Tesla Cybertruck with 1m+ reservations is delayed to 2022 – Report

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries will not commence this year. The ongoing chip shortage is seemingly the biggest hurdle for the Cybertruck’s mass production. The scarcity of chips has affected Tesla, Musk acknowledged during the Q2 2021 earnings conference call, saying that the company is figuring out how to address the issue.

So in order for Cybertruck and Semi to scale to volume that’s meaningful for customer deliveries, we’ve got to solve the chip shortage working with our suppliers. And someone would say, why don’t you just build a chip fab? Well, OK, that would take us, even moving like lightning, 12 to 18 months.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla

Musk said that the Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Semi are heavy users of cell capacity, and the company needs to ensure the steady availability of the crucial component. The company can start producing vehicles now, but Tesla would lose an exorbitant amount of money on each truck.

They would literally cost $1 million apiece or more. There’s a reason why you do things in volume production, which is to get the economies to scale and get the cost down.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla
Tesla Cybertruck rear quarters
The Cybertruck, to be made in Texas, will give electric pickups from legacy automakers tough competition. We’re talking about the F-150 Lightning and the Silverado electric. Image Source: Tesla


Lars Moravy, VP – Vehicle Engineering, Tesla, shared a few Cybertruck updates during the Q2 2021 earnings conference call. He said that the company has completed developing the architecture of electric pickup. The Cybertruck is currently in the alpha stages, and Tesla has finished basic engineering of the vehicle’s architecture. “With the Cybertruck, we’re redefining how a vehicle is being made,” he said.

Moravy suggested starting mass production of the Model Y in Texas is a higher priority. It is a hint that Cybertruck production may not begin until the Model Y rolls off this assembly line and output stabilizes.

It (Cybertruck) carries much of the structural pack and large casting designs of the Model Y being built in Berlin and Austin. Obviously, those take priority over the Cybertruck, but we are moving into the beta phases of Cybertruck later this year, and we will be looking to ramp that in production and take it to Texas after Model Y is up and going.

Lars Moravy, VP – Vehicle Engineering, Tesla

Tesla Cybertruck design

The Tesla Cybertruck features a polarizing design that has remained one of its most debated aspects since day one. Though Tesla has suggested revising the wedge-shaped pickup’s design for production, we doubt it plans to make significant changes. Setting a new benchmark for quirky pickup design, the Cybertruck is not that unique as most think. USPTO design patent application shows similarities to several classic and early 2000s models. Tesla has cited designs of classic sports cars, a funky off-roader, and even an aerodynamic pickup bed cover look in the Cybertruck’s design patent application, as per a report from electrek.co.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s concept version is huge, and for many markets, it’s just too big. Tesla is working on making it smaller and thus more practical for real-world driving environments. During the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Musk said that the company had made the production version around 3% smaller. The design is likely to be more or less the same, though. Twitter user Sawyer Merritt, who keeps track of new Tesla developments through a private source, said on August 9, 2021, that Tesla only recently finalized the design of the Cybertruck.

Yoke going into production

One of the highlights of the Cybertruck’s interior is the yoke or, as some say, the ‘open-topped’ steering wheel. The Model S became the brand’s first production model available with this futuristic design element this year. While it has drawn flak, Musk has indicated that the company will go ahead and use it in the Cybertruck as well.

Tesla Cybertruck interior
The production Tesla Cybertruck will also feature a yoke. Image Source: Tesla

In a Twitter post on September 9, 2021, Musk said the traditional steering wheel is boring and blocks the instrument cluster. He said that full self-driving in panoramic mode looks much better with a yoke than a round steering wheel.

Tesla Cybertruck production dates (official estimates)

Tesla previously said that it expects to start producing the dual-motor AWD and tri-motor AWD variants of the Cybertruck in late 2021 and its single-motor RWD in late 2022. Now, it has stated a common SOP date (Start of Production date) for all three variants of the Cybertruck on its online configurator – 2022.

According to Twitter user Sawyer Merritt, who maintains a record of developments at Tesla, including updates not public yet, Tesla will begin production of the Cybertruck for customer deliveries in late 2022. Volume production will start only in 2023. For those considering buying the Cybertruck in the single-motor RWD variant, the wait could be more frustrating than previously thought.

VariantPriceOld SOP DateNew SOP Date*
Single-motor RWDUSD 39,900Late 20212022
Dual-motor AWDUSD 49,900Late 20212022
Tri-motor AWDUSD 69,900Late 20222022
*Official estimate as on Tesla website

Tesla Cybertruck reservations

The Tesla Cybertruck is available to reserve with a small deposit of USD 100, irrespective of the desired configuration. Citing an unofficial reservation tracker, Teslarati reported that Tesla had received 1.2 million pre-orders (estimated 1,268,768 units) for the Cybertruck already. Dual-motor is the most popular configuration among early birds, accounting for 47.9% of the pre-orders. Tri-motor is the second-most popular configuration, with a 44.8% share. Only 7.3% of the pre-orders are for the single-motor configuration. Note that Tesla has not provided guidance on the actual numbers.

Tesla Cybertruck FAQs

What is the Tesla Cybertruck release date?

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries could begin sometime in 2022.

Which models will be Tesla Cybertruck alternatives?

The Ford F-150 Lightning, the Chevrolet Silverado electric, and an upcoming GMC electric pickup will be among the alternatives.

What is the Tesla Cybertruck range?

Tesla expects the Cybertruck to deliver an EPA est. range of more than 500 miles.

Featured Image Source: Tesla