Tesla Model Y Standard Range orders cross 15,000 units in 2 days [Update]

On July 8, 2021, China received a new Tesla Model Y Standard Range that retails at CNY 291,840, which converts to a little over USD 45,000. Factoring in a subsidy of up to CNY 15,840 or approximately USD 2,500, the price reduces to CNY 276,000, which is close to USD 43,000.

A report from lanjinger.com said that Tesla more received more than 10,000 orders for the new base Model Y Standard Range on the launch day. On the second day, there were more than 5,000 orders. A Tesla sales consultant told the Chinese website that customers placing an order will need to wait until the end of August or longer for the delivery.

The new Tesla Model Y Standard Range is pulling big numbers right from launch because of its affordability. The reason for its attractive price is the different cell chemistry compared to current variants. Tesla is using iron-based lithium-ion cells instead of nickel-based lithium-ion cells in the battery pack. Nickel-based lithium-ion cells have higher energy density and provide a longer range, but iron-based lithium-ion cells are cheaper to produce and have a longer life.

525 km (326 miles) range for the Model Y Standard Range

Unsurprisingly, Tesla hasn’t disclosed the energy content, power, or torque of the new Model Y Standard Range on its official website. However, we have unearthed these details from government filings and covered them further inside this story.

The new base Model Y variant has a range of 525 km as per China’s NEDC method. A single rear motor powers the rear wheels, and there’s no third-row seat option. 19-inch alloy wheels are standard, but 20-inch alloy wheels are available optionally.

A 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint in the new Tesla Model Y Standard Range takes 5.6 seconds. That makes the new base variant 0.6 seconds slower than the Long Range AWD variant and 1.9 seconds slower than the Performance AWD variant. The top speed is the same as that of the Long Range AWD variant – 217 km/h (135 mph). The new variant could arrive in the U.S. and other markets later this year.

Two new upcoming Tesla Model Y variants

The Tesla Model Y will gain two new variants in China, which will expand the total to five. The first will have the same 60 kWh LFP battery pack as the 525-km (326-mile) range variant. However, the range will be higher – 545 km (339 miles). The second variant will have a 78.4 kWh battery pack that provides a range of 640 km (398 miles).

We think that the former will likely become its new entry-level configuration and should benefit from a CNY 15,840 government subsidy. The 640-km (398-mile) variant will get the Performance AWD variant’s larger battery pack. It will have the same front motor as the Long Range AWD and Performance AWD variants, but the rear motor specs will fall between the outputs of these variant’s respective rear motors.

To avoid confusion, we have listed all the present and upcoming variants with their specs in the table, which also represents our expected positioning in terms of pricing (from left to right):

Aspect\SpecificationTBA Variant 1Standard Range RWDLong Range AWDTBA Variant 2Performance AWD
Price (excl. subsidy)TBACNY 291,840CNY 347,900TBACNY 377,900
Subsidy EligibilityTBA (Likely)Yes (CNY 15,840)NoTBA (Unlikely)No
Battery Pack TypeLFPLFPLithium-ionLithium-ionLithium-ion
Battery Pack Energy Content60.0 kWh60.0 kWh76.8 kWh78.4 kWh78.4 kWh
Battery Pack Energy Density126.00 Wh/kg126.00 Wh/kg161.00 Wh/kg168.00 Wh/kg168.00 Wh/kg
Power Consumption (NEDC)12.70 kWh/100 km13.00 kWh/100 km13.60 kWh/100 km13.60 kWh/100 km15.60 kWh/100 km
Range (NEDC)545 km525 km594 km640 km566 km
No. of Motor(s)OneOneTwoTwoTwo
Front Motor TypeASMASMASM
Front Motor Power137 kW137 kW137 kW
Front Motor Torque219 Nm219 Nm219 Nm
Rear Motor Power202 kW220 kW180 kW194 kW220 kW
Rear Motor Torque404 Nm440 Nm326 Nm340 Nm440 Nm
Top Speed217 km/h217 km/h217 km/h217 km/h250 km/h
Tesla Model Y specs as per Tesla and China’s MIIT

China-made Tesla Model Y arrives in Europe

The Tesla Model Y has already arrived in Europe. The company is importing from China right now, as the start of production at the German plant is facing delays.

Though Tesla is importing the Model Y to Europe, it does not offer it in the Standard Range variant, which it launched in China in July 2021. Take a look at the prices of the Model Y in two of the main European EV markets below:

Tesla Model Y Variant\PriceGermanyNorway
Long Range AWDEUR 56,990NOK 534,900
Performance (AWD)EUR 63,990NOK 589,900

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg SOP

Production at the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg is likely to commence in November 2021. Musk said in a post on Twitter that while all Tesla EVs make use of aluminum casting, the new Model Y refresh “will be the most advanced with 2/3 of body cast.” So, expect the 2022 Model Y to use front and rear casting.

Three new Tesla Model Y colors

The Tesla Model Y could gain three new color options as production begins in Germany this year. Citing visitors of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair held on October 9, 2021, InsideEVs reports that Tesla will introduce Crimson Red and Deep Blue colors for the Model Y. Tesmanian reports that the company will add a new Khaki-like color to the Model Y’s color palette. We’ll likely have to wait until the end of the year to check if these new colors make it to the configurator. If the company is testing new colors on EVs in the factory, it can release them at any time.

Model Y with 4680 cells delayed?

In other updates of the Model Y, while initial reports said that battery packs will comprise the upcoming cheaper 4680-format cells, there’s a speculation Tesla may stick to the 2170-format. Mass production of the 4680 cells, which are 80 mm long and have a diameter of around 46 mm, is proving as a challenge, as revealed by Musk during the Q2 2021 earnings conference call. The 2170-format cells measure 70 mm in length and have a diameter of 21 mm.

There is no doubt that Tesla will be working overtime to get the 4680 ready for mass production, sorting out the calendaring issue, as it offers several breakthroughs. Talking about the capabilities of the 4680-format cells at the Tesla Battery Day, Andrew Baglino, Senior Vice President, Powertrain and Energy Engineering, Tesla said:

We get five times the energy with six times the power, and enable 16% range increase just (from the change in) form factor alone

Andrew Baglino, Senior Vice President, Powertrain and Energy Engineering, Tesla

Featured Image Source: Tesla