SAIC Motor’s Rising Auto R7 SUV features battery swap

Battery swapping technology is seen holding potential among EV carmakers globally. Following Nio and Geely, SAIC Motor’s Rising Auto has become another carmaker to offer battery swapping technology to its customers. The new Rising Auto R7 is the EV compatible with swapping technology, and its pre-production models have rolled off the brand’s facility in Shanghai Lingang.

The new development indicates that the production systems have been streamlined for the Rising Auto R7, and it is ready to enter its next phase of range testing and validation, which may go on for a few months. Rising Auto will also analyze the efficiency and durability of the production chain and apply corrective measures should there be any loopholes in the system.


The Rising Auto R7 appeared striking as it rolled off the production line. It has a full-width LED strip up front, and the headlamps are vertically positioned in the bumper. The headlamps have a laser light function with active beams that reduce glare on the oncoming traffic. The Rising Auto R7 also has flush door handles, aero-optimized wheels, and an LED light bar at the rear that accentuates the car’s width.


The R7 measures 193 inches long, 75.7 inches wide, and 65.1 inches tall. It has a 116.1-inch wheelbase. For perspective, it is roughly the size of the Nio EC6 or the Mercedes EQE. The EV offers strong performance, at least on paper; its electric powertrain has been tuned to deliver 536 hp and 700 Nm. 0-100 kmph (0-62 mph) acceleration takes less than 4 seconds.

The company claims a driving range of 600 km, and the battery can be swapped in just 2.5 minutes at the swapping stations, of which the brand is currently building a network in China. What’s also impressive is the EV’s autonomous driving capabilities. It comes equipped with Luminar LIDAR, which can detect objects up to 500 meters. It also has a 4D imaging radar and three cameras on each side to monitor its surroundings. It’s likely to be Level 4 ready by the time mass production begins.

Rising Auto R7 Luminar LiDar
The Luminar LIDAR has 500 meters range of detection and also supports 4D imaging. Image: SAIC Motor

Production & Release Date

SAIC has announced that the production and manufacturing of the R7 is progressing steadily as scheduled. Mass production and deliveries of the EV in China are expected to start in the second half of 2022. Pre-orders opened on February 22, 2022. Moreover, SAIC has said that the software and hardware of the EV’s smart cockpit are almost ready for mass production.

With brands like MG and Maxus already operating in Europe, SAIC may not be in a tearing rush to introduce the Rising Auto brand in the global market.

Featured image: SAIC Motor