MG4 line-up to gain 500 km range & 400 hp variants by 2024: Report

  • Additional variants formally confirmed by MG Motor France
  • New long-range variant to make MG4 EV ready for anxiety-free highway driving
  • Performance variant to rival VW ID.3 GTX, also scheduled for launch in 2023
  • Regular MG4 EV now on sale, priced from GBP 25,995 in the UK

Update: ‘Safety’ section added.

SAIC-owned MG Motor has developed an electric vehicle that is more advanced and premium than the MG ZS EV, despite the car’s lower price positioning—the MG Mulan. The company offers the new electric hatchback as the MG4 EV in the UK and as the MG4 Electric in the EU markets.

At the MG4 EV’s European launch held on September 13, 2022, Camille Caux, Product Manager, MG Motor France, revealed that it will be available in two more variants in the future, one with a longer range and another with higher performance. We are calling these variants ‘Touring’ and ‘Sport,’ respectively, for ease of understanding until MG’s marketing team reveals their actual names. Here’s what all we know about the upcoming variants and the standard MG4 EV.

MG4 EV Touring (Range variant)

The MG4 EV Touring will have a 77 kWh battery pack that delivers a WLTP range of more than 500 km (311 miles). That’s a confirmation straight from MG’s French product manager Camille Caux:

We are planning a 77 kWh battery with more than 500 km of range.

Camille Caux, Product Manager, MG Motor France (Digital premiere of the MG4 EV on September 13, 2022)

The new long-range range variant will make the MG4 EV a more attractive choice against the ID.3, which tops out at 265 miles (426 km) in the UK.

MG4 EV Sport (Performance variant)

As for the MG4 EV Sport, Caux said that the MG is planning “a sporty MG4 with four-wheel drive.”

Thanks to the MSP platform, we can fit a second motor on the front wheel and give it a really spicy taste with at least twice the power of the MG4 you tested today and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in less than four seconds.

Camille Caux, Product Manager, MG Motor France (Digital premiere of the MG4 EV on September 13, 2022)

With a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint time of under four seconds, the MG4 EV Sport will challenge the VW ID.3 GTX. It could be identical to China’s MG Mulan Triumph Edition.

Like the Mulan Triumph Edition, the MG4 EV Sport could be hoisted on exclusive 18-inch wheels wrapped in 235/45 R18 Bridgestone tires. Also exclusive to the go-fast variant could be the SUPER XDS electronic differential lock for enhanced traction. Inside, MG could use Alcantara sports seats with 6-way electric adjustment and 2-way lumbar support for the driver and 4-way manual adjustment for the front passenger.

Euro-spec MG4 Electric front three quarter
The AWD layout should ensure better driving dynamics, and it may be capable of towing light loads, like small boat trailers, for instance. Image Source: SAIC

If the specifications are identical to the Mulan Triumph Edition, the MG4 EV Sport’s dual-motor powertrain could produce 330 kW (443 hp) of combined power and 600 Nm (443 lb.-ft.) of total torque. Similarly, a 0-62 mph sprint could take just 3.8 seconds. Unlike the Mulan Triumph Edition, the MG4 EV Sport could have the new 77 kWh battery pack, which may enable a WLTP range of around 250 miles.

Priced in the mid-30 thousands, the MG4 EV Sport would be a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable performance hatch with low running costs. Only time will tell if it robs sales from the GBP 42,695 VW Golf R that completes the 0-62 mph sprint in 4.7 seconds.

MG4 Design

Euro-spec MG4 Electric rear three quarter
The MG4 is an SUV-style aggressive hatchback that could comfortably take on the VW ID.3 and Nissan Leaf in Europe. Image Source: SAIC

The MG4 Electric is an aggressively designed electric hatchback. SAIC says it’s the first truly global car from the MG brand, and the design is such that it appeals the Chinese and global customers alike. At the front, the MG4 features a shark-like nose section, petal-shaped, three-eyed headlamps, a muscular bumper with vertical side air intakes, a split lower air intake, and a lip spoiler.

The MG4 Electric has a sporty appearance on the sides with a rising beltline, sharp creases on the door panels and shoulders, orange brake calipers, and two-tone black and silver alloy wheels in an EV-typical aerodynamic design. The charging port is on the quarter panel above the left wheel arch.

At the rear, the MG4 Electric features a hunkered-down stance, a large, almost full-width tail light (featuring the SAIC Vision LED Lighting System), a clean bumper, a split rear spoiler, and an SUV-style large skid plate. Except for the low ride height, it looks like a crossover in many ways.

In the UK, the MG4 EV will be available in Volcano Orange (new), Camden Grey (new), Holborn Blue, Dynamic Red, Black Pearl, and Arctic White colors. MG will offer a two-tone roof option as well.


