Mercedes EQS SUV to be all-American with production in Tuscaloosa

Daimler manufactures large SUVs at its Tuscaloosa plant (Alabama) in the U.S., and the same facility was expected to deliver its upcoming all-electric EQS SUV. The Mercedes EQS SUV is one of the six new Mercedes-Benz EVs (passenger) that will enter production by December 2022.

In an announcement yesterday, Daimler confirmed that it will indeed build the Mercedes EQS SUV, starting in 2022 here and that the battery pack of the upcoming electric SUV will also be American-made. Daimler says that a battery plant is currently under construction in the immediate vicinity of the car factory. The building of the facility is already complete and the production site for batteries is located in Bibb County, which 7 miles from the vehicle production site in Tuscaloosa County.

Without going into details, Daimler says that the EQS SUV will be a variant of the EQS sedan. The four-door model paves the way for new electric era at Mercedes-Benz, debuting a large-car architecture called Electric Vehicle Architecture or simply EVA. The platform will be purpose-built for all-electric powertrain application and should lead to products far more capable than today’s Mercedes EQC.

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The Mercedes GLS is probably as boxy and upright as a posh European full-size SUV gets. For its pure electric equivalent, Daimler will take the opposite approach and go for a crossover look.

Mercedes EQS SUV spied
The EQS SUV will ride on the brand-new dedicated BEV platform called the Mercedes EVA platform.

Teasers show the new flagship Mercedes electric car featuring a sporty silhouette reminiscent of the Mercedes EQC and a fascia that is inspired by the Mercedes EQS sedan. This sleeker exterior gives it new-age styling customers come to expect from EVs and better aerodynamics that leads to gains in range and driving dynamics.

Besides a sportier silhouette, expect new futuristic lighting technologies, a differently designed, less-cluttered interior (compared to the Mercedes GLS) and a plethora of new in-car technologies. Daimler could sell the Mercedes EQS SUV in 6-seat and 7-seat versions, and needless to say, multiple battery pack and motor options. The most range-focused configuration would go over 700 km (WLTP) on a full charge, and in the USA, expect an EPA certification of at least around 400 miles.

Expect Daimler to keep the starting price for the U.S. market in the $85,000-90,000 range.

Mercedes EQS SUV rear quarters
The prototype of the Mercedes EQS SUV looks nothing like the GLS, the company’s current flagship SUV.

Mercedes EQS SUV FAQs

What would be the Mercedes EQS SUV rivals?

The Mercedes EQS will compete with the likes of the Lucid Gravity and Electric Hummer SUV, in price.

What would be the Mercedes EQS SUV price?

The prices of the Mercedes EQS SUV may start in the $85,000-90,000 range.

What is the Mercedes EQS SUV release date?

The Mercedes EQS SUV could debut in 2022 a few months before it goes on sale.