Ultra Red 2024 Tesla Model Y has an irresistible charm

The Tesla Model Y is one of the world’s best-selling EVs, and in the U.S., it topped the EV sales chart in 2023. With a clever combination of high-performance powertrains, incredibly efficient batteries, and a spacious and high-tech interior, it has raked in millions in sales since its launch in March 2020. Recently, I saw a 2024 Tesla Model Y Long Range finished in Ultra Red, a USD 2,000-color option. Here’s what I think about the electric SUV:

Design & Features

As I said in the first look review in January 2024, the 2024 Tesla Model Y doesn’t have the most appealing exterior in its segment. No matter which color I see it in, I can’t help but notice its strong visual connection with the pre-facelift Tesla Model 3. It is the lack of SUV attributes that is the problem, though, not the similarity with the sedan. Individually, however, I do find certain design elements quite appealing, such as the swept-back headlamps, the flush-fitted door handles, and the all-glass roof.


When I settled into the driver’s seat of the Ultra Red 2024 Model Y Long Range, it gave me the impression of a luxury model. The minimalist design reminded me of Scandinavian interiors, and the black and white color scheme, an option worth USD 1,000, amplified that vibe. The 15-inch central touchscreen looks slick and has brilliant graphics. However, the lack of many essential switches and buttons leads to some inconvenience. Basic functions like changing speaker volume, adjusting AC temperature, opening the glove box, and repositioning the steering column aren’t as simple as they should be.


The 2024 Model Y Long Range has a dual-motor powertrain that gives it all-wheel drive capability, a low 0-60 mph acceleration time of 4.8 seconds, and a decent top speed of 135 mph. Its batteries can be charged at up to 250 kW, and Tesla claims that charging for just 15 minutes can be enough to cover a distance of 160 miles.

On a full charge, according to EPA, the 2024 Model Y Long Range with the 19-inch Gemini wheels seen here can go up to 310 miles. Upgrading to the 20-inch Induction wheels drops the EPA-estimated range to 292 miles.


Tesla sells the 2024 Model Y Long Range for USD 47,990 and says it’s eligible for the maximum federal tax credit – USD 7,500. The MSRP excludes a USD 1,390 destination fee and a USD 250 order fee.