Toyota bZ5/bZ6 fastback sedan, a futuristic Camry electric, teased

  • Should target customers looking for a Toyota Camry-like electric
  • Likely to compete with the BYD Han EV & Xpeng P7
  • China could be the sedan's biggest market; Likely to debut in 2023
  • Will ride on the e-TNGA platform with batteries possibly sourced from BYD

Toyota’s bZ line-up of bespoke electric vehicles will soon include a sedan positioned above the recently unveiled bZ3, potentially called ‘bZ5.’ It appears to us that the Toyota bZ5 is a futuristic version of the Camry, giving mid-size sedan customers a zero-emission vehicle with a design twist.


The bZ5 would sit on the e-TNGA platform, which can allow front, rear, and all-wheel drive drivetrain layouts. In addition to the drivetrain layout, e-TNGA offers flexibility for the wheelbase, the number of batteries installed, overhangs, and other elements.


The teaser used in the story is the first official preview of the upcoming Toyota Camry electric alternative expected to be called Toyota bZ5 or Toyota bZ6. It has a fastback sedan silhouette and by our reckoning, it measures at least 193 inches in length.

Toyota bZ5/Toyota bZ6 teaser
With its fastback style rear, the Toyota bZ5 is sleeker, which should lead to more efficiency and range. Image: Toyota’s official teaser edited for clarity.

With the bZ5’s streamlined silhouette, it appears at first glance that Toyota is giving the same aero emphasis as the smaller bZ3 which has a class-leading Cd of 0.218. Expect to see air curtains that guide airflow, as well as flush handles, aluminum wheels, and bumpers designed to cut air resistance.

One could mistake the bZ5 for the Crown because of a similar design and length, but look closely and you’ll note subtle differences. The beltline is straighter and has a sharp kick at the end of the rear door. The tail section is set higher and is longer, and also has a more pronounced concave shape. The bZ5’s tail light has the appearance of a continuous light band. The subtle ducktail shape gives a sporty look to the rear deck of the electric sedan.


Specifications for the bZ5 have not been released. However, we expect the Toyota Camry electric alternative to be a China-specific model with BYD’s LFP batteries and deliver around 600 km (373 miles) of CLTC range. In contrast with the Toyota bZ3, the bZ5 may feature a dual-motor powertrain. It would be optional, with the standard model settling for a single motor setup. Toyota is unlikely to chase Chinese rivals like Xpeng (P7) and BYD (Han EV) for top performance, however.

Release Date

The Toyota bZ5/Toyota bZ6 will probably debut in 2023 and go on sale in China towards the end of the same year.

TopElectricSUV says

The bZ5 will likely be suitable for customers looking for an electric mid-size sedan for the first time. It will probably appeal to customers seeking a vehicle that combines simplicity, reliability, and affordability, some of the things that have made Toyota sedans so popular. While packing BYD’s Blade LFP batteries, it should be every bit Toyota in all visible and tangible aspects.

Toyota bZ5 FAQs

What is the Toyota bZ5 release date?

The Toyota bZ5 may debut in 2023 and go on sale in China towards the end of the same year.

Which models will be Toyota bZ5 rivals?

The Toyota bZ5 will likely compete with the VW Aero B sedan, BYD Han EV, and Xpeng P7.

Featured image: Enhanced version of Toyota’s official teaser