New Tesla Model Y Standard Range orders cross 15,000 units in 2 days

On July 8, 2021, China received a new Tesla Model Y Standard Range that retails at CNY 291,840, which converts to a little over USD 45,000. Factoring in a subsidy of up to CNY 15,840 or approximately USD 2,400, the price reduces to CNY 276,000, which is close to USD 43,000.

A new report from says that Tesla more received more than 10,000 orders for the new base Model Y Standard Range on the launch day. On the second day, there were more than 5,000 orders. A Tesla sales consultant has told the Chinese website that customers placing an order now will need to wait until the end of August or longer for the delivery.

The new Tesla Model Y Standard Range is pulling big numbers right from launch because of its affordability. The reason for its attractive price is the different cell chemistry compared to current variants. Tesla is using iron-based lithium-ion cells instead of nickel-based lithium-ion cells in the battery pack. Nickel-based lithium-ion cells have higher energy density and provide a longer range, but iron-based lithium-ion cells are cheaper to produce and have a longer life.

525 km (326 miles) range for the Tesla Model Y Standard Range

Unsurprisingly, Tesla hasn’t disclosed the energy content, power, or torque of the new Model Y Standard Range on its official website. The company says that the new base Model Y variant has a range of 525 km as per China’s NEDC rating method. A single rear motor powers the rear wheels, and there’s no third-row seat option. 19-inch alloy wheels are standard, but 20-inch alloy wheels are available optionally.

A 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in the new Tesla Model Y Standard Range takes 5.6 seconds. That makes the new base variant 0.6 seconds slower than the Long Range AWD variant and 1.9 seconds slower than the Performance AWD variant. The top speed is the same as that of the Long Range AWD variant – 217 km/h. The new variant could arrive in the U.S. and other markets later this year.

Featured Image Source: Tesla