Nissan Ariya U.S. deliveries postponed to 2022, confirms Nissan

Nissan Ariya deliveries were scheduled to begin mid-2021 (May-August 2021), with Japan as the first market. However, due to component shortage, the first units will come out “this winter (December 2021-February 2022),” Nissan revealed in the announcement of a limited-edition model on June 4, 2021. Moreover, the company has pushed back customer deliveries of the Ariya in the United States to 2022.

Makoto Uchida, Director, Representative Executive Officer, President, and CEO, Nissan, confirmed during the fiscal year 2020 financial results announcement last month that the production of the Ariya will begin this year. “As we introduce the Nissan Intelligent Factory in Tochigi this year, we are going to start production of Ariya,” he said. The company has changed the SOP date because of the ongoing semiconductor shortage worldwide.

“We assume an impact of 500,000 units from the semiconductor shortage,” Uchida said later, during the analyst session for discussing the fiscal year 2020 financial results. “The magnitude of impact is large due to the “double negative impact” of supply shortage, new product launch timing, and the fact that we have more models using more semiconductor,” he added.

A spokesperson of Nissan for the U.S. market told Green Car Reports that reservations for the Ariya in the country will begin later this year, and the start of sales is from next year.

Nissan Ariya blue-black front quarters
Nissan is displaying the Ariya at various locations in Japan already, and is receiving expressions of interest in the hundreds of thousands globally. Image: Nissan

Uchida revealed during the FY2020 financial results announcement that there are around 200,000 hand-raisers for the Ariya globally. That’s double the figure when it announced Q3 FY2020 results on February 9, 2021. Customer interest should rise further as media reviews emerge and sales open next year.

Nissan has started driving the Ariya on the public roads without disguise to gain eyeballs. The company first took the electric coupe crossover to the iconic Circuit de Monaco last month.

Nissan is showcasing the Ariya at various locations and events in Japan already. The blue & black unit pictured (above) was showcased at an EV event in Miki city last November. An all-black Nissan Ariya would look more menacing but probably not as sporty as this blue & black two-tone unit.

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Nissan electric car.

US launch & production plan

As stated, the Nissan Ariya won’t reach American customers before the start of 2022. It is one of the most anticipated electric SUV launches in the United States, but there may not be enough supply to fulfill orders initially, suggested a report last year. In the first year of production, Nissan plans to manufacture 30,000 units of the Ariya, and so, there may not be enough cars heading to the U.S. market initially, as per Reuters.

With 30,000 units split between no less than four prominent sales territories, namely Japan, China, Europe, and North America, there’s no doubt that Nissan will see long queues lining up for the Ariya. Nissan insiders aren’t that happy with the planned low volume, with one source saying, “It’s a bit underwhelming” and rhetorically asking, “Is this going to be a vehicle that brings a halo effect to the brand or not?”

Video Source: YouTube/Nissan

The Nissan Ariya will go on sale when the demand for electric SUVs is witnessing a boom. Given its SUV body style, range, price, and high-end technologies, it should go on to become Nissan’s best-selling electric car. Nissan sold about 9,500 units of the Leaf in the USA last year, and it should see a much higher uptake for the Ariya in its first full year of sales.

Nissan does plan to ramp up the production of the Ariya, but gradually. Another source said that Nissan would eventually optimize the annual production to 100,000 units. According to two people privy to confidential information, the company will manufacture this model in China. That could free up a lot of Japanese export production for North America and Europe. The Ariya was displayed in China for the first time last year and is confirmed for the local market where order books could open by early next year.


The Nissan Ariya looks like no other Nissan model in the market, and that’s because it follows a new design theme – Timeless Japanese Futurism. The all-electric SUV-coupe exudes powerfulness with grace and simplicity, easily relatable to Japanese designs. A sleek silhouette and smooth, seamless surfaces make it look built to cut through the air with a breeze.

