Tesla accessory maker imagines a Model 3 rival

  • Brainchild of aftermarket Tesla accessories brand Jowua from Taiwan
  • Designed with assistance from Midjourney AI as a four-door electric sedan
  • Claimed range is 600 miles (965 km), 80% charge in just 10 minutes
  • Fictional price tag is USD 50,000

There was a time in the automotive industry when designing a new car involved highly-trained designers creating detailed sketches of concepts, which would then take physical form as an ever-evolving real-to-life clay model. After the introduction of computer software like AutoCAD, much (or all) of the pen-to-paper portion of designing cars has been handed to skilled designers that bring ideas to life using highly-detailed digital renders.

While every major automaker in the world nowadays uses complex computer-aided tools to design their cars, the rapid development plus easy accessibility of artificial intelligence (AI) tools means that almost anyone with a working knowledge of these advanced programs can create a realistic-looking render of a virtual car model and then ‘unveil’ it to the world. Taiwanese accessories brand Jowua has done just that, with the appropriately-titled Jowua Renda.

Who is Jowua?

As mentioned, Jowua (website link) is an official Taiwanese brand that designs and sells automobile accessories, primarily for Tesla cars. For owners of Tesla models in the U.S. (and abroad), Jowua’s EV-related product portfolio includes items such as in-car entertainment add-ons, charging adapters, foldable trays, Tesla wireless gaming controllers, and Tesla color-matched umbrellas.

What is the Jowua Renda?

The Jowua Renda is an electric sedan that the Taiwanese company has announced as “the first car to claim being made in Taiwan!” In case there are any doubts regarding the model name, it appears to be a swankier pronunciation of render, which is quite humorous if you ask us. According to Jowua, the brand logo for this new EV was created using Midjourney, an AI program designed & developed in San Francisco, U.S.


The Jowua Renda has contemporary and sharp lines mixed in with smooth curves for an optimum aerodynamic shape. The thoroughly-sculpted front fascia of the Renda houses a petite brand logo, a sporty bumper with central & side-mounted intakes, and sharp-looking LED headlights with J-shaped LED DRLs that are placed just ahead of the muscular front fenders.

Contributing to the next-gen EV’s powerful but elegant stance are its short overhangs, a swooping roofline with steeply-raked A-pillars, bold-looking alloy wheels, a rising beltline, and a sporty rear end with a wrap-around LED light band. The matte-like finish of the exterior paint looks eye-catching, while the ultra-slim wing mirrors, flush door handles, and a full glass roof add an air of sophistication to the whole design.

Even if the Renda may not be an all-out original design created from scratch, Midjourney’s AI tool has crafted a modern & realistic-looking electric vehicle with an appealing character.


As per a Twitter post from Jowua, the Renda electric sedan has a maximum range of 600 miles (965 kilometers) and its battery pack can be fast-charged to 80% SoC in just 10 minutes. Both of these figures are indeed impressive in their own right and would translate to a great ownership experience achieved in the real world. Our wish list for a production iteration includes at least two electric motors with over 700 horsepower of combined output, a 0-60 mph time of under 3 seconds, and a top speed of 175 mph.

Launch plan

The AI-assisted Jowua Renda has been conceptualized with a supposed price tag of USD 50,000 but as an elaborate prank. We are hoping that the suave-looking sedan makes it to a fully-functional concept stage in the future, but there’s no such plan.

Considering the time, effort, and investment that would be required to make this EV a reality, bringing the Renda would be nowhere as easy as designing it. Still, if launched, the bespoke electric sedan would challenge the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq 6, with novelty and design being two of the Renda’s biggest draws for potential customers.

TopElectricSUV says

Depending on the attention that Jowua gets for its relatively-innocent pre-April Fool’s Day stunt, the Renda could materialize into a real electric car – or at least that’s what we are hoping for. With major-league automakers offering plenty of sane options for EV buyers, a plucky little Taiwanese accessories brand splashing onto the scene with a ground-up electric sedan will be a sight to behold for companies and consumers alike!

Featured Image Source: Jowua