Ram ProMaster EV: Everything we know in June 2022

Update: ‘Expected Design’ section updated with ‘Spotted testing in Europe’ sub-section.

When Stellantis gave the Ram ProMaster its MY2022 update in the U.S and Canada in 2021, it subtly revealed that it plans to launch a Ram ProMaster EV in these North American markets in 2023.

Stellantis hasn’t revealed technical details of the Ram ProMaster EV yet. What’s certain is that the company will target customers considering the Ford E-Transit, the Rivian EDV 700 van, and GM’s upcoming full-size electric cargo van for the Chevrolet brand, which we reckon is the Chevrolet Express EV.


The gas-powered Ram ProMaster is basically North America’s Fiat Ducato. Similarly, the Ram ProMaster EV should be technically related to the Fiat E-Ducato, the Ducato’s pure electric variant that debuted in April 2021 for the European region and is now on sale.

2023 Ram ProMaster EV teaser
The Ram ProMaster EV should technically be similar to the Fiat E-Ducato electric van that is available in European markets. Image Source: Ram Trucks/Stellantis

Similar looks to the gas-powered van

The Ram ProMaster EV does not feature a significant design shift from the combustion variant, which has just received a facelift. The gas-powered 2023 ProMaster comes with LED headlights that provide 50% more range, a sleeker hood, a new radiator grille, side air inlets, and a front bumper. The electric van will download the same updates.

Video Source: YouTube/Ram Trucks

The official teaser images of the Ram Promaster EV indicate that the blue tinge on the Ram logo is probably only a lighting effect. The design is nearly identical to the ICE 2023 ProMaster, and perhaps the only visible difference in the teaser is a slightly different frame for the lower portion of the grille. One of the teasers shows the electric van based on the Super High Roof version. The electric van features LED headlamps, LED fog lamps, chrome garnish in the fog lamp housing, and steel wheels.

According to a report from MoparInsiders.com, the ProMaster EV could be available with a passenger-side delivery door as an option. Checking this option would make the ProMaster EV a proper delivery van that provides the driver easy ingress and egress during delivery without the need to slide open the doors and store more cargo in the back.

2023 Ram ProMaster standard roof super high roof high roof
From left to right (gasoline-engined): 2023 Ram ProMaster Standard Roof, 2023 Ram ProMaster Super High Roof, and 2023 Ram ProMaster High Roof. Image Source: Stellantis

Spotted testing in Europe

The ProMaster 1500 Electric was spotted testing in Europe again after initial images of the test mules emerged late in 2021. The Facebook user Gabetz Spy Unit posted multiple pictures of the test mules, whose fascia was covered in black camouflaging to hide the details. A “Ram 1500 ProMaster” badge was also seen above the front right fender. Moreover, the electric van was parked next to the Fiat e-Ducato, the ProMaster 1500 Electric’s technical cousin.

Expected specifications

Battery Life & Range

Fiat’s all-electric van comes in two battery pack options, one comprising three modules with 47 kWh energy content and one consisting of five modules with 79 kWh energy content. Organized in parallel, the modules of both 47 and 79 kWh battery packs pose no issue in case one of them fails. The other modules automatically pick up the slack and make up for the loss. Stellantis calls this feature, which it claims to be an industry-first, ‘Recovery Mode.’

The 47 kWh battery pack provides a range of up to 235 km (146 miles), and the 79 kWh battery pack offers a significantly longer range of up to 370 km (230 miles). Note that these range figures are as per WLTP, and EPA’s testing method usually gives comparatively lower figures.

Fiat E-Ducato battery pack
The Fiat E-Ducato features a Recovery Mode that sees that a failure of one of its battery pack’s modules doesn’t bring work to a half all of a sudden. Image Source: InsideEVs/Stellantis


All Ducato electric configurations have a single motor generating 90 kW (121 hp) of power and 280 Nm (207 Lb.-Ft.) of torque. The maximum speed (limited) is 100 km/h or 62 mph. Customers can charge the Fiat E-Ducato with alternating current up to 22 kW and direct current up to 50 kW.

Drive modes

In addition to the typical Normal, Eco, and Power drive modes, the E-Ducato offers Turtle and Recovery drive modes. The Turtle mode is similar to a smartphone’s low-battery/battery-saver mode. When the battery level is low, it automatically activates and limits the vehicle performance so that the final 8-10% charge lasts longer. In the Recovery mode, if one of the battery modules malfunctions, the others take its place to ensure that the current trip doesn’t face interruptions.