The Nissan Ariya has a chic design, but at the same time, it also has some attributes that portray dominance and sportiness. The thin LED headlamps built of four 20-mm mini-projectors, the giant “aerodynamic shield” in place of a traditional grille, and the drop-down LED DRLs let onlookers know exactly what’s coming their way. The new brand logo, positioned at the center of the aerodynamic shield, is an illuminated one, adding to the vehicle’s sci-fi first impression.

Black underbody cladding goes from the front all the way to the rear and complements the chunky alloy wheels in contributing to the classic SUV traits. At the rear, a steeply raked C-pillar merges flawlessly into the deck. That and the quickly sloping roofline are principal to the Nissan Ariya’s low-slung, sporty stance. The rear combination lamps had to have some drama like the front lights, and the combined light blade with a blackened treatment ensure that.


The Nissan Ariya has its own identity and lays a foundation for future Nissans. The dedicated BEV platform has a flat floor, which means an uninterrupted and practical cabin that gives more legroom and easier interaction between the front- and rear-seat occupants.

Nissan Ariya interior dashboard
The Ariya raises the bar for minimalism at Nissan. Image Source: Nissan

Nissan says that the interior is closer to that of a sleek cafe lounge on a starship than to an ordinary vehicle cabin (no reason to argue on that!). The dashboard has been designed to look sleeker and virtually merge with the door panels seamlessly. It is in line with the vehicle’s minimalist nature, perhaps in the highest degree of all parts, with almost no physical controls. The company has integrated the primary climate control functions into a wooden center dash – talk about being premium and close to nature – with capacitive haptic switches.

The steering wheel is a fancy two-spoke unit, underscoring the less is more philosophy of the EV. Two large displays – a fully digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen central display – are positioned in an upright manner to allow the driver to view information and access the infotainment system easily.

Range & Performance

Along with a striking exterior and an exceptionally minimalist interior, the Nissan Ariya rides on a brand new Alliance platform, the CMF-EV. Nissan has announced four configurations for the Ariya, with 63 kWh and 87 kWh battery pack options and one or two motors with 160 kW – 290 kW of power and 221.2 lb.-ft. – 442.5 lb.-ft. of torque.

Japanese specificationsNissan Ariya (2WD)Ariya (2WD)Ariya (AWD)Ariya (AWD)
Battery capacity
(estimated; subject to homologation)
65 kWh
63 kWh
90 kWh
87 kWh
65 kWh
63 kWh
90 kWh
87 kWh
Output160 kW178 kW250 kW290 kW
Torque300 Nm/221.2 lb-ft300 Nm/221.2 lb-ft560 Nm/413 lb-ft600 Nm/442.5 lb-ft
(0-62 mph)
7.5 s7.6 s5.4 s5.1 s
Top speed100 mph100 mph124.2 mph124.2 mph
Estimated range based on WLTC Japan cycle; subject to homologationUp to 279.6 miUp to 379 miUp to 379 miUp to 379 mi
Common specifications (across variants)
Length4,595 mm (180.9 in)
Width1,850 mm (72.83 in)
Height1,655 mm (65.15 in)
Weight1,900 kg – 2,200 kg (4,188.7 – 4,850.1 lbs)
Wheelbase2,775 mm (109.25 in)
Luggage capacity466 L (2WD) / 408 L (AWD)
Tire size
(front and rear)
235/55 R19
255/45 R20 (optional)

In the US, Nissan estimates the Ariya to receive approximately 300 miles from the EPA. The peak power for DC fast charging is 130 kW, although the charging times aren’t out yet. Both 2WD and AWD configurations would be available to American buyers, and detailed specifications are awaited in the last quarter of the year.

Release Date & Price

Nissan will likely price the VW ID.4 rival in the USA from around $40,000.

Nissan Ariya FAQs

What is the Nissan Ariya release date?

Customer deliveries of the Nissan Ariya in the U.S. market begins in early 2022.

Which electric SUVs will the Nissan Ariya compete with?

The Nissan Ariya rivals in the United States will include the Toyota BZ4X, VW ID.4, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and the Tesla Model Y.

What will be the base Nissan Ariya price?

Prices of the Nissan Ariya in the USA will likely start at around $40,000.

Featured image: Nissan