Nissan electric pickup truck based on Hercules Alpha comes into focus

In two-three years, the electric pickup truck market will be flush with options, and Nissan doesn’t intend to lag behind the competition. The company doesn’t have an indigenous rival for this race yet, but it could launch a Nissan Titan electric pickup based on the Hercules Alpha, as per a new report from

Nissan Titan sales dropped 38% last year and 24% between January and September this year, and it could worsen in the coming years as rivals woo customers away with pure electric options. A Ford F-150 Electric is due in mid-2022, and the same year, General Motors is likely to release its Chevrolet BET Truck. The Rivian R1T is coming to showrooms a year earlier, in mid-2021. Nissan, not an aggressive contender with electric pickups like other Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda, is under the pump.

Sources have told Bloomberg that Nissan Motor is discussing collaboration with Detroit-based startup Hercules for its first electric pickup truck. Founded by venture capitalist James Breyer, Hercules plans to launch an electric pickup truck called Hercules Alpha in mid-2022, a luxurious, high-performance model with specs like quad-motor powertrain generating 1,000 horsepower, 300+ mile range, 120 mph top speed, 12,500 pounds towing capacity, etc. Nissan would need specifications tilting towards conventional pickup truck capabilities, range and affordability than sheer performance for the Titan electric pickup.

As per the report, Nissan is considering to purchase a pure electric powertrain from Hercules for the Titan pickup truck. The company is interested in striking a deal for parts-sharing and a strategic partnership for the same. Rival companies Ford and GM have crafted similar deals with startups. For instance, Ford has invested $500 million in Rivian for accessing the startup’s skateboard platform, while GM plans to invest $2 billion in Nikola.