MG4 EV interior right hand drive UK
The MG4 interior has minimalist vibes and looks equally appealing as the ID.3 and the Megane E-Tech. Image Source: SAIC

The MG4 features a simplistic yet contemporary interior featuring a sleek dashboard with slim AC vents, a floating center console with the drive mode selector and electric parking brake, a compact, two-spoke steering with flattened top and bottom, and a light white and gray two-tone upholstery. The instrument cluster is a 7-inch compact display attached to the dashboard. A 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment display sits atop the center of the dashboard.


Nebula Platform (MSP)

While the ZS EV came off a combustion engine model (ZS), the MG4 Electric is a bespoke EV based on the Nebula platform. That’s what MG is calling its new platform back home. In Europe, the branding used is Modular Scalable Platform or MSP in short. In a report it published on June 26, 2022, called this a “super platform” developed from the ground up exclusively for electric vehicles. ‘E2’ is the internal codename as per the Chinese report, meaning it’s the successor to the MG Marvel‘s E1 platform.

The MSP’s scalable design allows developing EVs with a wheelbase of between 2,650 to 3,100 mm. It’s possible to design EVs with various body styles on the new platform: hatchback, notchback, saloon, SUV, and van. It will have a key role in the growth of MG in Europe.

Euro-spec MG4 Electric drivetrain layout
MG has secured a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP for the MSP-based MG4 Electric. Image Source: SAIC

When the development of the Marvel X was completed, work on the Nebula platform (MSP) began immediately, according to Kang Huaping, Vice President of SAIC Innovation Research and Development Institute. SAIC spent a lot on this platform to achieve standardization, modularization, integration, and intelligence. In the future, the Roewe, Feifan (formerly called R), and Zhiji brands will also get models based on this dedicated EV platform.


MG’s electric model measures 4,287 mm in length, 1,836 mm in width, and 1,504 mm in height. The compact electric car has a generous 2,705 mm wheelbase. Thus, it competes with the VW ID.3, Cupra Born, Renault Megane E-Tech, and the Nissan Leaf.

Performance & Range

In the UK, the MG4 EV will be available in Standard Range and Long Range variants, both with a single motor mounted at the rear. The Standard Range variant’s motor generates 125 kW (168 hp) and 184 lb.-ft. of torque, while the Long Range variant’s motor produces 150 kW (201 hp) and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. The former has a 50.8 kWh battery pack that delivers a WLTP range of 218 miles, while the latter has a 61.7 kWh battery that returns a WLTP range of up to 281 miles.

The MG4 EV can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 7.5 seconds (Standard Range)/7.7 seconds (Long Range) and achieve a top speed of 100 mph. We have mentioned the charging times and other specifications in a table at the end of this section.


The MG4 Electric has a 50:50 weight distribution, which should make it better at handling. Plus, at least in China, it gets a Dual Pinion-Assist Electric Power Steering (DP-EPS) instead of a conventional Rack-Assist Electric Power Steering (REPS). The new technology has come to the auto industry just in time when customers around the world have started increasingly preferring the SUV body style and electric powertrains. Steering loads are higher in EVs compared to ICE vehicles because of the weight of heavy batteries. They require a different steering system to handle the additional weight. In DP-EPS, the primary pinion is optimized for vehicle dynamics and performance and the secondary pinion is optimized for assist.

One Pack battery

MG says it was able to keep the car’s height so low because of its exceptionally flat battery, which belongs to the “One Pack” battery system (called Rubik’s Cube battery system in China). This is the flattest battery that parent company SAIC has developed.

One Pack battery system, with its recumbent cell arrangement, allows an industry-leading 110 mm minimum battery height. The battery’s length and width are 1,690 mm and 1,300 mm, respectively. SAIC has used the new cell-to-pack or CTP technology, which makes the MG4 Electric one of the brand’s most advanced EVs to date.

With the One Pack battery system, it’s possible to design battery packs with energy storage capacities ranging from 40 kWh to 150 kWh. Battery swapping is also possible, meaning SAIC will be able to sell MSP-based EVs with BaaS (Battery as a Service). Zhu Jun, Deputy Chief Engineer, SAIC, says that users can upgrade and even shift to a smaller battery when needed. Ningde E-CON Power System, a Shanghai E-CON Power System company, in which SAIC has a 30% ownership through Ningde Jiaocheng SAIC Industry Upgrade Equity Investment Partnership (LP), makes the battery pack of the MG4 Electric.


