Alleged Nio ES7 spotted for the first time, to be launched in 2022

Within two weeks of the Nio ET5 debut, the next Nio electric car has come into the limelight. Spy shots of a mysterious new SUV have surfaced on the web, and the Chinese media is calling it the Nio ES7.


Judging by the size, the test mule looks like an SUV longer than the Nio ES6 but shorter than the Nio ES8. It explains the media speculation that it will arrive with the Nio ES7 badge. Some reports say that the ES7 could replace the ES6, the mid-size SUV that is currently the brand’s most affordable model on sale.

The two-tier headlamps consisting of a thin DRL strip on the top and vertically stacked main lights positioned separately below instantly make the prototype recognizable as a future Nio vehicle. The design and layout of the sensors mounted on the roof strengthen that speculation. Like the ET5, it appears to feature a LiDAR flanked by two high-resolution cameras at the front of the roof and a high-resolution camera integrated into a shark-fin antenna at the rear.

Nio ES7 rear three quarter spy shot
The rumored Nio ES7 looks longer than the ES6, but just short of the ES8. One possibility is that it is the successor of either of the two models. Image Source: Weibo/肉肉爸比ev

Platform & Specifications

Nio should develop the ES7 on the Nio Technology Platform 2.0 (NT2.0 platform) that debuted in the ET7 and now underpins the ET5. Before the ET5’s debut, Nio confirmed that it plans to launch three Nio Technology Platform 2.0 models, including the ET7, in 2022. The ET5 is the second NT2.0 platform EV, and the ES7 could be the third. Likewise, the ES7 could come with 75 kWh, 100 kWh, and 150 kWh battery pack options. The 150 kWh unit may offer an ultra-long-range of between 850-950 km (CLTC range).

Nio ES7 Release Date

The Nio ES7 could hit the company’s domestic market towards the end of 2022. Expect the European launch to be held in H1 2023 by which time Nio should have also expanded to Germany. Nio does not currently have a launch plan in the United States, at least nothing that has been made public.

Featured Image Source: Weibo/肉肉爸比ev