Expected features

L2 Autonomous driving

The Ram ProMaster EV should get the best of its donor model’s features. The full-size commercial van is available with LED headlights with LED DRLs, USB Type C port, wireless charging pad, Level 2 (L2) autonomous driving with Active Driving Assist, 360-degree Surround View camera, etc.

New Uconnect 5 system

The new Uconnect 5 infotainment system will likely be available in the Electric ProMaster. This system may include a 10-inch touchscreen with split-screen capability, five individual user profiles, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, customizable home screen, TomTom navigation, OTA updates, and Alexa voice assistant.

Driver assistance systems

Plenty of advanced safety and driver assistance features could be standard in the Ram ProMaster EV, including a rear backup camera, Traffic Sign Recognition, Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning, post-collision braking, and Drowsiness Detection.

Stellantis may share targeted specs and planned features of the Ram ProMaster EV in the first half of the year when it begins the one-year countdown to the launch.

Expanding Amazon’s Sustainable Delivery Network

An agreement between Stellantis and Amazon revealed on January 5, 2022, the Ram ProMaster battery electric vehicle (BEV) will be delivered to Amazon as its first commercial customer once it is launched in 2023. Amazon is in the process of transforming its sustainable last-mile delivery process to achieve its target of net-zero carbon by 2040 in support of The Climate Pledge. Stellantis has designed the vehicle taking input from Amazon to include last-mile delivery features. This long-term agreement between the two companies will put thousands of ProMaster BEVs on the road every year in the United States.

Earlier this year, we announced Amazon will be our first commercial customer for the Ram ProMaster BEV, coming in 2023. With input from Amazon, we designed the vehicle with unique last-mile delivery features. Together, we are bringing thousands of electric vans every year to support a more sustainable delivery network.

Carlos Tavares, CEO, Stellantis (Stellantis long-term strategic plan on March 1, 2022)

Stellantis has supplied tens of thousands of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to Amazon since 2018 in North America and Europe, including Ram ProMaster, Fiat Ducato, and Peugeot and Citroen LCVs.

Ram ProMaster Hydrogen variant

Stellantis hydrogen FCEV launch plan
The Ram ProMaster could be available in the U.S. in a hydrogen variant from 2025. Image Source: Stellantis

Around the middle of the decade, the U.S. could get a Ram ProMaster Hydrogen in select states. At the conference held in early March 2022 to reveal Stellantis’ long-term strategic plan (Dare Forward 2030), CEO Carlos Tavares said that the company is “a front-runner in the hydrogen race.” Hydrogen fuel cell technology particularly suits the needs of CV customers who require long-range, fast refueling and zero emissions without compromising payload capacity.

In 2024, we plan to increase our mid-van production capacity and extend our hydrogen offer to large vans in Europe. And in 2025, we’ll start extending our large van offer to U.S. customers while further exploring opportunities for heavy-duty trucks.

Carlos Tavares, CEO, Stellantis (Stellantis long-term strategic plan on March 1, 2022)

Ram ProMaster sales

Stellantis sold 77,940 units of the (combustion-engined) ProMaster in 2021, registering a 28% year-over-year growth (2020: 60,965 units). 63,361 units came from the ProMaster Van (2020: 50,556 units) and 14,579 units from the ProMaster City (2020: 10,409 units). However, in Q1 2022, the company delivered 11,037 ProMasters, which marked a 28% decline compared to the same period in 2021 (14,084 units). The ProMaster Van contributed 9,328 units (Q1 2021: 10,880 units), while the ProMaster City’s contribution was 1,709 units (Q1 2021: 3,204 units). As the semiconductor chip crisis continues, the auto industry finds itself at the center of the problem. Production numbers are expected to improve later this year, but the situation is still uncertain.

Ram ProMaster EV FAQs

What is the Ram ProMaster EV release date?

The Ram ProMaster EV will arrive in the U.S. and Canada in 2023.

What will be the Ram ProMaster EV range?

The Ram ProMaster EV could offer a range of around 200 miles (EPA est.).

Which electric vans will compete with the ProMaster EV?

The Ram ProMaster will compete with the Ford E-Transit, the BrightDrop Zevo 600, Rivian EDV 700, and the yet-to-be-announced Chevrolet Express EV.

Featured Image Source: Ram Trucks/Stellantis