The MSP platform enables 800-volt charging technology as well. The models equipped with 800-volt charging technology will get a range of 200 km (124 miles) with just five minutes of charging and take only 15 minutes for charging to 80% level. The models equipped with the regular 400-volt charging technology will get a range of 100 km (62 miles) with five minutes of charging and take 30 minutes for charging to 80% level. The Autohome report suggests that bidirectional charging will also be possible in the Nebula platform (MSP)-based models.

AspectMG4 EV Standard Range SpecificationMG4 EV Long Range Specification
Length4,287 mm4,287 mm
Width1,836 mm1,836 mm
Height1,504 mm1,504 mm
Wheelbase2,705 mm2,705 mm
Front Track1,550 mm1,550 mm
Rear Track1,551 mm1,551 mm
Boot Capacity (rear seats up)363 liters363 liters
Boot Capacity (rear seats folded)1,177 liters1,177 liters
Curb Weight1,655 kg1,685 kg
Gross Weight2,103 kg2,133 kg
System Power168 hp201 hp
System Torque184 lb.-ft.184 lb.-ft.
Acceleration (0-60 mph)7.5 seconds7.7 seconds
Top Speed100 mph100 mph
Battery Pack Capacity (Net)50.8 kWh61.7 kWh
Combined Range (WLTP)218 miles281 miles (SE)/270 miles (Trophy)
City Range (WLTP)305 miles360 miles (SE)/358 miles (Trophy)
Charging Time (7 kW AC fast-charger)7.5 hours9 hours
Charging Time (50 kW DC fast-charger)52 minutes60 minutes
Charging Time (150 kW DC fast-charger)39 minutes35 minutes
Current MG4 Electric specifications (Source:


MG offers the 4 EV in the UK in three configurations: SE Standard Range, SE Long Range, and Trophy Long Range. The base configuration includes automatic LED headlights and rear lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, the MG Pilot ADAS suite, adaptive cruise control, etc. The Long Range SE configuration adds an Active Grille Shutter (AGS) system that improves the EV’s aerodynamic efficiency by up to 30% and can increase range by up to 10% by regulating the airflow.

The Trophy Long Range configuration adds a two-tone roof, rear privacy glass, rear spoiler, front seat heating with electric adjustment for the driver’s seat, heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charger, an upgraded MG iSmart system, and more. Moreover, with a 360-degree camera and additional MG Pilot features (Blind Spot Detection, Lane Change Assist, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert), the range-topping configuration is safer.


MG4 EV TrimMG4 EV Price
SE Standard RangeGBP 25,995
SE Long RangeGBP 28,495
Trophy Long RangeGBP 31,495
MG4 EV prices in the UK

In the UK, the prices of the MG4 EV start at GBP 25,995. Production takes place at SAIC’s Ningde factory in China, suggests images circulating in the local media (view on The facility is Asia’s largest automobile plant.


In its press release on December 7, 2022, the automaker announced that the MG4 Hatchback has been awarded a full five-star Euro NCAP safety rating. The MG4 scored 83% for Adult Occupant protection and 80% for Child Occupant protection, in the safety tests. Euro NCAP also mentioned this rating is valid for both RHD and LHD versions of the MG4.

The automaker noted that this was the first test result to involve its new Modular Scalable Platform (MSP), which will underpin several next-generation MG models. We can expect those cars, besides future MG4 variants, to score a similarly satisfactory safety rating as well.

MG4 EV in Australia

In the export commencement announcement on July 22, 2022, SAIC confirmed that it plans to launch the MG4 EV in Australia, New Zealand, South America, Mexico, and the Middle East in 2023. Talking about Australia, where the ZS EV is the country’s most affordable EV and finished in second place in EV sales nationally in 2021, the local subsidiary is saving the launch announcement for a later date. An MG Australia spokesperson has said that a launch is under consideration and that the local subsidiary is looking into the model’s possible variants, The Driven reported on July 27, 2022.

MG Mulan rear three quarter
The MG4 Electric (MG Mulan in China) is a model designed as per the preferences of global customers. Image Source: SAIC

TopElectricSUV says

If you’re looking for a compact electric car that’s packed with high-end features but won’t break the bank, then take a close look at the MG4 EV. On paper, it’s better than the VW ID.3 in many ways and leaps ahead of the Nissan Leaf, which created this segment. Plus, with the range- and performance-focused variants en route, the MG4 will offer something for almost every potential family hatchback buyer.


What is the MG4 Electric release date?

The MG4 Electric has been launched in the UK.

What is the MG4 Electric price?

The MG4 Electric costs £25,995 onwards in the UK and EUR 28,990 onwards in EU markets.

Which models are MG4 EV rivals?

Alternatives include the likes of Opel Astra-e, VW ID.3, Cupra Born, and Nissan Leaf.

Featured Image Source: SAIC