2022 Toyota Voxy/Noah/Esquire to launch later this year – Report

Automakers, including Toyota, are concerned about the sales evolution of minivans intended mainly in Japan. On March 15, 2021, bestcarweb.jp published a report that suggests a bleak future for minivans because of the declining birthrate and aging population. In the near- to mid-term future, this may lead to companies reducing the variants of their minivan models, and in some cases, discontinuation.

In 2020, it is reported that TMC sold 69,517 units of the Toyota Voxy, 45,434 units of the Noah, and 26,368 units of the Esquire. Combined, that’s an adequate number to remain in the segment, but it’s no longer feasible for three similar models, it is reported.

Toyota Voxy Toyota Noah Toyota Esquire front
The next-gen Toyota Voxy (that currently has two siblings) would be a TNGA model. Image Source: Toyota

MPVs may be deemed boring in this side of the world, but in Japan, they are still a thing, to an extent that manufacturers are compelled to release cosmetic versions as separate models. Derivatives of the same MPV typically feature a distinctive character that appeals to a type of customer. In this story, we discuss the future of the Toyota Voxy, based on what has appeared on the Japanese media reports.

The Toyota Noah has had a fancier alternative called Toyota Voxy that offers edgier and sportier design and a better road presence. The third-gen Toyota Noah and third-gen Toyota Voxy debuted in January 2014, and the Toyota Esquire “deluxe minivan” followed in October. The new model was aimed at Japanese customers seeking an elegant design. Each of the three MPVs was sold via a separate sales channel: Voxy at Netz showrooms, Noah at Toyota Corolla dealerships and Esquire at Toyota and Toyopet outlets.

Toyota is making changes though, and since May 2020, has allowed the models to be sold via every sales channels available. In the next generation though, the company could renew only one nameplate from the Voxy, Noah and Esquire trio. It may offer different front fascias and styling in different grades instead of separate models there on. The Voxy, being the sales leader, could be the one that gets prominence.

There’s a possibility that the Noah soldiers on, adopting a higher positioning with more premium equipment customers would expect in the Esquire. One speculation in the Japanese media is that a next-gen Voxy would replace all three Japanese minivans.

2022 Toyota Voxy – Design, specification & release date

The next-gen Toyota Voxy (next-gen Toyota Noah/Esquire) will debut at the end of this year, said a previous article from bestcarweb.jp.

Best Car has also presented a rendering of the next-gen Voxy to show what to expect. The 2022 Toyota Voxy has a cleaner design at the front with closed surfaces, no chrome trim and single-piece headlamps. The actual model that breaks cover in late 2021 will have some chrome application on the nose while the silhouette should be more or less like the current model.

The Toyota Voxy would adopt the TNGA platform when it moves to its fourth generation, and employ a 2.0-liter full-hybrid powertrain. This could be the regional Toyota Corolla’s system that comes with the M20A-FXS engine, the 650-volt 1NM electric motor and a 216-volt Nickel-metal hydride battery pack. It was reported in the Japanese media that Toyota is looking to change the cell chemistry from Nickel-metal hydride to Lithium-Ion on the incoming Sienta MPV. We’ll have to wait to confirm the final configuration of the electrical system on the Voxy.

Featured Image Source: BestCar