Can the 2024 MINI Aceman EV shake up the urban SUV market? [Update]

  • MINI Paceman successor with a more practical, four-door body
  • Designed from the ground up as an EV, based on a dedicated EV platform for max space & efficiency
  • Expected to be launched in the U.S. in 2024 at under USD 40,000
  • Could deliver an EPA-est. range of 200-225 miles

Update: ‘Specifications’ section revised with a table.

The MINI Paceman unveiled in 2012 found the going tough due to the decline of two-door models in the global market. Sales of the Paceman never really picked up, so it was discontinued in 2017.

Fans of the MINI Sports Activity Coupe would be thrilled to hear that the nameplate is coming back to the market, this time with proper doors, a pure-electric powertrain, and without a ‘P’! Here’s everything we know about the MINI Aceman (codename: MINI J05) so far:


There’s a lot that we know about the Aceman’s design already. MINI revealed a concept version of the future model in July 2022, and later, spy pictures of test prototypes offered a fair understanding of the changes in the production version. Our rendering (below) provides a good look at what you can expect in the model heading to your local MINI dealer.

2024 MINI Aceman Electric rendering
The Aceman should get its concept version’s oddly-shaped, polygonal headlamps that mark a clear departure from MINI’s classic design theme. The unusual motif of the wheel arches and chunky alloy wheels would give it a tough and rugged styling on the sides.

The MINI Aceman will embody the brand’s new design language – “Charismatic Simplicity.” It will look unmistakably MINI, but much sharper, bolder, and more assertive than the Paceman. Some reports say the Aceman would also fill the void of a 4-door Hatch EV in the MINI line-up.

Although the Aceman will have regular doors instead of the old double doors, it should still look just as sporty as the first-gen Paceman. Expect a similar coupe-style profile with a greenhouse tapered towards the rear and a steeply raked back glass. The Aceman would avoid using MINI’s hallmark circular headlamps and feature more aggressively designed, edgy headlamps. Spy images have shown the production version’s headlamps including angular DRLs similar to those of the concept.

MINI Aceman rear three quarter
The MINI Aceman will be a proper four-door small crossover. Image Source: BMW Group

The tail lamps, too, would be completely new, stacked vertically to be more in line with the crossover body style and provide a striking contrast to clear, horizontal surfaces at the rear. Both may feature matrix LED lighting technology, allowing for varied lighting scenarios as required in the situation.

A large hexagonal grille would dominate most of the front-end, and it would be completely closed. A compact grille in the lower section would suffice the cooling needs. Flush door handles and clean surfaces would give the crossover minimalist styling on the sides. On the other hand, strongly contoured and generously proportioned wheel arches featuring flat and geometrically modeled surfaces, 20-inch alloy wheels in a chunky (and aerodynamic) design, and a roof rack would create a contrasting look, clearly communicating the model’s overall adventurous character.


MINI Aceman interior dashboard
The MINI Aceman will be available with a leather-free and fully vegan interior. Image Source: BMW Group

The interior of the MINI Aceman would carry a low-profile design with a sleek dashboard, compact center console, and a large circular OLED touchscreen for the infotainment system. An oblong climate control panel will offer physical controls with retro toggle switches. The steering wheel should feature touch-control buttons. MINI will offer leather-free and fully vegan interior surface materials in this model.

Future MINI electric cars would have improvements in efficiency, design as well as sustainability. The word from the UK is that MINI is bidding adieu to leather. Future MINI models will see the usage of sustainable alternatives to leather. A report from Autocar in February 2021 cited MINI Head of Design Oliver Heilmer saying the company doesn’t need leather anymore because it’s unsustainable, in its opinion. “We’re totally convinced that we will have modern and high-value products without leather,” Heilmer said. The new materials would be recycled yet luxurious and “inventive in terms of function.”


Platform & Dimensions

The MINI Aceman will be based on the next-gen MINI Electric’s dedicated EV platform, which means it will reap all the benefits the electric powertrain technology provides. It won’t have a transmission tunnel, which should allow a flat floor.

