Alpine electric SUV teased in corporate presentation

Renault-owned ‘Avant-garde’ vehicle specialist, Alpine, has revealed a teaser of its upcoming models in the Renaulution corporate presentation. The silhouettes of its 3-member portfolio are visible, confirming an electric sports car (successor for the Alpine A110), an electric SUV, and a B-segment electric hot-hatchback.

Alpine, which has been given the blessing of Groupe Renault boss Luca de Meo to re-invent itself as a performance division, has a new target to be profitable by 2025. To this extent, the firm has partnered with Geely-owned Lotus to work together in a number of areas including the development of the new sports car. It would be reasonable to expect the learnings from this partnership to spill over to the C-segment Alpine electric SUV.

Alpine electric SUV teased
Aside from the electric SUV and sports car, Alpine will also make a B-segment electric hot hatchback. Image source: Renault corporate presentation.

While there are not too many details about the Alpine electric SUV, reports say it will be based on the CMF-EV platform, which will also underpin the upcoming Renault Megane eVision electric crossover. To date, Groupe Renault has filed over 300 patents on the CMF-EV platform, and more details on the exact offering and specifications should be shared in the coming weeks.

Alpine electric SUV expected specifications

If the Megane eVision is basis to go by, the Alpine electric SUV would feature the ‘slimline’ batteries which are built into the structure of the CMF-EV platform. Luca de Meo has told the media that these batteries are the ‘flattest in the market’ and that they help the crossover achieve superior aerodynamics, which would be key for the performance oriented Alpine electric SUV.

On the Megane eVision, Renault will use a 60 kWh battery delivering a range of 280 miles (450 km), however, the company acknowledged there would be a possibility to have higher range option in the future. It can be fast charged up to 130 kW, and be offered with single-motor front wheel drive or twin motor all wheel drive variants, and the Alpine electric SUV could possibly feature the latter.

No doubt, the Alpine electric SUV will be quick. For reference, the single-motor 215 bhp front wheel drive Renault Megane eVision will do 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than 8 seconds, and the AWD twin motor is sure to shave at least a couple of seconds from that time.

Renault Megane eVision profile side
The upcoming electric Megane is touted to feature the flattest batteries in the industry, which should aid in the aerodynamics of the EV and the upcoming Alpine electric SUV which will be based on the same platform.

On the pricing front, the Alpine electric SUV will no doubt be more expensive than the electric Megane. de Meo indicated that the target pricing for the Alpine electric sports car was to stay similar to the gas-powered A110, which costs around 62,000 EUR (USD 75,000), but there was likely to be a premium thanks to its full electric status. The Alpine electric SUV should be priced in that ballpark, but could be a tad less expensive, as Alpine would want to attract more buyers with the SUV, whereas the purists and loyalists would prefer the sports car.

While there are no timelines for the electric SUV, it would be reasonable to expect it prior to 2025 as the company aims to turn in profits from that year, and a volume-oriented electric SUV would be key to achieving that.

Featured image is an enhanced version of Alpine’s teaser from the Renaulution corporate presentation.