Mercedes EQE All-Terrain SUV-sedan could be a China-exclusive model – Report

According to a report on from December 2021, Mercedes is considering an electric vehicle exclusive to the Chinese market. The unnamed model could blend the shape of the sedan and SUV and is likely to be modeled on the EVA-based Mercedes EQE. As it would be a completely new vehicle category between the four-door and the SUV, Mercedes may use a new brand or suffix. For the lack of a better term, we’ll refer to it as the Mercedes EQE All-Terrain, though this is not entirely accurate as the vehicle would be more of a luxury model than an off-roader.

Mercedes previewed the SUV-sedan bodystyle in 2018

At Auto China 2018, Mercedes presented the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury, which united the “DNA of an SUV with that of a limousine to create an exceptional SUV with a three-box design.” Mercedes used this concept to study public reaction to the hybrid body style, whereas for producing such a vehicle, which is an experiment on the body style (in the recent past, the closest anyone has gotten to a sedan-SUV was Volvo with its S60 Cross Country which received a lukewarm response at best) Mercedes would rather not involve the Maybach nameplate which is nursing back to life as a sub-brand.

Mercedes Maybach Vision Luxury Concept side
Though Mercedes used the Maybach name for the SUV-sedan concept, it will launch a conventionally-designed Maybach e-SUV, based on the EQS SUV, in 2023. Image: Mercedes

Mercedes EQE SUV-sedan Platform

According to, Mercedes could make two versions of the SUV-sedan body style: the first, based on the EQE, which will be exclusive to China, and the second based on a future A-Class for the rest of the world. Sport Utility Sedans could be more popular than wagons, especially in the upper-end of the market, where customers want something exclusive and different. The success of the shape will depend on the proportions and the visual balance, and would lack appeal if it is just a raised or an enriched E-Class four-door. Such Sport Utility Sedan models could offer yet another alternative to those not convinced about SUVs, but prefer the high seating position.

The smaller A-Class-based SUV-sedan would use the upcoming MMA platform, which Mercedes announced for all its compact and medium-sized products starting in 2024. Where the EVA is electric only and aimed for premium Mercedes products (E-Class equivalent and upwards), the MMA can have an ICE installed if needed and should form the basis of all Mercedes products up to the GLC/EQC segment.

Mercedes MMA platform
The MMA-based SUV-sedan could target global markets, whereas the Mercedes EQE-based vehicle could be a China-only affair. Image – Mercedes


The Mercedes EQE All-Terrain Sport Utility Sedan could be a mechanical cousin to the upcoming EQE SUV, with RWD or AWD layouts and battery packs from 72 kWh to long-range 90+ kWh options. Mercedes could also introduce its AMG branding for a powerful dual-motor EQE All-Terrain to further its exclusivity. We imagine that the unique variant would offer an SUV-typical driving position and the same rear-seat comfort of a saloon car.

If it makes it to the marketplace, the Mercedes EQE SUV-sedan would be the first China-exclusive EV from the brand, which in the past has made specials, but on ICE platforms such as the C-Class long wheelbase and W212 E-Class long wheelbase. According to the report filed in December, the board of Mercedes had not signed off on the special EQE project.

Note that Mercedes has not spelled-out new EV launches beyond the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV (2023) and the Mercedes EQG (2024), and everything else reported is technically media speculation.

Featured Image – Mercedes