Renault Zandar & Morphoz electric SUVs line up for 2022 [Update]

Update: Groupe Renault has announced that Luca de Meo, its new CEO, will present a new strategic plan called “Renaulution” on January 14, 2021. We could get to know more about the Renault Zandar and Renault Morphoz electric SUVs during the conference and the Q&A session scheduled later the same day.

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The Renault Zoe, which has seen a sale of 350,000+ units since its launch ten years ago, has paved the way for new generation Renault electric crossovers this decade. The French manufacturer from the tripartite alliance with Luca de Meo now at the helm is planning a big EV onslaught from next year, with the hopes of significantly expanding its market share in EVs in Europe. The company’s second phase of EV offensive will lead to the launch of a bevy of SUVs, including the production Renault Morphoz and a Renault Zandar, as per a report from

For its first next-gen EV, scheduled to debut in 2021, Renault plans to leverage the popularity of its Megane nameplate. Previewed by the Renault Megane eVision, the CMF-EV platform-based Renault Megane electric SUV will be the Diamond brand’s challenger to the VW ID.3 hatchback and cost EUR 35,000 onwards.

Renault Zandar & Renault Morphoz

Following the Renault Megane electric in late 2021, the less advanced and affordable Renault ‘Zandar’ electric car could debut in early 2022. It would be an all-electric alternative to the Renault Captur. Compared to the Renault Megane electric SUV’s 160 kW (214 hp) maximum output, the Renault Zandar would be lower on performance. Motor options with 130-200 hp output are expected as this model targets more of urban car users than those who love excursions and extended vacations. Where the Renault Megane eVision will have a range of close to 300 miles, the Renault Zandar should do about 200 miles on a full charge.

Renault Morphoz interior dashboard
The production Renault Morphoz should feature Level 3 autonomous driving tech.

In late 2022, Renault plans to launch the production Renault Morphoz that would battle with the likes of VW ID.4 and Nissan Ariya. Electric motors with 150-217 hp options are expected, and the estimated driving range is close to 300 miles. The production Renault Morphoz should feature Level 3 autonomous driving tech among a variety of other futuristic features making it an archetype of the next-generation SUV.

By 2022, Groupe Renault will have a total of 12 hybrid and 8 pure electric models on the market. Come 2023, rumor has it, the company will be ready to roll out a seven-seat Renault electric SUV as its ultimate EV challenging the VW ID.6 and the Nissan Ariya ‘Plus’.