Rivian Amazon EDV 500 electric van: Everything we know [Update]

  • Smaller and cheaper than the EDV 700
  • Offers a cargo space of 500 cu. ft.
  • Expected to deliver a range of up to 150 miles

Update: ‘Rivian EDV 500 test mules spotted in the U.S.’ section added.

While the Rivian EDV 700 has started reaching Amazon, its first customer, the smaller Rivian EDV 500 will be the next to enter series production. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Rivian van.

Design & Specifications

The Rivian EDV 500 features a friendly and contemporary design similar to the Rivian EDV 700, but it’s quite small. As Rivian says in its Q4 2021 shareholder letter, the EDV 500 is a narrower and shorter version of the EDV 700. It’s central to the brand’s expansion to geographies where smaller vans are in higher demand. It shares many components with the 700, as it sits on the same, RCV platform.

AspectEDV 500 SpecificationEDV 700 SpecificationEDV 900 Specification
Length248 in.277 in.321 in.
Wheelbase157 in.187 in.205 in.
Cargo Space500 cu. ft.660 cu. ft.840 cu. ft.
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)9,350 lbs.9,350 lbs.14,000 lbs.
RangeUp to 150 milesUp to 150 milesUp to 120 miles
Rivian EDV 500, Rivian EDV 700 & Rivian EDV 900 specifications (Source: Rivian)

As seen in the table, the Rivian EDV 500 has a 29-inch shorter body and a 30-inch shorter wheelbase than the 700. It offers 160 cu. ft. lesser cargo space than the larger model. There’s no word on the battery pack capacity or power output yet. The maximum range of the Rivian EDV 500 is the same as that of the EDV 700 – 150 miles.

EDVs to get LFP battery

During the Q4 2021 earnings call in March 2022, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe stated that the EDV would get a Standard Battery Pack with lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry.

LFP cells have more charge/discharge cycles and last longer than battery packs with nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) cells that the EDV 700 currently uses. The EDV 500 is also expected to come with an NMC battery initially, and at some point during its lifecycle, might also get a base variant with the Standard Battery Pack with LFP cells. Rivian is also considering the cheaper cell chemistry for its passenger vehicles, which is expected to include the Rivian R2S and Rivian R2T by 2026.

Rivian EDV 500 test mules spotted in the U.S.

Instagram user kindelauto (link) recently posted a short clip that shows what appear to be two EDV 500 prototypes dressed in smart camouflage out on routine testing on public roads in Irvine, California. It reveals the electric van’s rectangular but modern LED taillights with neatly-segmented interior elements, and an LED light band that stretches from one unit to the other forming a distinct & eye-catching ‘U’ shape.

Production & Release Date

Manufacturing of the Rivian EDV 500 will take place at the company’s factory in Normal, Illinois. In its Q4 2021 shareholder letter, Rivian said that it has successfully built the pre-production units of the EDV 500 as well as a Euro-spec EDV 500 at the American production facility. During the Q1 2022 earnings call in May 2022, Scaringe said that the R1T pickup, R1S SUV, and EDV 700 electric van are being manufactured and delivered to customers while the EDV 500 is undergoing final production trials.

In its Q2 2022 shareholder letter, Rivian said that it has started production validation builds for the narrower and shorter version of the EDV 700. The company will use the learnings from the EDV 700 production in the EDV 500 production. The company could begin manufacturing the smaller model in Q1 2023 and begin shipping to customers during Spring.

Meanwhile, Amazon has started deploying the delivered EDVs, all of which are EDV 700 units. It began delivering packages using the EDV700 in San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Baltimore, Nashville, Dallas, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Kansas City among other cities on July 21, 2022. It expects thousands of customer electric vehicles to be on the roads in more than 100 cities by the end of 2022.

We will keep updating this page as and when new information emerges.

Featured Image Source: SEC/Rivian