Mini Porsche Taycan (Tesla Model 3 Performance rival) ruled out

  • No plans for a Porsche model below the 718, says company's sales & marketing boss
  • Porsche is expanding its line-up with more desirable models and new EVs
  • Porsche's next launches include electric versions of the Macan, Boxster, Cayman & Cayenne

After adding the Macan and Taycan to its line-up last decade, Porsche is planning further expansion of its line-up. The company will grow its SUV portfolio with a new model codenamed ‘Porsche K1’ later this decade. However, its sports limousine range will remain limited to the Panamera and Taycan. A mini Porsche Taycan or another Porsche sedan isn’t in the pipeline.

Porsche line-up
Porsche’s vehicle line-up consists of two sports car model lines (718 and 911), two low-riding family model lines (Panamera and Taycan), and two high-riding family model lines (Macan and Cayenne). Image Source: Porsche

“Makes no sense”

In an interview with auto motor und sport, which the German publication revealed in its magazine on February 23, 2023, Detlev von Platen indicated Porsche doesn’t plan to launch a Tesla Model 3 Performance rival. von Platen is the Member of Executive Board responsible for Sales and Marketing at the company. Asked if Porsche needs a small Taycan in the line-up, he straight away refused, saying thinking about a model positioned below the 718 and the Macan “makes no sense.”

Sedans were considered to be a dying breed last decade, but recently, there has been a resurgence of interest because of the transition to EVs. In China, Porsche’s biggest single market worldwide, there’s been a surge of electric mid-size sedan launches in recent years due to an increased focus on energy efficiency, which directly impacts the driving range. In the premium/performance category, the Nio ET5, with 483 hp and 516 lb.-ft., takes just 4 seconds for a 0-62 mph sprint. The BYD Seal, with 523 hp and 494 lb.-ft., hits 0 to 62 mph in just 3.8 seconds. Audi RS and Mercedes-AMG EVs in the segment should arrive around the middle of the decade.

Porsche future product roadmap
A Porsche K1 SUV will join the company’s line-up later this decade. Image Source: Porsche

From a brand standpoint, we understand why Porsche’s steering clear of lower segments. These pockets are extremely competitive and don’t offer high margins. Then there’s also the risk of diluting prestige. Some might even say the Macan Iaunch last decade, though it turned out to be extremely successful business-wise, was an overstretch.

A mini-Taycan might seem outrageously unacceptable to Porsche fans. “We don’t belong there,” von Platen said while talking about the idea of launching a mini-Taycan, a potential Polestar 2 competitor. He concluded by saying that the company wants to expand the brand in a way that it becomes more desirable, which obviously means releasing bigger/more expensive models like the Porsche K1 SUV.

Featured Image Source: YouTube/Porsche