Skoda Octavia Electric equivalent will get a Combi version

The Volkswagen Group confirmed in December 2021 the arrival of the Skoda Octavia electric equivalent. We also have clarity about when the Czech carmaker will release the Skoda Octavia electric model. Former Skoda CEO Thomas Schafer was vocal about the future of Skoda cars. “We need something smaller, maybe city-sized, and we need something in the flat range, maybe an Octavia of the future, in a sense,” Schafer told Autocar in December 2020.

In September 2021, while talking to Handelsblatt, Schafer indicated that the brand would launch a Skoda Octavia electric equivalent after 2025. He said:

For the second half of the current decade, we are thinking intensively about an E-Octavia – the electric counterpart to our most successful model for decades, the core of our brand.

Thomas Schafer, former CEO of Skoda Auto
Possible Skoda Octavia electric teaser
At the Next-Level Skoda Strategy 2030 press conference, Skoda teased three upcoming electric car models, one of which could be the Skoda Octavia electric equivalent. Image: Skoda

During the brand’s ‘Next-Level Skoda Strategy 2030’ presentation on 24 June 2021, Schafer stated that the Skoda Octavia electric was a part of the Group’s electric vehicle offensive. Skoda would add at least three models to its electric range, more compact in dimensions and more affordable than the Enyaq iV.

Well the Octavia, specifically the Octavia Combi, is the core of our brand. This is no secret. We believe that this segment is by far not dead no matter what the propulsion is going to be in the future. So, yes I think we need an electric Octavia. Will it be exactly the same? You’ll see! But it belongs to us!

Thomas Schäfer, former CEO of Skoda Auto at the Next-Level Skoda Strategy 2030 announcement on June 24, 2021

In 2022, the former CEO updated that work on the Octavia electric version continues:

We are working on it of course. The Skoda Octavia, particularly the Combi, is part of the core of our brand and we can rest assured that bringing this brand into the next level and next decade will require electrification of these models.

Thomas Schäfer, former CEO of Skoda Auto at the Skoda Auto Annual Press Conference 2022 on March 22, 2022

Skoda Octavia electric equivalent may use the MEB or the SSP platform

New MEB platform updates
The MEB platform is receiving upgrades to its charging time, range and acceleration, which will benefit future launches including the Octavia Electric. Image: Volkswagen/Dr Silke Bagschik’s presentation

Converting existing ICE platforms for application on electric cars may be an interim solution for many carmakers, but Skoda would not go down this road. The Skoda Octavia electric version would not use a modified MQB platform. Instead, Skoda may use the bespoke MEB platform. Answering a question on the conversion of MQB for electric vehicles, he said:

This is not economically feasible to that, the MQB-A0, MQB technology was designed for ICE, and specifically powerful in this space. We see that with the MEB platform, we have a strong platform that is now scalable, we don’t need to electrify an old ICE platform, it’s never ideal.

Thomas Schäfer, former CEO of Skoda Auto at the Next-Level Skoda Strategy 2030 announcement

Skoda’s sales and marketing head, Martin Jahn, also added about the Octavia electric during the same Q&A:

We will be bringing cars that are suited to the new mobility. We are not thinking about electrifying the current model of Octavia and putting the battery in the car as it is, we are trying to develop cars that will fit the new era of electric and digital mobility. So we will be bringing cars that will replace the current portfolio, but that will be more fit to the future.

Martin Jahn, Member of the Board, Sales and Marketing at Skoda Auto at the Skoda Auto Annual Press Conference 2022 on March 22, 2022


Jahn had told Autocar that the brand would bring an EV similar to the Octavia, which serves the same purpose with zero emissions. He also mentioned that the Skoda Octavia electric equivalent would appeal to buyers who do not want an SUV or fleet operators who wish for different body styles.

Skoda is unlikely to carry forward the Octavia moniker for its electric sedan. Instead, the brand may look at options starting with ‘K’ and ending with ‘Q.’ Skoda may use a name starting with ‘E,’ as the brand already has the Enyaq, and the continuity would bode well for the carmaker in making its cars unique.

Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS iV front
The Enyaq Coupe RS iV debuted in February 2022; expect the Skoda Octavia electric to sport a bolder and fresher interpretation of this design language. Image: Skoda Auto

According to Autocar’s speculation, Skoda might offer an iteration of VW’s upcoming Aero B electric sedan, an EV equivalent of the Passat segment. Skoda could also opt for an estate body style as it has experience with the Combi versions of the Fabia, Octavia, and Superb. Jahn stated that the estate shape “defines” Skoda and that the company will look at other shapes for its upcoming electric products.

However, Skoda has dumped the plans of a fourth-generation Fabia Estate as the Scala is popular. Skoda does not want to complicate its lineup in the journey toward meeting stricter emission targets.

Skoda Electrification strategy

With the Citigo iV discontinued, Skoda has two EVs in the lineup, the Skoda Enyaq iV, and the Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV. The VW ID.4‘s platform-sharing cousin entered series production in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, in November 2020, and in Q1 2022, Skoda has managed to sell 8,800 units of the electric SUV.

Skoda Octavia front
The Octavia has been Skoda’s best-seller for years. However, sales have been slumpy in the past couple of years because of the pandemic and the chip shortage. Image: Skoda Auto

By the end of the decade, Skoda aims to become a top 5 car brand in Europe, and electric drive in Skoda’s fleet will increase to 50-70 percent in the continent. Skoda says that by 2030, the fleet emissions would reduce by more than 50 percent compared to 2020 and aims for net-zero CO2 production in plants in India and the Czech Republic. It plans to have three electric vehicles in its portfolio by 2030, all smaller in size (and price) than the Enyaq.

Modern Solid

Urban Skoda electric SUV teaser
Skoda teased the Urban electric SUV during the Skoda Auto Annual Press Conference 2022. Image: Skoda

Skoda will reveal a new design language christened ‘Modern Solid’ later in 2022. Former CEO Thomas Schafer stated that it would be a “real wow moment” for customers and the brand’s competitors. The Modern Solid philosophy will not only focus on the vehicle’s appearance, but it will also redefine the brand’s purpose, positioning, and customer groups.

The Skoda Urban electric SUV would be the first to incorporate this design language. In the future, the Skoda Octavia electric equivalent will also be based on the new philosophy. Expect features like flush door handles, digital mirrors, short overhangs, and a more striking appearance from the next-generation Skoda cars.

Skoda Octavia Sales

The Skoda Octavia is the brand’s best-seller and its most popular model. In 2021, Skoda sold 200,800 units of the Octavia worldwide—the sedan outperformed the second-placed Kamiq SUV by more than 80,000 units. However, Skoda Octavia’s 2021 sales were down 22% compared to 2020, when the brand delivered 257,400 units.

Skoda Octavia Electric equivalent FAQs

What is the expected Skoda Octavia EV release date?

We expect Skoda to bring the Octavia EV to the market in 2026.

What are the future competitors of the Octavia EV?

Hyundai Ioniq 6, VW Aero B, Tesla Model 3, Nio ET5 and the Xpeng P5 are some of the possible challengers.

What is the expected Skoda Octavia Electric price?

While it’s early to make a realistic guess, we think the Octavia EV could start at around EUR 30,000 in 2026.

Featured Image: Skoda Auto