s more evidence supporting rumors that the Toyota Crown will become an SUV, and a hybrid one at that, when it moves to its next generation. Leaked patent images and a trademark filing in China suggest that a Toyota Crown Kluger is in the making.

Toyota had filed a trademark application for the name Crown Kluger before, and now, patent images of the Kluger with the Crown badge on the grille (or its shape) have hit the Chinese portals. It was assumed there would be one Toyota Crown SUV, the successor to the Crown sedan. Now, it seems as if Toyota’s product team is planning two or more SUVs. If that’s the case, the previously rumored Toyota Crown SUV could be launched with a suffix in its name. As there are two different Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs (three if you count the 76), there could be multiple Toyota Crown SUV models in the pipeline.

Toyota Crown Kluger design patents

The Toyota Kluger is sold in China with its original name, Toyota Highlander, by the GAC-Toyota joint venture company. Global automakers sell models with different names, and sometimes differently styled, via more than one JV company in China. So, the Toyota Crown Kluger could be FAW-Toyota’s version of the Highlander.

The Toyota Crown SUV replacing the Toyota Crown sedan, the longest-selling Toyota model so far, will reportedly break cover in 2022. The hybrid SUV will likely slot above the Harrier as a luxurious SUV. Unlike the Toyota Crown Kluger, it could be sold in several markets but whether the U.S. will be ‘Crowned’ remains to be seen.

Featured Image Source: CNIPA