This is the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake, except it’s not made by Tesla!

The undying love for station wagons and shooting brakes in Europe doesn’t represent enough sales volume for Tesla to be interested. As the company does not design regional passenger models, it’s certain that anything of that sort will not appear in its portfolio anytime soon. It was that very absence in the segment that motivated RemetzCar (remember the Model S Hearse?) to create the Model SB. SB stands for ‘Shooting Brake’.

Dutch designer Niels van Roij, who is based in London, came up with a stunning design for a shooting brake that was based on the Tesla Model S, and RemetzCar turned his idea into an actual car. It is important to note that the RemetzCar Model SB has an extended roofline with a much softer drop toward the end. The roofline stretches behind the tailgate, ending in a curvy spoiler. The car has a low stance due in part to its steeply raked D-pillars and back glass. As there is a chrome strip running the full width of the car between the combination lamps, it is branded with the Dutch coachbuilder’s logo instead of Tesla’s.

On the sides, a chrome surround thickens around the rear, highlighting the car’s exclusive design work around the C- and D-pillar area. It’s too much chrome for our liking, but Rolls-Royces, especially one-off models, have shown for years that exotic car customers like having dollops of chrome on the exterior. Even though this green metallic Tesla Model S Shooting Brake isn’t a Rolls-Royce or Bentley, it is no less impressive. While we’re on that topic, it’s worth pointing out that this bespoke Tesla, even in a pre-owned form, will set you back EUR 185,555 (approx. USD 193,000), or EUR 224,522 (approx. USD 233,000) if you live in an EU country. Check out if you’re interested!

RemetzCar planned to make 20 units of the Tesla Model S Shooting Brake. However, the unit in the images in this story is the only one existing in the world. This build was commissioned by Floris de Raadt, a Dutch collector and shooting brake fan.

Featured Image Source: RemetzCar/Luuk van Kaathoven