Roewe Marvel R launched as world’s first car with 5G & C-V2X

The Roewe Marvel R electric SUV has been launched in China as the world’s first vehicle to feature 5G connectivity and C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle to Everything) communication technology. The successor to the Roewe Marvel X, the Roewe Marvel R boasts Level 3 autonomous driving capability as well.

Huawei’s Balong 5000 multi-mode chipset enables 5G in the Roewe Marvel R. This 5G chipset will keep it ahead of most modern competitors like the Tesla Model Y in some aspects. It is the world’s first multi-mode chipset that supports V2X (Vehicle to Everything) communications.

V2X includes V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), and V2N (Vehicle to Network) communications. Thanks to 5G, customers will be able to enjoy the V2X at low latency and with low power consumption. There are reportedly 17 scenarios where 5G C-V2X can be useful in the Roewe Marvel R. The new electric SUV has 28 sensors for Level 3 autonomous driving.

The Marvel R is available in a standard variant at CNY 219,800 (USD 34,040.58) and a Pro variant at CNY 239,800 (USD 37,137.99). To benefit from its 5G connectivity and C-V2X communication capabilities, customers need to specify an optional R Pilot package that costs CNY 30,000 (USD 4,646.12). This optional package is exclusive to the Pro variant.

A 69.9 kWh battery pack is standard in the Roewe Marvel R, and it provides a range (NEDC) of 505 km (314 miles). Fully charging the battery pack using a normal charger takes 12 hours, while the fast-charging time for 30-80% SoC is 30 minutes.  As standard, the Roewe Marvel R is powered by two motors that are mounted at the rear and generate 137 kW (184 hp) and 410 Nm (302 Lb.-Ft.). Accelerating from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in the Roewe Marvel R RWD takes 7.9 seconds.

The Pro variant can optionally be fitted with a third, front-mounted motor at an additional cost of CNY 20,000 (USD 3,097.41). It increases the power and torque to 222 kW (298 hp) and 665 Nm (490 Lb.-Ft.). The tri-motor configuration is much quicker, with a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration time of just 4.8 seconds. Its range (NEDC), however, is 460 km (286 miles).

Reports say that SAIC could launch a Marvel R with a 93 kWh battery pack that provides a range (NEDC) of 700 km (435 miles) in the future. This configuration could have all-wheel drive drivetrain layout as standard. It is not clear at this moment if SAIC has exports plans for the Marvel R to Europe or USA.

Roewe Marvel R Specs

AspectRoewe Marvel R Specification
Length4,674 mm (184.0 in.)
Width1,919 mm (75.6 in.)
Height1,618 mm (63.7 in.)
Wheelbase2,800 mm (110.2 in.)
Drivetrain LayoutRWD/AWD
Rear Motor 1 (TM) Outputs85 kW (114 hp)/255 Nm (188 Lb.-Ft.)
Rear Motor 2 (BM) Outputs52 kW (70 hp)/155 Nm (114 Lb.-Ft.)
Front Motor (SAM) Outputs85 kW (114 hp)/255 Nm (188 Lb.-Ft.)
Acceleration Time (0-62 mph)7.9 seconds (FWD)/4.8 seconds (AWD)
Battery Pack Capacity69.9 kWh
Range (NEDC)505 km/314 miles (RWD)/460 km/286 miles (AWD)

Featured Image Source: SAIC