The Aceman would have short overhangs and a noticeably long wheelbase, allowing maximum space for occupants and luggage in a minimal footprint. Expect it to measure around 4.05 m (159.4 in.) in length, about 1.99 m (78.3 in.) in width, and approximately 1.59 m (62.6 in.) in height.

Battery & Range

On November 11, 2022, Auto Express reported that MINI would offer the Aceman in two variants at launch. The base variant would have a motor that produces around 180 horsepower and a 40 kWh battery pack that delivers a range of up to 200 miles (WLTP). The top-end variant would use a more powerful motor that generates around 215 horsepower and a bigger, 50 kWh battery pack that gives it a longer range of 250 miles (WLTP).

The U.S. may only get the top-end variant, as the base variant’s range could seem too low. EPA-est. range figures tend to be usually much lower than the WLTP ratings. We expect the top-end variant’s EPA-est. range to be around 200 miles.

According to a report CAR published on July 26, 2022, MINI may offer the Aceman in two dual-motor AWD variants as well — 282 hp John Cooper Works (JCW) and 300+ hp GT. These two variants won’t be available at launch, though, as per the report. The 50 kWh battery pack will likely be standard in the dual-motor AWD variants. Both batteries could consist of long-lasting cobalt-free iron-phosphate batteries.

Aspect2024 MINI Aceman Specification (Expected)
Length~4.05 m (159.4 in.)
Width~1.99 m (78.3 in.)
Height~1.59 m (62.6 in.)
Power~180 hp/~215 hp/282 hp/300+ hp
Battery Pack Capacity40 kWh/50 kWh
WLTP RangeUp to 200 miles/Up to 250 miles
2024 MINI Aceman specifications (expected)

Production & Release Date

Manufacturing of the MINI Aceman will take place at a new joint BMW Group-GWM venture plant located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province in China. This factory will have an annual production capacity of 160,000 units, and production will begin in 2023, starting with the hatch. The launch of the Aceman will take place in 2024.

Competitors & Price

As the next-gen 2023 MINI Countryman is climbing up a segment, it leaves enough space for MINI to launch a small crossover without the fear of cannibalization. The new electric crossover could be the perfect car for customers of the Cooper SE who want a raised seating position and added ground clearance. The 2024 MINI Aceman would challenge premium entry-level electric crossovers like the Mercedes EQA and the Smart #1. Positioned between the Cooper SE and the Countryman EV, the Aceman could be priced at around USD 40,000.

MINI announces all-electric future

In 2021, MINI said that it will become an all-electric brand as early as the early 2030s. In October 2020, the brand had announced that its future core portfolio of all-electric vehicles will include the two-door Hatch, a new crossover model in the small car segment (now known to be the production version of the Aceman concept), and a MINI Countryman electric variant. MINI said the hatch and the two compact crossover models will have combustion engine options.

The BMW Group company has hinted that its future electric crossovers, unmistakably MINI, would each address a different segment with varying space and versatility. All products in its future lineup would, however, “continue to be a typical MINI” with the highest interior space, exciting drive, and individuality within the smallest footprint among competitors.

MINI Paceman 2014
The Paceman was launched in 2012 as the coupe-styled variant of the Countryman. MINI hoped that the concept would tap additional market opportunities but the car had to be discontinued in about 5 years. Image Source: BMW Group

TopElectricSUV says

The MINI Aceman will woo customers with a more practical body style and dimensions, addressing the two main shortcomings of the original sub-compact crossover. Plus, being an EV, it will be cheaper to run. With a leather-free and vegan interior, zero-emission powertrain, and sustainable production, this will be a perfect little urban runabout for the environment-conscious. For the small segment of diehard Paceman fans, MINI’s two-door crossover isn’t coming back, and this is as close as it’ll ever get!

Featured Image: TopElectricSUV’s rendition of the MINI Aceman Electric.