MG4 EV/CyberE: Everything we know as of May 2022 [Update]

Update: Introduction and ‘Design & Interior’ and ‘MG triples its sales in Europe sections updated.

SAIC-owned MG Motor is developing a new electric vehicle that is more advanced and premium than the MG ZS EV, despite the lower price positioning. Codenamed MG EH32, some claim it will be called MG4 EV, while CarNewsChina says it will arrive as MG CyberE. MG has developed this model, keeping the requirements of global customers in mind.

The CyberE is one of four upcoming MG EVs under a “Cyber” series. The other models are the Cyberster sports car, the Cyber S SUV (codename: MG IP42), and the MG CyberX SUV (codename: MG AS34).

Bespoke EV platform

Unlike the ZS EV, the MG4 EV/MG CyberE will be a model conceived as an electric vehicle. Another difference will be that while the ZS EV came off an ICE model (ZS), the upcoming model will be a bespoke EV and appears not to have a provision for a combustion engine. MG has released a few teasers of the future EV, but greyscale patent images and real-life pictures from China have already revealed its exterior design. We have created a rendering inspired by the details from the teasers and patent images to preview the final design accurately.

Design & Interior

The MG4 EV will be an aggressively designed electric hatchback. SAIC says it’s the first truly global car from the MG brand, which means the design is such that it appeals the Chinese and global customers alike.


At the front, the MG4 will feature a shark-like nose section, curvy, three-eyed headlamps, a muscular bumper with vertical side air intakes, a split lower air intake, and a lip spoiler. The upcoming electric hatchback will have an ID.3-esque side profile. Its charging port is on the rear quarter panel above the left wheel arch. We’ve seen two-tone black and silver alloy wheels in an EV-typical aerodynamic design as well.


At the rear, the MG4 will feature a hunched stance, a large, full-width tail light, a clean bumper, and a split rear spoiler. Except for the low ride height, it would look like a crossover in many ways.


A tell-all spy shot of the MG4’s contemporary cabin surfaced on Autospy on February 17, 2022. The three-spoke steering wheel with audio controls and metallic bezel has flatted bottom and top portions. There’s adequate side-bolstering in the seats with contrasting white/beige stitching, a central armrest with storage space, and a large touchscreen infotainment system. We also spot a fully-digital cockpit and a sleek panel extending from under the infotainment system that houses a gear selector and a rotary dial.

MG4 EV MG CyberE teaser
The MG4 EV would be positioned below the MG ZS EV and closely with the MG5 as its entry-level EV product. Teaser: MG Motor

Expected specifications

MG hasn’t released the specifications of the 4 EV yet, but it has mentioned that the model will be 4,300 mm long. Judging by its size, it would compete with the VW ID.3, Cupra Born, Renault Megane E-Tech and the Nissan Leaf. A single electric motor powering front wheels could be standard in the 4 EV, and it could generate around 150 horsepower.

MG could repurpose the 50.3 kWh battery pack of the 2022 ZS EV in the MG4 EV. The all-electric hatchback, designed as such from the outset, would provide a longer range for the same battery capacity due to the smaller body and lower curb weight. For reference, the ZS EV is available in the UK with a 50 kWh battery pack that provides a range of 198 miles and a 70 kWh battery pack that allows it to go 273 miles on a full charge (WLTP figures).

Price & Release Date

Select audiences have already gotten a look at orange- and white-colored examples of the upcoming MG electric car at SAIC’s Ningde factory in China, where production has commenced, images circulating in the local media (view on suggest. The Ningde factory is Asia’s largest automobile plant.

Expect the base price of the MG4 EV in Europe to fall well under EUR 30,000. MG plans to conduct the European premiere in Q4 2022 (October-December 2022). With Chinese media saying that production has commenced, the official reveal could occur within weeks.

The 4 EV could become the best-selling MG model in European countries. According to MG Motor UK Commercial Director Guy Pigounakis, it will beat the ZS EV “on a pound/mile” basis, as per an Autocar report. It will be cheaper to run than the ZS EV, which consumes 17.3 kWh/100 km (WLTP) in the standard-range variant and 17.8 kWh/100 km (WLTP) in the long-range variant.

MG triples its sales in Europe

2021 was an excellent year for MG in Europe, where it is an emerging brand. The company sold 52,546 vehicles across the continent last year. That may be a small, five-digit sales figure, but compared to 2020, MG tripled its sales in the region. The UK was its biggest market there in 2021, accounting for 30,600 units of the total sales. Another significant achievement for MG last year was the growth of sales and service locations from 150 to 400 points.

In Q1 2022, MG delivered 22,135 vehicles in Europe, marking a whopping 158% year-over-year growth (Q1 2021: 8,580 units).


What is the MG4 EV release date?

The MG4 EV or MG CyberE will have its European premiere in Q4 2022.

What will be the MG4 EV price?

Expect the base price in Europe to fall well under EUR 30,000.

Which models will be MG4 EV rivals?

Alternatives to the MG4 electric will include the likes of VW ID.3, Cupra Born, and Nissan Leaf.

Featured image: TopElectricSUV’s rendering of the MG4/MG CyberE.